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Cat Country : A Satirical Novel of China in the 1930's
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Pages: 295
Rating: 3.68

Original Title 貓城記 [Māo chéng jì]

ISBN 0814200133 (ISBN13: 9780814200131 )

Edition Language English

Fantasy :: Fiction :: Science Fiction :: China :: Cultural :: Asian Literature :: Chinese Literature

Book description:

When a traveller from China crash-lands on Mars, he finds himself in a country inhabited entirely by Cat People. Befriended by a local cat-man, he becomes acquainted in all aspects of cat-life: he learns to speak Felinese, masters cat-poetry, and appreciates the narcotic effects of the reverie leaf – their food staple. But curiosity turns to despair when he ventures further into the heart of the country and the culture, and realizes that he is witnessing the bleak decline of a civilization. Cat Country, Lao She's only work of science fiction, is both a dark, dystopian tale of one man's close encounter with the feline kind and a scathing indictment of a country gone awry.

Book Authors:

Lao She

Lao She ( Chinese: 老舍 ; pinyin: Lǎo Shě ; Wade–Giles: Lao She ; February 3, 1899 – August 24, 1966 ) was the pen name of Shu Qingchun ( simplified Chinese: 舒庆春 ; traditional Chinese: 舒慶春 ; pinyin: Shū Qìngchūn ; Manchu family name: Sumuru ) , a celebrated Chinese novelist and playwright. He was one of the most important figures of 20th-century Chinese literature, and best known for his fresh Rickshaw Boy and the drama Teahouse ( 茶館 ) . He was of Manchu ethnicity. His plants are known particularly for their vivid usage of the Beijing idiom. ( from Wikipedia )

