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Arctic Stories
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Original Title Arctic Stories

ISBN 1550374532 (ISBN13: 9781550374537 )

Edition Language English

Childrens :: Cultural :: Canada :: Picture Books

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Ten-year-old Agatha, an Inuit girl, is the reluctant heroine in this tapestry of Arctic tales set in the 1950s. Each tale has its origins in Kusugak’s own childhood experiences.

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Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak


Arctic Stories Essay

Cool narrative about turning up in the north North-polar part. Not to frequently make we hear narratives or the type of life manner one can digest in the north-polar part. These narratives are based off of the writers experiences turning up. Arctic Stories contains three narratives set in 1958 picturing a twelvemonth in the life of 10-year old Agatha, an Inuit miss life in the north-polar North. Arctic narratives is a group of narratives about turning up in the north-polar North in 1958. Most of the narratives are based on events the writer remembers from childhood - when the priest of the residential school was demoing off his skating accomplishments and fell through the ice, and when an dirigible flew over the town and by chance terrified everyone. Read about sing giants, and friendly Corvus coraxs. This book is decidedly deserving a expression - even if merely to see the beautiful illustrations!
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