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Larson's book of cults
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Original Title Larson's book of cults

ISBN 0842321047 (ISBN13: 9780842321044 )

Edition Language English

Fantasy :: Nonfiction :: Mythology :: Reference :: Religion :: Cults

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Bob Larson

Larson was born in Westwood, California, the boy of Viola ( née Baum ) and Earl Larson. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] He was raised in McCook, Nebraska. [ 2 ] Larson plays guitar ; he has claimed his early experiences as a instrumentalist led to his concerns about supernatural and destructive influences in stone music. [ 4 ] He would subsequently integrate his guitar playing into some of his discourses. In the 1960s, the focal point of Larson 's sermon centered chiefly on the left-of-center political political orientation, sexually implicative wordss, Eastern spiritual mysticism, and antisocial behaviour of many of the epoch 's stone instrumentalists.

Larson's book of cults Essay

I picked this up without looking at it closely, it is improbably stupid, and the entries in it will do you flinch, it is besides written by a Christian who says that every other denomination and universe faith is a cult. A.K.A. The True book of Lies
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