Cat Country : A Satirical Novel of China in the 1930's Essay

The writer did non see himself a good ironist. I would differ, this is satire at its best. It is a sarcasm on China, but I would state that it can be applied to most societies. Set on Mars, it inquiries the imposts of a cat society life at that place, while in fact analyzing human nature. More frequently concentrating on dark facets of human psychological science so non, the novel describes a dystopian society. It is a absorbing read, if slightly depressive. This is superb sarcasm. This is awful scientific discipline fiction. If you 're familiar with the contemporary historical period in which the writer is composing, this is a exhaustively engaging, diverting and disturbing work. If you 're non familiar with the events, you 'll happen this a confusing, unfunny, poorly-written hash which you might be able to approximately place with planet of the apes. Не подозревал , что лучшее и наиболее злое произведение про Интернет и про его влияние на мозги простых смертных было написано еще 80 лет назад в революционном Китае . Из фантастической повести китайского классика Лао Ше мы узнаём о первом азиатском экипаже их двух человек , отправленном с Земли на Марс . Во время неудачного падения на Красную планету один из космонавтов погибает , а второй попадает в поселение кошкообразных аборигенов . Цивилизация кошачьих , некогда могучая и величественная , пребывает ныне в серьезном упадке , поэтому вооруженный спичками и револьвером китайский космонавт оказывается могучим и непобедимым воином . As has been mentionned by another referee here, This is superb sarcasm. This is awful scientific discipline fiction. This is an unbelievable book, incredibly written before the Communist Party in China had come to power. Incredible because of how much it presages what was to come. Although it is chiefly an fable about China and its troubles, it 's besides a narrative of a alien in a unusual land. The penetrations She has about aliens and how they 're perceived still pealing true. Смотрела на днях доклад с ютик переводчиков Стивена Кинга , они там упомянули эту книгу . Lao She 's Sci-fi history of a society 's ruin is a thinly veiled dystopian vision of the destiny of the Chinese Republic. Told through the eyes of a isolated Mr. Earth, a unidentified storyteller who seems to hold no intent other than to enable this historical history, the prophylactic narrative is a aggregation of brushs with different members of a society that is destructing itself through frailty, lawlessness, and short-sighted greed. A glance into the political state of affairs in China in the 1930s through the eyes of a pessimist: Lao She despises both the bureaucratic province and the hapless revolutionists because he sees both groups as self-seeking and crackbrained. Mentions to the Chinese province, Karl Marx, and Communism are thinly veiled ( Everybody Shareskyism ) . The text is interesting and gratifying, if you enjoy fuel for misanthropy. The chief push: everyone is irredeemably stupid and deserves to decease, for what is the point of life such hopelessly selfish, asinine lives? Best known for his common play and novels, Lao She brought the local idiom of Beijing to a wider, national audience during the Chinese Republican Era yet Cat Country is a pronounced alteration from his criterion dramas. His first and lone work of science-fiction, the novel tells the narrative of a Chinese adult male stranded on Mars whereupon he encounters a race of Cat People. In look intoing their society and civilization, he learns more about them and shortly realises that their whole civilization is on the threshold of prostration. I must acknowledge that I did non care as much for this as I was trusting. It was really heavy handed sarcasm. Like most early twentieth century Chinese literature I 've read by male writers it lacks any existent word picture of adult females. The book involves a immature adult male traveling to Mars and detecting the cat state which so proceeds to mock all the things that he dislikes about Chinese civilization. In the English interlingual rendition the transcriber is cardinal to indicate out the jobs of traditional Chinese civilization that is being alluded to. However, as the book blames more and more of the states jobs on the modernization motion, Western Cultural imperialism ( and outright imperialism ) the remarks rapidly dry up. The biggest job with the sarcasm is that it takes things to pathetic extremes. No 1 of all time works, everyone is drug addicted, the instruction system is wholly non-existent, and in the terminal everyone in the full state dies due to laziness and incompetence. The book is gawky and while parts are diverting overall it merely comes across as excessively farcical to be taken earnestly. I think I prefer science fiction that has a closer nexus to what is really go oning. McNally Jackson seldom steers me incorrect w/ their staff choices, but this book was a existent battle. The secret plan is apparently about a Chinese stargoer who crash lands his ship on Mars and falls in with a race of cat people whose one time great society is on the brink of prostration. Cat state by Lao She is a dystopian scientific discipline fiction novel based around the autumn of a civilisation. When a spaceman clang lands on Marss, he finds himself in a civilisation made wholly out of cat people. He learns about their linguistic communication, wonts, and civilization nevertheless he shortly discovers that he is detecting the autumn of the civilisation. This book is plot driven and character development is besides reasonably common nevertheless the scene and struggle aren’t all that evident. This book really doesn’t have much scientific discipline fiction elements outside of speaking cats and Marss, I would urge this book to people who like reading about society or people who likes cats. Overall I would give this book a 3/5. This would be a good book to read over a holiday or a weekend. Sing as how this was published the same twelvemonth as Brave New World, about a dystopian civilisation of Cat People on Mars, written by one of the most august Chinese authors of last century, I of course thought this book would be fantastic. Turns out to be manner excessively black and pessimistic, even for my gustatory sensations. Lao She was known for his wit and humor, which this book mostly lacks, and he was merely excessively disgusted with his state at this point to compose the sort of book he could hold. I 'll seek out Rickshaw Boy alternatively. Certain, the Mars/Cat-People background is merely a flimsy head covering for Lao She to denounce all over China ( this is non a awfully subtle or disingenuous book ) , but a batch of his concerns and reviews are so tonally perfect ( oh my God, the descriptions of urban pes traffic ) that all the sci-fi abstraction helps continue the novel from going dated. More than a few times did I portion a transition with a pupil or co-worker merely to hold them turn to me and travel, That is precisely what it 's like life here. Sing that this book is over 80 old ages old, that 's reasonably impressive. Still applicable to China today, every bit good as many other states. Like any good sarcasm you can pick and take quotation marks and transitions that pealing true today, even though the book was written in the 1930s. Penguin Modern Classics has late published an English version of this book. If you are familiar with Chinese history around the autumn of the Qing Dynasty, you might be interested in this sarcasm by one of China 's great modern writers. If you are n't familiar with this clip period, do n't trouble oneself. Any book translated from the Peking idiom, a political sarcasm written by a adult male who admitted to being a hapless ironist, and masquerading as China 's first purported sci-fi novel, is likely to be a spot uneven. I ca n't make it this.. this book is atrocious. It merely goes on and on in rant signifier... there 's is n't any existent narrative merely a veiled commentary of China 's political relations in the 30s. I merely ca n't. Social commentary on China that is really thinly disguised, but it kept my attending good plenty. A nice narrative with a instead disconnected, hopeless stoping. NOT a beach read ; ) Will likely come back and revisit and/or change the mark one time I 've read up on the period of China that this book is written in. I do n't truly believe I have the cognition to judge it... Online text of 猫城记 Hard to be a Cat - Excellent universe edifice and some nice sarcasm but something gets lost in the interlingual rendition. Not the best of sarcasms. It rips into China stating China is like this without delving deeper or researching effects or taking it to absurd adequate degrees. Interesting though. This book stinks! A state full of cats sounds fantastic but the writer makes cats bad! ! ! This book is a farce against cats! Не мой жанр . Стилизация под архаичную литературу . Читается , примерно , как Гаргантюа и Пантагрюэль . Incredibly rough sarcasm of the issues Chinese society faced at the clip. Many facets of its unfavorable judgment still stand for current Chinese society, but this is of class problematic. This is an amazing sarcasm of China that helped me acquire a feel for the existent societal, economic, and political issues were doing so much duress in the 1930s. Apocalyptic novel depicting the storyteller being stranded on Mars - speak Cultural Revolution clip China.
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