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The Counterlife
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Pages: 336
Rating: 3.89

Original Title The Counterlife

ISBN 0140124217 (ISBN13: 9780140124217 )

Edition Language English

Series Complete Nathan Zuckerman #6

Characters Nathan Zuckerman

Literary Awards National Book Critics Circle Award (1987) , National Book Award Finalist for Fiction (1987)

Fiction :: Literature :: American :: Novels

Book description:

The Counterlife is about people enacting their dreams of renewal and escape, some of them going so far as to risk their lives to alter seemingly irreversible destinies. Wherever they may find themselves, the characters of The Counterlife are tempted unceasingly by the prospect of an alternative existence that can reverse their fate. Illuminating these lives in transition and guiding us through the book's evocative landscapes, familiar and foreign, is the miind of the novelist Nathan Zuckerman. His is the skeptical, enveloping intelligence that calculates the price that's paid in the struggle to change personal fortune and reshape history, whether in a dentist's office in suburban New Jersey, or in a tradition-bound English Village in Gloucestershire, or in a church in London's West End, or in a tiny desert settlement in Israel's occupied West Bank.

Book Authors:

Philip Roth

Philip Milton Roth is an American novelist. He gained early literary celebrity with the 1959 aggregation Goodbye, Columbus ( victor of 1960 's National Book Award ) , cemented it with his 1969 best seller Portnoy 's Complaint, and has continued to compose critically-acclaimed plants, many of which characteristic his fictional alter self-importance, Nathan Zuckerman. The Zuckerman novels began with The Ghost Writer in 1979, and include American Pastoral ( 1997 ) ( victor of the Pulitzer Prize ) . In May 2011, he won the Man Booker International Prize for lifetime accomplishment in fiction.

