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Guess Who's Coming to Die?
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Pages: 417
Rating: 3.83

Original Title Guess Who's Coming to Die?: A Throughly Southern Mystery

ISBN 1597225444 (ISBN13: 9781597225441 )

Edition Language English

Series Thoroughly Southern #9

Mystery :: Fiction :: Cozy Mystery

Book description:

Georgia magistrate, mother, wife, and sometime sleuth MacLaren Yarbrough has been invited to join the Magnolia Ladies' Investment Club and is plumb confused-she's definitely no heiress. But she tables that thought when, at her first meeting, she finds out-going club president Willena Kenan dead on the bathroom floor with a corkscrew protruding from her neck. Since it happened during a coffee break, when everyone left the room separately, no club member is above suspicion. But when the police find a trench coat with incriminating evidence, things get sticky.

Book Authors:

Patricia Sprinkle

Aka Patricia Houck Sprinkle.When I met and married Bob, he looked over our budget and demanded, Why don’t you write a enigma to pay for all the 1s you buy? I instantly knew I wanted to set a organic structure in a edifice where I’d one time worked. However, being over-endowed with the Protestant ethic, I wrote of import things foremost and merely wrote the enigma in my trim clip, so my first enigma, Murder at Markham ( reissued by Silver Dagger in 2001 ) , took 13 old ages to finish. It took even longer for me to larn that any composing which gives me pleasance is of import, whether fiction or non-fiction.Since 1988 I have written 20 enigmas, four novels, and five non-fiction books. I am thankful to my readers and editors for allowing me make what I enjoy most in the universe. Bob has concluded that authorship is non a profession, it 's an compulsion -- my favourite holiday is to travel to a topographic point where person else fixes my repasts and where I can compose more than I do at place, without breaks. Thankss, if you are one of the readers who keeps my fingers on the keys. I enjoy passing clip with you at conferences, book nines, and subscribing events.

Guess Who's Coming to Die? Essay

The A Thoroughly Southern Mystery series is thoroughly gratifying and # 9 is continues with appeal, humor, tradition, and machination. Rather slow and tiring in parts had to force myself to complete. A southern adult female enigma, so really different to my universe and the characters I did non associate to at all. Love this series. Wish Patricia Sprinkle would compose more of them, but I think she 's finished. I truly bask the escapades of McLaren and her household. This was a amusing read. Mac gets herself into a spot of problem as everyone at the nine she merely joined is under intuition of slaying of the president of the nine. I throughly enjoy her books, although they may non be high faluten: ) I can ever number on Sprinkle to entertain me Another good enigma and I thought the stoping was truly good. This series is acquiring old quick! A small slow but still a merriment read. Very fun series. I enjoy the strong Southern adult females and their strong Southern households. The enigmas are nicely plotted and the gardens are merely fantastic. Lighthearted Mystery Series about a sweet-ol ' , small southern Lady...
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