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Pages: 187
Rating: 3.74

Original Title Magellania

ISBN 1566491797 (ISBN13: 9781566491792 )

Edition Language English

Series Extraordinary Voyages #60

Science Fiction :: Fiction :: Adventure :: Classics

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"Magellania"--which refers to the Strait of Magellan--is the home of Kaw-djer, a mysterious man of Western origin whom the indigenous peoples consider a demigod. Originally penned in 1897, "Magellania" was totally rewritten after Verne's death by his son Michel but soon disappeared into obscurity.

Book Authors:

Jules Verne

Jules Gabriel Verne was a Gallic writer who pioneered the genre of science-fiction. He is best known for his novels Journey to the Center of the Earth ( 1864 ) , Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea ( 1870 ) , and Around the World in Eighty Days ( 1873 ) . Verne wrote about infinite, air, and submerged travel before navigable aircraft and practical pigboats were invented, and before any agencies of infinite travel had been devised. He is the 3rd most translated writer of all clip, behind Disney Productions and Agatha Christie. His outstanding novels have been made into movies. Verne, along with H. G. Wells, is frequently referred to as the Father of Science Fiction.

Benjamin Ivry


Magellania Essay

Okunmuş olması gereken değerli bir eser. Ama jules verne'ün diğer macera dolu kitaplarının heyecanını beklememek lazım. Daha çok ideoloji ve inançla ilgili, o district attorney çok üzerine derinlemesine fikirler beyan etmeyen bir kitap. Tabi bunu yanında sosyolojik bir yapılanmayı incelemesi ve belli bir bölgenin adeta tarihini anlatması bakımından district attorney güzel. Ama boy döneminde yazmış Verne. Hatta anladığım kadarıyla boy kitabı ( veya boy bir iki tanesinden biri ) . O yüzden eksiği çok, tamamlanmamış ve oğlu tarafından biraz taciz edilmiş bir kitap olması district attorney taslak havasından kurtulamasınıa neden olmuş . Jules verne'ü bilim kurgu kategorisinde değerlendiren kitledenseniz bunun daha çok coğrafya ile ilgili bir eser olduğunu district attorney hatırlatayım ve tekrar okunması gereken ama AZ sayfa sayısına rağmen zorlayan bir kitap olduğunu district attorney belirteyim. Kitap, kaw-djel adlı kişinin O dönemde ( 1800'lerin sonu ) tek bağımsız topraklar olarak gördüğü Macellanya'daki yaşamını anlatıyor. Bu topraklara bağımsızlık için gelmesine karşın kısa süre sonra toprakların bağımsızlığı ellerinden alınıyor ve maceramız district attorney böyle başlıyor. Ya yeni bir bağımsız toprak bulacak ya district attorney bu dünyadan gidecektir. the development of a libertarian 's thoughts. powerful book. the remainder of his books ca n't be translated fast plenty... Neither God nor Master! Again, for the Jules Verne completists out at that place ( who is the writer, by the manner ; Ivry is the transcriber ) . Far better than the version rewritten by his boy and posthumously published as The Survivors of the 'Jonathan ' . Of greatest involvement is the novel 's chief character, Kaw-djer, and who in many ways is a 2nd cousin to Capt. Nemo. Interesting narrative of a late-nineteenth century socialist disillusioned with society who escapes to the terminal of the Earth -- the islands of the Straits of Magellan off Tierra trade Fuego -- to populate a life of independency in the last topographic point on Earth non claimed by any state. When a pact between Chile and Argentina alterations his life 's significance among the Indians, he rediscovers a significance for his life in salvaging a ship in hurt. In assisting the settlers aboard the ship to last, he ends up making the independent land he longed for, even though he must give his axiom Neither God nor Master to go their leader and steer the settlement toward prosperity for all. Although some of the strong beliefs of his former life are lost, he becomes the beacon of visible radiation for society and independency for all who labour. Fascinating. Dünyanın bir ucunda, Magellan Boğazı ve Beagle Kanalı çevresindeki ıssız adaları kendine mesken edinen, her türlü kural ve dayatmalardan tiksinip, özgür bir yaşam uğruna gönüllü sürgün olmuş bir adamın -yerlilerin dilinde Kaw-djer'in- esrarengiz yaşam öyküsü ... Romanı okurken bir elimde Atlass vardı her daim. Issız ve uzak coğrafyalara aşık bir okurun mutlaka gitmek isteyeceği bir anlatımı volt-ampere qi kitabın, ölmeden görmek nasip olur inşallah bu adaları ! I like it, now my new end is to read The Lighthouse at the terminal of the World. Interesante novela en la que Julio Verne utiliza EL naufragio de un barco y la necesidad de los supervivientes de sobrevivir en una situación adversa, trama que en diferentes versiones hour angle repetido este autor en numerosos libros, parity tratar temas políticos como EL anarquismo, la predisposición natural parity gobernar etc.. Typical of authorship of the period the cured original manuscript Tells of the subsiding of an island off the tip of South America. Told in the narrative of a lone adult male of unknown beginnings who was in hunt of a topographic point where he would hold no maestro and be beholden to no authorities or divinity he ends up being the caput adult male of an island of immigrants that he rescued from a fall throughing ship. The narrative abounds with historical, geographical and ecological information described in the linguistic communication of the period. A interesting read, but I was happy it was non a long book. I had a difficult clip get downing out on this book. It did n't draw me in right off and I found myself coercing my manner through it. Once things started to pick up, I truly enjoyed the narrative it told and the thoughts it was designed to give to the reader. I 'd urge it but be weary that it may non hook every bit rapidly as some of Verne 's other pieces. This book, one of Jules Verne 's posthumous novels, was originally published in a signifier badly rewritten by Verne 's boy under the rubric The Survivors of the Jonathan, which I read about ten old ages ago. Verne 's original version was non published in France until 1985 and this English interlingual rendition came out in 2002. I read the debut before I read the book, an activity I would hold assumed was logical. However in this instance the writer of the debut gave away the narrative every bit good as gave their reading of the actions of the chief character. I wo n't state it ruined the book for me as I still truly enjoyed it. However it did n't go forth much for my imaginativeness or my mind. Henceforth I intend to read books first and debuts last merely in instance it happens once more. And raspberries for publishing house and the individual who wrote the debut.
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