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Savage Moon
Book details:
Pages: 352
Rating: 3.8

Original Title Savage Moon

ISBN 0752893637 (ISBN13: 9780752893631 )

Edition Language English

Series DI Jon Spicer #3

Mystery :: Thriller :: Crime

Book description:

The body of a woman with her throat ripped out is found on Saddleworth Moor, near Manchester. She is discovered in an area where several sightings of a mysterious large black cat have been made. When analysis shows that hairs caught under the victim's nails are those of a panther, it is assumed that the animal has killed its first human prey. But then a man DI Jon Spicer is investigating as part of an entirely different case is murdered in exactly the same way. Only this time the body is found in a secluded car park - a popular gay rendezvous far closer to the city centre. Soon DI Spicer finds himself hunting a killer dubbed The Monster of the Moor, a creature whose stealth and savagery strike terror into the local population and way beyond it to the whole of the north west???

Book Authors:

Chris Simms


Savage Moon Essay

Extraneous information I struggled with this 1. Not every bit good as others in the series Glad I found this book. I enjoyed reading this book. It flow and follows a smartly constructed secret plan. The character is made three dimensional by the fact that he has some jobs at place, enticement at work and a desire to acquire on. Well worth reading and I 'll look out for other books in the series 5 stars First off - it 's merely called Savage Moon. Do halt typing the taglines in, Goodreads. But a great enigma, much better than the series opener. Full reappraisal at Griping stoping A 3rd book in the series and although I did non read foremost 2, the writer gives adequate intimations to give you the background. Reasonably good enigma, and I learned some history that I did n't cognize. My hubby the historiographer confirmed that Savage Moon 's history was accurate. Good for Mr. Simms! I 'm aquiline... . Started slow. Got better. Probably would 've enjoyed it more if I had an Atlas in my caput... .. Good authorship, builds tenseness good. Set in Manchester, England. Reviewing to hold a alteration of scenery but police procedural is police procedural whatever the state. A page Turner from start to complete! This series is decidedly one I will go on to read. The authorship is first-class and D.I. Jon Spicer is enormously sympathetic, particularly ( in my instance ) because he has a pugilist he loves to decease. The offenses are interesting, particularly in Savage Moon. Plus, you get interesting historical facts that really made me state belly laugh, I did n't cognize that. It 's interesting the manner we are taught history in school vs. the facts! I 'm looking frontward to the following 2, they 're on my really long TBR list. Very, really good! An unusual enigma. Decidedly did non hold the loony pegged. The narrative takes topographic point in Britian. You wonder if its traveling to be another paranormal because you have something assaultive sheep and people. It ends up a reasonably good investigator read. Way to travel DI Spicer. As thrillers go this is a really good 1. Decidedly has the suspense and a really alone credible narrative. I could n't truly acquire into the heads of the characters. I have ever wondered why writers tend to make fictional topographic points and now I know it 's so they do n't mess up. I live near Buxton and I know that there is n't a menagerie at that place and every bit far as I know ne'er has been. That major mistake spoiled it for me. Doubt I will read any more but it is a good read. Started book and it 's truly dull... . Is it worth reading? Great This book started out sort of slow, I about put it down. Once all the pieces started coming together, I could n't set it down. All in all I would urge to mystery fans. Still giod BRITISH POLICE PROCEDURAL Free 07-19-15 A truly cagey secret plan. This novel is the 3rd in the Detective John Spicer series. It is a good, solid, British constabularies procedural with a tight secret plan and interesting characters. Hmmmm - slippery one to reexamine - it 's really clear and characteristics good chief characters, with plentifulness of inside informations I could associate to.
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