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Midori Days, Volume 4
Book details:
Pages: 189
Rating: 3.91

Original Title 美鳥の日々 4

ISBN 1421502542 (ISBN13: 9781421502540 )

Edition Language English

Series Midori Days #4

Romance :: Manga :: Humor :: Shonen :: Sequential Art :: Comics Manga

Book description:

A romantic comedy with a bizarre twist (of the wrist...) With his legendary "devil's right hand," Seiji's knockout punch makes him the biggest bully in school. But no matter how many dudes he stomps on, he still scores zero points with the ladies. Enter painfully shy Midori, whose secret wish to become part of Seiji's life comes all too true when she wakes up attached to Seiji's arm! Now whether Seiji likes it or not, he's got a girlfriend who is literally his right-hand gal. When freaky otaku Shuichi finds out Midori is no ordinary doll, his obsession for her increases! Then, an innocent motorcycle drive in the country turns ugly when a motorcycle gang mistakes Seiji for his rough-and-tumble sister, Rin. Ayase doesn't let up in her efforts to capture Seiji's heart, but it's going to take a lot to get through that thick skill of his.

Book Authors:

Kazurou Inoue

Kazurou Inoue ( 井上 和郎 , Inoue Kazurō ) is a Nipponese mangaka.Born May 1, 1970, he received acknowledgment for his manga Dream Security Mao ( Dream Security マオ ) at the fortieth Rookie Comic Awards. After developing under Kazuhiro Fujita, he published Heat Wave in Shōnen Sunday Super for a short while.He is most known for Midori no Hibi ( 美鳥の日々 , Midori Days ) series which was adapted into a 13 episodes anime series by the studio Pierrot.

Midori Days, Volume 4 Essay

Tomo 4 de 8. Edición Argentina. Edición argentina que probablemente repite EL ISBN del español, cuarto tomo. Pretty cockamamie. Initially, I found it difficult to acquire past the premiss, but I 've truly grown to bask this series. Particularly noteworthy is the insouciant manner that same-sex attractive forces are mentioned and expanded upon.
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