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A Baboon Grows Up
Book details:
Pages: 24
Rating: 4.33

Original Title A Baboon Grows Up (Wild Animals)

ISBN 140480983X (ISBN13: 9781404809833 )

Edition Language English

Series Wild Animals

Book description:

Describes the development of a baby baboon from infancy to adulthood, as he grows up in the East African forest.

Book Authors:

Anastasia Suen

From her studio in Northern California, developmental editor Anastasia Suen reads, writes, and edits books for Godheads of all ages.

A Baboon Grows Up Essay

This book is a narrative nonfiction narrative about a baboon turning up. One of the best parts of this book is the fact boxes on each page. The images are illustrated, but are really colourful and take up the full page. They besides look reasonably true to life. I truly enjoyed this book and would utilize it when presenting narrative nonfiction. A Baboon Grows Up has merely the right sum of text for an informational book used during storytime. From birth through adulthood, the life-lessons learned from others in the troop are indispensable for endurance.
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