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Acts of Malice
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Rating: 3.9

Original Title Acts of Malice

ISBN 1423314182 (ISBN13: 9781423314189 )

Edition Language English

Series Nina Reilly #5

Mystery :: Fiction :: Thriller :: Crime :: Contemporary :: Suspense :: Mystery Thriller :: Legal Thriller

Book description:

Set amid the darker side of Lake Tahoe's glamorous ski resorts, Acts of Malice has Nina taking on the case of Jim Strong, a member of South Lake Tahoe's most prominent families and the owners of the posh Paradise Ski Resort. With his brother Alex recently killed in a headline-making accident that occurred while they were skiing together, Jim fears he may be indicted in the death. When the coroner announces that Alex died from injuries unrelated to the accident, Jim is charged with murder. As Nina prepares to defend her client, she has no idea that this case will lead her into a terrifying confrontation with a psychopath or threaten all that she holds most dear. She never expects to witness the perplexing and tangled set of loyalties and alliances among the Strong family. Further complicating matters is Assistant District Attorney Collier Hallowell, back from sabbatical. Determined to put Jim Strong behind bars, he's equally resolved to pick up romantically where he and Nina left off - and to take their relationship in a completely new direction.

Book Authors:

Perri O'Shaughnessy

Perri O’Shaughnessy is the pen-name for two people, Pamela and Mary O’Shaughnessy, sisters. The writers ' anonym is an court to Perry Mason, the adult male who ne'er met a guilty client, and a melding of their two first names, Pamela and Mary. O’Shaughnessy is their paternal household name.They are the writers of 11 bestselling Nina Reilly novels every bit good as a aggregation of short offense fiction, Sinister Shorts.

Laural Merlington

Since 1993, Laural Merlington has steadily become one of the Prime Minister audiobook narrative creative persons in the state ; comfy with a battalion of genres, idioms, genders and word pictures. With over 200 rubrics to her recognition, Laural continues to bring forth narratives that capture the true kernel of the narratives she reads, doing the ocular landscape come alive in her voice. From her official web site

