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Doctor for Keeps
Book details:
Rating: 3.36

Original Title Doctor for Keeps

ISBN 0373763204 (ISBN13: 9780373763207 )

Edition Language English

Characters Rick Jansen , Miranda Brooks


Book description:

One look at dark, sultry doctor Rick Jansen and Miranda Brooks wanted him to detonate her innocence. Their incredible night left her quaking... and reconsidering her manifesto on staying single. But despite her strong, sudden desire to make this maverick lover hers for keeps, she' d never see her dream man again... "Miranda Brooks was his new nurse?" No matter how badly Rick' s body raged to relive every moment of their torrid interlude, he "would" resist. He was a man of ambition-- not love! So why were his arms aching to hold Miranda yet again... this time forever

Book Authors:

Kristi Gold

Kristi Gold has a fancy for beaches, baseball and nuptial world shows. She saw the release of her first book in 2000 and since that clip has published over 30 books for Harlequin. She 's written for the Desire, Special Edition, Everlasting Love and Superromance Imprints. Kristi has besides been a Romantic Times award victor, National Reader 's Choice victor and three-time Romance Writer 's of America RITA finalist. Kristi loves to web with readers and can be reached though her web site at hypertext transfer protocol: // or FaceBook.

Doctor for Keeps Essay

3 Stars ~ On Miranda 's first twenty-four hours in her new occupation as a paediatric nurse for a private pattern, she meets her new foreman for the first clip. Turns out she 's met him merely the dark before, cognizing him merely as Rick, the sexy endearing adult male who became her foremost lover. Rick 's a gifted plastic sawbones specialising in paediatric Reconstructions. Working to better the lives of the kids who come to the pattern, is really rewarding, but Rick 's existent wages comes from the work he does in the hapless small towns of Mexico, work that he keeps secret from his co-workers. As a burn victim from an car clang that killed her parents, Miranda can easy sympathize with Rick 's patients. She knows foremost manus how it feels to be rejected by her equals because of her cicatrixs, and until she 'd run into Rick she 'd vowed non to allow any adult male get near plenty to ache her once more. In their Black Marias, both want a household of their ain, but Rick 's committedness to his work means he has little of himself to give to his personal life. Cute narrative - kinda distracted by the moralss but I guess... they 'd run into antecedently? And were portion of a private pattern non infirmary...
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