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Looking for JJ
Book details:
Pages: 336
Rating: 3.76

Original Title Looking for JJ

ISBN 0152061908 (ISBN13: 9780152061906 )

Edition Language English

Series Jennifer Jones #1

Literary Awards Booktrust Teenage Prize (2004) , North East Teenage Book Award (2005)

Young Adult :: Mystery :: Fiction :: Crime :: Contemporary

Book description:

Three children walked away from the cottages on the edge of town toward Berwick Waters. Later that day, only two of them came back. . . . Alice Tully knows exactly what happened that spring day six years ago, though it's still hard for her to believe it. She'll never be able to forget, even though she's trying to lead a normal life--she has a job, friends, and a boyfriend whom she adores. But Alice's past is dangerous, and violent, and sad . . . and it's about to rip her new life apart. A gripping and emotionally searing novel by accomplished British author Anne Cassidy, Looking for JJ infuses a terrifying subject with humanity and hope.

Book Authors:

Anne Cassidy


Looking for JJ Essay

really bad Whilst I did bask this book. I 'm still non 100 % certain about it. However it does hold a alone & interesting narrative line & is really good written This book was filled with rollercoaster bangs and dazes. This book had the best book-combo but it was a spot slow paced. The drop hanger at the terminal truly agitate me. I mean she ditched Frankie, she adored him. And so whiff she 's Kate Rickman! Way to stop it Anne Cassidy! It half drove me huffy! ! ! It besides prodded at the sore crime- kid slaying! And how people can alter. How the media does a adult male Hunt to happen her and how she Alice/Jennifer/Kate can ne'er be herself. This is a really thought arousing book. It makes you see that the manner the media nowadayss things are n't ever the manner it seems. The chief character is really paranoid and ca n't settle down. She is weighed down by guilt and Alice does n't cognize she should be happy. It was a spot upseting but you can state that Alice is reforming. It looks at how people see Alice and other, child slayings. I was truly into this book and was so captive that I was really rather disquieted when it finished. I truly hope that the 2nd book is better than the first! ! ! ! ! Absolutely insane! ! It was a complete page Turner - the beginning was non so great but you truly have to persist to acquire into it. The characters that Anne Cassidy were astonishing ; she ever gave strong personalities and they all had different likes and disfavors and that 's what, to me, made up the narrative - the fact that she could swear some and non others which lead to her stating secrets that she should n't state get downing statements and physical battles taking to deceases. It was truly a great book and I have merely bought the 2nd book 'Finding Jennifer Jones ' so lets hope that it 's merely every bit good! Let me cognize what you think about it! So astonishing the tenseness in the book you merely ca n't set it down but it left rather a cliffhanger at the terminal it is a book I recommend. The premiss of this book sounded right up my back street. Murder, machination, enigma - great! Sadly I did n't bask this every bit much as some of the other readers have. Une bonne histoire, mais je ne me suis pas attachée gold personnage. Pas une miette. This is an easy to read book centred on a narrative about how your past influences your hereafter. Absolutely perfect! The character of kid Jennifer and her other egos are wondrous portrayed. An interesting subject, but to be honest, I would hold expected a 'worse ' offense ( non WHAT happened but HOW it happened ) I order for it all to do sense truly. It 's ever hard to make up one's mind what twelve books Chrissi and I should set on our child lit list at the start of every twelvemonth as there is such a wealth of superb kids 's literature out at that place yet I do n't believe we are of all time traveling to fight over what to take! Anne Cassidy is an writer I 've heard of but I 've ne'er read any of her work before and Looking For JJ was suggested as one of the top books for younger readers, although it does likely sit steadfastly in the immature grownup class instead than pull the leg of lit, due to some of the more big content. Listened to in audio format. I was dissatisfied with the stoping. Everything came full circle, no existent advancement was made. Okay, I shelved it under realistic fiction, because yes, childs every bit immature as 10 can kill people. I wrote reappraisal on my web log. I like the thought behind this narrative. It was interesting. And tortuous. Exciting read. Looking for JJ explores the societal anomalousness of kids who kill, from the position of a immature adult female seeking to re-establish her life after functioning clip in a juvenile installation for killing her friend when she was 10 old ages old. Ca n't wait to read the 2nd book in this series I truly enjoyed this book. Ca n't wait to read the following 1! belly laugh this book was so dejecting This book ever gives me the icinesss... But I love it and I 'm glad that I read it once more! One of the most astonishing idea arousing books I have read. The fact that it scares me makes me love it even more. I genuinely do believe we are all capable of being slayers. It started off so deadening, merely acquiring interesting half manner through and even so, the whole book felt anticlimatic to me. I did experience for Jennifer though, her ain ma wanted her to as a 10 twelvemonth old miss to be taken sexual exposure of which was gross outing and im non stating that makes her being a liquidator O.K. , it does n't but you can understand the events taking up to the invertible decision. As Alice Tully though, it feels like she cared more about non being discovered, more so giving thought to the miss she killed. And near the terminal, I felt like she was traveling to kill Rosie for declining to travel with her. So as Jennifer I could sympathize with her but as Alice Tully, I could n't. It was capturing and cryptic... I should likely read more of her books. This book was merely antic. I was perfectly spell bound by it. Anne Cassidy has woven a narrative so complex yet so simple, that you merely are compelled to read. There are a few YA books drifting approximately -- as one would anticipate mostly from the UK -- covering with the Jamie Bulger slayings and the sort of psychic marking this creates for the community. Cassidy adds to this with Looking for JJ. Alice/Jennifer remembers the events that led to her going a child liquidator every bit good as covering with her individuality as JJ being easy released. Interesting book but non adequate suspense, most of the secret plan line is merely handed to you. Original reappraisal posted here Plot is interesting and original. Sing how a awful error made by a kid can destroy its life gave me icinesss. Life bents by a yarn. The miss 's female parent is a selfish, inattentive adult female and the writer realistically shows the affect this has on a kid. Realistic fiction that will draw teens in. Gee wrongdoers are good looked after! ! By the revenue enhancement remunerator. Well written. Switching clip frames create analogues and suspense. Some characters I found raging - Sophie and the two new carers in last chapters.
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