Acts of Malice Essay

I loved this book. Acts of Malice is book # 5 in the 13-book Nina Reilly series and it did n't let down. Great secret plan, first-class character and setting descriptions. The O'Shaughnessy sisters have produced a really exciting psychological thriller set once more in Lake Tahoe. Lots of action and twists-and-turns. Could n't set it down. Kind of a creepy book and had a what the heck stoping. Loved this book. Great enigma with some good character deepness. Rate: 6.5 I do n't wish abridged versions but for a Cadmium in the auto they can be all right. I have read better Nina Reilly narratives so possibly it is a approval this was short. Written by two sisters under a anonym, and the incompatibility shows in the authorship. The chief character was interesting but excessively evidently flawed, to the point of being psychopathologic. The “heroine, ” defence lawyer Nina Reilly, seemed improbably naif and unprompted -- much excessively much so to be a successful professional. And excessively incredibly, Nina’s former lover saved the twenty-four hours in the terminal, staying true to her despite her holding rejected him. Enjoyable but nil particular. A good book to go through the clip as you wait for your following flight. I skipped reading this book as I had read the book that came after it, covering the same characters and including much of the inside informations in the first book. PB-B @ 1999, 8/02. A legal thriller in which Nina Reilly takes on a client who is accused of his brother 's barbarous slaying on the ski inclines of Lake Tahoe. Very good. This is a Nina Reilly series ( did n't cognize it was when I selected it ) . Nina, a attorney, accepts Jim Stone as a client. He is looking for his married woman, Heidi, who has left him. Meanwhile, his brother Alex, who was merely killed in a skiing accident, is now suspected of being murdered. Jim is a fishy and convinces Nina he is guiltless. She decides to travel in front to support him. Meanwhile, Nina and the prosecuting officer get down a relationship and determine to maintain concern and pleasance separate. # 5 in the Nina Reilly series. Not a page Turner but a good read - like the stoping Nina Reilly # 5. 1999. Read by Laural Merlington. Nina Reilly, now an complete lawyer, married and divorced from Jack, dated and broken up with XXXX, and Bob, her boy, old plenty to travel to Germany, takes on the instance of James Strong. He with pa and brother run the posh South Lake Tahoe Ski Resort. Jim 's brother, Alex, is found dead while skiing with Jim. Jim is accused and wants Nina to stand for him. As the instance progresses, Jim 's sister besides turns up dead. Nina marries the helper DA. Priorities alteration and Nina 's defence of Jim additions lucidity that endangers her immediate household. 3CD 's, short. Nina is hired by a skier to support him from a charge of slaying his brother & to happen his married woman. He happens to be the boy of the proprietor of the resort & the admin director of said resort. Nina employs Paul to assist happen the married woman, but when they find her she has been murdered as good. this was truly good, it took me merely 2 yearss to read it, but i am non happy about how the book ended Excellent. Well written, tortuous. You know how you watch those old horror films, and the stupid teenage miss who has hardly survived the deceases that have been meted out to her friends, and she hears a noise in the cellar, and despite all the warnings, she has to travel and look into it out? Well, I hate horror films ( about ever ) but when I see something like this, I 'm the 1 in audience traveling I hope she dies. She deserves it. Well, the protag of this novel is merely so atrocious I ca n't stand it. She is so stupid, but it is n't her that dies, it is other people. And she is so selfish and egotistic, it truly upsets me. She might be a good attorney, but she is non a good individual ( and she is supposed to be ) . And when she about gets killed twice, I did n't care, I merely cared about the folks in her orbit who were threatened. I ca n't believe these are best-selling books. That makes me rather unhappy, and I truly do n't understand it. This came from my room of to be read books. I have approximately 5 in this series, and they are all traveling off now. This was a good one! Thoroughly enjoyed. Well written, builds the suspense and portrays a sociopath brightly. Scary. Lawyer Nina Reilly is an appealing character to me, progressive, unsure ( though lucky ) and this narrative is exciting plenty to maintain one 's attending -- her client, seemingly guilty of killing his brother, has no existent motivation and everybody seems to detest him, largely his skiing household. No admiration he turns bad. Unusual in that the supporter represents the bad cat. This was my first book by this writer, and I did n't even recognize it was portion of a series. It was really good written, truly pull you into the emotions of the chief character, Nina. It was so cliff-hanging, I found myself mousing a read to happen out if Jim was truly a liquidator! I will be picking up another book by this writer the following clip I am looking for a offense novel to agitate things up. A batch of soap opera, a small legal thriller kept me thinking to the terminal! A summer read. Read 9/07 This may be my favourite, to day of the month, of the Nina Reilly books. It 's creepy and chilling and makes you think about pure immorality. Very intense. I likely would hold sprung for a 5 on this book except the love affair portion was excessively incredible. hitchhike up first-class enigma with tonss of turns This was my first book by Perri O'Shaughnessy. I liked the narrative and the characters. This is about Nina Reilly, a attorney in Lake Tahoe taking on a client Jim Strong who wrecks mayhem on everyone he meets and is accused of killing his brother Alex. A fun read peculiarly if you 're into skiing, which I 'm non, but enjoyed the narrative so much I went on to read the sequel Dreams Of The Dead. Ok, this is n't as hearty a 5 as a 5 normally means to me. However, this is far and off the best Nina Reilly novel I have read. The scoundrel is genuinely evil. Nina eventually finds felicity. But you ne'er know how things are traveling to turn out... A secret plan that keeps you reading on into the dark. It 's been a piece since I read a book by Perri O'Shaughnessy and one time once more it did n't disappoint. It was good to acquire back to a book by the sisters. Hard to conceive of slightly could be every bit oblique as the villian of the book, but it takes all sorts. It kept my involvement throghtout the whole book. A good stoping, sad, but good. This is the fifth of the Nina Reilly books, and it was a good read. Nina is stand foring Jim Strong, whose household owns a popular ski resort at Lake Tahoe. Jim is accused of slaying his brother. Love involvements, investigator Paul and prosecuting lawyer Collier are back for this one. Sad stoping. Note, these books truly necessitate to be read in order for the narratives to do sense.
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