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The Senator's Agenda
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Rating: 3.04

Original Title The Senator's Agenda

ISBN 0785278796 (ISBN13: 9780785278795 )

Edition Language English

Series Dead Air #3

Christian :: Christian Fiction :: Adult Fiction

Book description:

Wes Bryant's life is a comfortable routine--days spent running Denver's top talk radio station, nights spent with his wife. Then Wes accepts an offer to head a friend's campaign for Senator and is thrust into the world of political compromise. Where does the candidate stand on issues such as abortion and gay rights? Bryant might get his friend elected, but will he destroy his soul in the process?

Book Authors:

Bob Larson

Larson was born in Westwood, California, the boy of Viola ( née Baum ) and Earl Larson. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] He was raised in McCook, Nebraska. [ 2 ] Larson plays guitar ; he has claimed his early experiences as a instrumentalist led to his concerns about supernatural and destructive influences in stone music. [ 4 ] He would subsequently integrate his guitar playing into some of his discourses. In the 1960s, the focal point of Larson 's sermon centered chiefly on the left-of-center political political orientation, sexually implicative wordss, Eastern spiritual mysticism, and antisocial behaviour of many of the epoch 's stone instrumentalists.

The Senator's Agenda Essay

If I could give this book a lower evaluation I would. Good read, but love his other books Dead Air & Abadon much better. I bought this old ages ago and do n't believe I read it. But it is a book of our political times now though it was written in 1995! I hate to believe it, but the intelligence is stating more and more of these type of tactics being done by politicians in order to foster their dockets!
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