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Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge
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Pages: 160
Rating: 4.27

Original Title Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge

ISBN 0821228056 (ISBN13: 9780821228050 )

Edition Language English

Nonfiction :: History :: Art

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Cheech Marin, well known for his three decades of work as a comedian, actor, director, and musician, has long championed Chicano artists and been a collector of their work. This breakthrough publication will be available in both hardcover and paperback formats. The exhibition features Marin's collection of over 30 artists' work, and their paintings that depict Hispanic culture, religion, and politics with brilliant color and emotion. Incisive essays by leading scholars describe the origins of Chicano art. In the same way that Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo redefined our understanding and appreciation of Mexican art, Chicano artists such as Gronk, Patssi Valdez, and Carlos Almaraz are putting Chicano art on the cutting edge of contemporary art.

Book Authors:

Cheech Marin

Richard Anthony Cheech Marin is an American comic and histrion who gained acknowledgment as portion of the comedy act Cheech & Chong during the 1970s and early 1980s, and as Don Johnson 's quick-and-scheme spouse, Insp. Joe Dominguez on Nash Bridges.

Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge Essay

This book’s rubric entirely might easy do one think that it would merely appeal to a instead narrow audience. However, I feel that art can by and large exceed such obstructions and can frequently earn far wider audiences despite being aimed entirely at specific mark groups. I think this book does merely that but at the same clip it is difficult for me to seek to estimate how those without ties to a Chicano heritage could do of this book. However, those like myself, with an devouring involvement in these things will unimpeachably bask it exhaustively. This is a good debut to Chicano art. The essays are sort of a circuit guide account of an exhibition presented by an devouring aggregator, Cheech Marin. Was n't excessively certain how to rate an art book. Loved the art work and on that it would acquire 5 stars. Love that the focal point is on Chicano creative persons and for that it would besides acquire 5 stars. But as this is non quite literature and I ca n't rate it on that, I 'm giving this 3 stars for wishing it. Cheech Marin has published this book of Chicano art. Beautiful art non widely seen but which should be. A great aggregation, a terrific exhibition cheech marin ( of cheech and chong celebrity ) is the largest aggregator of chicano art in the state. I was lucky plenty to acquire to see portion of this aggregation ( Cheech 's ) in Chicago. Some of these pictures are merely astonishing and I got to see my favourite. The illustration and picture in this aggregation is gorgeous. The exhibit was astonishing.
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