The Counterlife Essay

I ca n't state you what this book is approximately because, for one thing, I do n't desire to botch anything and, secondly, because I 'm non even certain what I merely read. It 's one of those books where I had the desire to squeeze myself while reading it, trusting it was all a dream. But that does n't work when I 'm broad awake and when the writer has purposefully set out to confuse me with different degrees of world, doing my reading experience unreal. And that is n't a compliment. Nel 1986 Philip Roth pubblica un romanzo dekaliter titolo La controvita ( in Italia tradotto district attorney Vincenzo Mantovani, edito da Einaudi ) . Protagonista forty-nine suo alter-ego Nathan Zuckerman. Autore ebreo-americano capace di ( o forse necessitato a ) trovare forty-nine conflitto in ogni cosa. Incapace di soddisfarsi. E menomale. The stoping spot about self/identity truly resounded with me. An extraordinary circuit de force from Roth. Changing manners of narrative, sub-text noticing on subtext like Pale Fire, it was an stimulating read. Una desert four o'clock. Roth un genio sum, mezclando la búsqueda de sí en medio de la cuestión judía. Una narrativa arriesgada, con novelas dentro de la novela. Un Zuckerman que Se observa más existent que nunca. Cuesta soltar EL libro, se abre y Te va llenando de interrogantes y Te sientes identificado en cada una de las diletancias y temores de los personajes que llegan a ese momento de la vida en que se cuestionan el rumbo Y su propia identidad. Un libro brillante sobre la construcción de nuestro propio ser. Valió la pena cada página. Hani ne desem qi ; böyle usta işi eserleri okudukça, yazmak hem beyhude bir çabaymış gibi geliyor hem de onlara öykünme güdüsünü kamçılıyor... 100 pages in, I was n't certain I would acquire through this book. The first subdivision is great but so it dips into this wholly other world, and it does n't pick up once more until you start traveling through the subdivisions and recognize ( or get down to surmise ) what Roth is making. I would hold given this 5 stars if I did n't experience like I was being held against my will whilst reading it. Authoritative Roth. Great book. In The Counterlife, Roth gets deadening. This is my 7th or eight novel by him and I did n't cognize he was capable of composing a deadening book. This one proved he could. What makes The Counterlife even more dissatisfactory is to see all of the waies Roth could hold taken the novel in comparing to what he really did. One thing that Philip Roth can ever make is state a narrative in a really compelling manner, pulling the reader into the secret plan and doing us to keep on until the really terminal. This book starts out that manner, but so finally makes a series of incorrect bends that end up in a dissatisfactory stoping. There is a scene in The Counterlife in which the character Nathan Zuckerman, the wearied alter self-importance of the writer, is presenting for a exposure with David Ben-Gurion, the establishing male parent of modern Israel. That is the novel in microcosm, a tangle of improbablenesss and flights from world. This is one of the more alone and unusual books that I 've of all time read. True, I have to commend Roth for weaving such a deep, complicated plot-line that continues to uncover itself up into the concluding pages. I found some of the longer fulminations from characters a touch difficult to digest, but with this book, even if it 's non wholly to your liking, I think you 've got to esteem it. I do n't believe this book has a secret plan. It has plenty egoistic contemplations with the word Jew someplace about alternatively. It 's truly difficult to read. The Question before Finkler I registered a book at! The first portion of the novel is first-class. A tooth doctor, the writer’s brother, becomes impotent because of his bosom. Even his helper is non able to excite him any longer. To go on his matter with her, he decides to hold bosom surgery with fatal effects. But after this first-class start, the books derails. The author is looking for his tooth doctor brother in an extremist conservative kibbutz on the West Bank. On his manner back to New York, he gets involved in a hijack. We all of a sudden are in a similar narrative as the first one, but now the author is holding surgery with fatal surgery to go on his relationship with his English neighbors in New York. In the concluding narrative, he moves to England to populate with his English rose. The author is puting himself in interesting state of affairss, but the long treatments about being Judaic are frequently really deadening. I was non convinced by this, what you could name, experimental novel. This was really a re-read for a book group. While Philip Roth may non be my favourite Judaic American author, I have to state that his work remains rich in its ability to dispute the foundations of our individuality. This novel is good deserving multiple readings. Another place tally from my favourite life writer. In this, the fifth of his Zuckerman Novels, Roth masterfully juggles the constructs of mid-life crises, self re-invention, self-identity, Judaic individuality, world and fiction, and finally, the trade of composing itself. It 's so brave and surprising, one does n't desire to give excessively much off. Literatuur met hoofdletter L. Heel boeiend boek digital audiotape je vragen doet stellen rond het belang new wave identiteit, in casu joodse identiteit. Hoe verhoud je je ALSs capable tegenover de joodse geschiedenis. Great, acrobatic authorship here, exchanging point of views, storytellers, reversal of plot lines, rewinding, standing-in, plus all that long-winded duologue. Love it! Philip Roth nos presenta en La contravida un cóctel de varios de los temas recurrentes en Toda su obra: judaismo/antisemitismo, relaciones familiares, sexo... y victimize la ironía Y su sentido del wit habituales. This is a great book, fresh and advanced in the signifier of stating the narrative, free as a bird ( as one time Roth himself described Updike ) . It besides makes a nexus between Roth 's micro, psychological narration and the macro, historical environment in which the micro position is embedded, his Judaic individuality and individuality by big every bit good. The narrative is so self-referential ( Godel 's Theorem? ) that this book helped me understand Roth 's manner and thoughts much better, and now I have a wholly new position on Sabbath 's Theatre, which ab initio I did n't wish that much. I love Zuckerman! Another superb stage in the life of Roth 's alter self-importance. Commiseration I read the Zuckerman novels out of sequence, though that did non take away from Roth 's superb authorship. This cat ne'er fails to affect. Awful, awful book. Threw out after 100 pgs Este é um daqueles love affairs que continuam martelando na cabeça mesmo após O último ponto concluding. Não costumo olhar resenhas/críticas antes nem depois hyrax minhas leituras, sou district attorney opinião de que devemos construir o próprio gosto, deixar as impressões particulares virem à tona. No entanto, dessa vez, fiquei tão envolvida com as histórias de N. Z. que fui espiar comentários na interpret. Isso só aumentou a minha vontade de ler outras obras de Roth. Afinal, ainda não tinha lido uma construção narrativa tão primorosa, uma proposta tão singular, um emaranhado de discussões tão profundas. Durante l'orazione pronunciata Al funerale di Henry Zuckerman, La neo vedova Carol descrive Illinois defunto come onesto membro della comunità , padre amorevole, marito appassionato Al punto tale district attorney rischiare la vita per l'impianto di un beltway che lo liberasse dai farmaci betabloccanti vitamin E dall'impotenza che questi gli causavano. Quello che Carol ignora – Al contrario di Nathan, controverso romanziere e fratello del defunto – è che Henry Si epoch sottoposto all'intervento non a beneficio di una completa felicità nuziale, ma per Wendy, giovane vitamin E adorante assistente del proprio studio dentistico. Did n't complete it. Some all right parts but overall drilling. Great book to rouse your critical head. It was more work than pleasance, and non my favourite Roth, but set him up on the top shelf once more because it 's a command of the novel. Rispetto alla trilogia un Zuckerman meno comico vitamin E più riflessivo nel comunque sempre ottimo La controvita. Anche La struttura Si fa più complessa, trattandosi di metaromanzo ( sublimi lupus erythematosus ultime pagine vitamin E one dialoghi ) . I temi sono invece quelli dei quali Roth è ormai diventato un master indiscusso: ebraismo, sessualità , relazioni, la scrittura nella vita e la vita nella scrittura. Me gusta mucho esta novela, trata multitud de perspectivas del judaísmo. I do n't care for this novel every bit much as the distinguished critics do: Gas pronounces it a victory, Wood calls it perchance [ Roth 's ] greatest novel, Updike ( on the back screen ) says, Roth has ne'er written more conscientiously or more fondly. But I find it has the quality of a willed experiment, and excessively much of the talk—usually the glorification of Roth—is aimless and arid. There is nil here as intense or critical or memorable or imaginative as the phantasy of Anne Frank in The Ghost Writer, Zuckerman in Florida settling his late female parent 's personal businesss and Zuckerman in the infirmary in The Anatomy Lesson, or the male parent 's decease in Patrimony —to say nil of the terminal of Sabbath 's Theater or the center of The Human Stain. Just a shade to far into the meta deep terminal for my ain gustatory sensations. My ingestion of this book in between reading grad school texts likely did n't assist its cause. But, it 's Roth and his ability to force viciously natural emotions through the pages ever wins me over in the terminal.
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