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Obergeist: Directors' Cut
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Rating: 2.68

Original Title Obergeist: The Director's Cut

ISBN 1582402434 (ISBN13: 9781582402437 )

Edition Language English

Comics :: Graphic Novels :: Sequential Art

Book description:

(W) Dan Jolley, (P) Tony Harris, (I) Ray Snyder (C) Matt Hollingsworth In stores the week of April 10th. The Concept: Inter-cutting the six-issue "Ragnarok Highway" miniseries with the flashbacks of "The Empty Locket" special, Obergeist: Directors' Cut presents the full story of Jurgen Steinholtz - and features a crucial scene present in neither the mini nor the one-shot. With half-tone colors added to previously black-and-white art and an introduction by Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell, get the full story here for the first time. SC, 7x10, 192pg, FC "

Book Authors:

Tony Harris

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Obergeist: Directors' Cut Essay

Edición española publicada en La Colección Made in Hell, # 52. Nice piece of graphics but TERRIBLE/RETARDED narrative. To be honest, I do n't truly acquire this narrative. I followed it, for certain, and I get the stoping excessively. But, the plotline seemed haphazard, and some things were n't truly tied up for me. On the other manus, this is a attractively drawn book. The art masterfully compliments the narrative... as it is. Ya agregué La edición española de Norma ( Publicado en el # 52 de la colección Made in Hell ) , que Es La que poseo. Cuando La lea, ganará su correspondiente reseña.
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