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Back to School
Book details:
Rating: 3.81

Original Title Back to School (Bone Chillers)

ISBN 0380716925 (ISBN13: 9780380716920 )

Edition Language English

Series Bone Chillers #3

Young Adult :: Fiction :: Horror

Book description:

Once again bestselling author Betsy Haynes (The Fabulous Five series) has unleashed her prolific pen, this time to delightfully horrifying good use. Bone Chillers is an entertaining collection of grotesqueries that are especially twisted for the minds of young readers. Grounded in the familiar terrain of school, shopping malls, or family affairs, each fantasia exposes a macabre world of demons and monsters lurking just below the mundane surface of everyday life.

In Back to School , Miss Buggy is the new cook in the cafeteria and the kids are all abuzz over her mysteriously delicious recipes. But they wouldn't be quite so hungry if they knew what she was really stirring up for lunch....

Overflowing with buckets of gore and more than a little vomitus, Bone Chillers aren't for the squeamish. But there's a moral hidden in this madness and, in the end, the good guys usually come out on top--even if they are covered in some kind of slime. --George Laney

Book Authors:

Betsy Haynes

Approximately MEMaybe it 's because my plucky grandmother chased European wolf spiders around with a broom when we lived on an oil rental belongings when I was a babe that made me love danger and escapade. And possibly it was my male parent 's disbursement darks as a trombone player with the sets of his twenty-four hours and his yearss spent pulling studies that sparked my artistic side. Make you say that because my female parent stood merely four pess 10 inches tall that I feel like a giant at five pess? And I 'm certain my FBI ( Full Blooded Italian ) step-father, his seven brothers and sisters and their households are responsible for my Love of Italian nutrient. That 's who I am. Who are you? My First Book, Peppy The Frog That I Wrote In The 2nd GradeI 'll ever be a kid at bosom. Whenever I close my eyes, fantastic, amusing, atrocious, abashing memories of in-between school/​junior high semen deluging back to make full the pages of my modern-day novels. My childhood friendly relationships and competitions with old enemies all find their manner into my books. I 've even spied on my ain childs for narrative ideas.Unlike most childs who ca n't wait to turn up, I 've gotten younger -- at least my narratives have. I 've stepped into the universe of 7 to 10 twelvemonth olds.I and my hubby, Jim, live in Texas on Lake Lewisville North of Dallas. We are owned by our greyhound, Miller. Our favourite things to make are going the universe and yachting.

Back to School Essay

This is what I would hold rated it back in the twenty-four hours. It grossed me out that the tiffin lady was *spoiler* a elephantine bug! its a best narrative I love it Pretty bum book. Sometimes that works, but here non truly. The authorship was good done for the immature age group, and the character realistic plenty as a snarky immature male child. Using the school and cafeteria plants to play up childs and their ideas of school tiffins and cafeteria ladies. Pacing was reasonably speedy and kept everything go oning good plenty. Childs without a lower attending span would acquire a boot out of that. The narrative is surprisingly out at that place, predictable ( to me, but possibly non a younger age group ) , and the stoping is a rushed events, which once more does n't work good for my age group but may with the immature 1s. 10 yr olds loves this book
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