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Warriors of the Heart
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Rating: 3.64

Original Title Warriors of the Heart

ISBN 0913319090 (ISBN13: 9780913319093 )

Edition Language English

Self Help :: Spirituality

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A handbook for bringing healing, passion and meaning into our lives and relationships through mastering the skills of the peaceful warrior. Based on the author's famous conflict resolution workshops, these techniques continue to be taught through the world today and inspire others to join the movement for personal and global transformation of mistrust, anger and hostility into usable energy for positive change.

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Danaan Parry


Warriors of the Heart Essay

excellent This book was all right every bit far as self-help, interior consciousness and enlightment type books go. A big portion of it comes across as I am this born-again power type that now spends excessively much of my clip eating granola, and it gets a small holier than though annoyance.
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