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Pages: 414
Rating: 3.13

Original Title Bayou

ISBN 0553248065 (ISBN13: 9780553248067 )

Series Leblanc/Rivard #1

Fiction :: Romance :: Historical Romance

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Where the temptation to sin is as overpowering as the heat. Where four generations of the Leblanc dynasty bear the curse of unbridled power over the bodies and souls of the slaves... Where the Leblanc men and women pursue their forbidden lusts in exotic octaroon balls, opulent New Orleans salons and sweltering marshlands... Where Carita Lablanc, the ravishing new plantation mistress, uncovers the secret world of mixed blood and deep-seeded guilt and is driven to an act of unspeakable violence -- hurling this once proud family into scandal, ruin and murder.

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Saliee O'Brien

Pseudonym of Frankie-Lee Janas and Zachary Ball ( existent name: Kelly Ray Masters ) .Her existent name is Frankie-Lee Griggs Janas. She wrote 100s of novels and short narratives, printing under anonym including Marie Eyre, Francesca Greer, and Stuart Jason. She had her foremost narrative published at age 12.

Bayou Essay

Ocular representation of my Bayou reading experience: Well.. Very enlightening about how people viewed races back so. It 's interesting but a small much sometimes.
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