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National Geographic Traveler: Paris
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Pages: 272
Rating: 3.96

Original Title National Geographic Traveler: Paris (National Geographic Traveler)

ISBN 0792274296 (ISBN13: 9780792274292 )

Edition Language English

Nonfiction :: Travel :: Reference :: Cultural :: France :: Guides

Book description:

Take a tour of Paris guided by National Geographic -- for generations synonymous with the thrill of discovery and exploration. Featured sites include both famous and lesser known places, selected to help you experience the city in a fresh and exciting way.

* In-depth site descriptions and background information * Insightful features on history, culture, and contemporary life * More than 190 vivid color photographs * 20 detailed, full-color maps * Mapped walking tours * Specially commissioned artwork and floor plans * Clear, easy-to-use design * Complete visitor information plus hotels, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment

Book Authors:

Lisa Davidson


National Geographic Traveler: Paris Essay

[ 3 Can I bosom this twice? I really own the version that came out around 2000. The best Christmas nowadays I of all time got! The book was beautiful AND helpful. I could clearly understand and read the maps found in the book. It was fantastic! My sister was given the book on France that same twelvemonth. We both decided after our trip that utilizing the smaller, individual metropolis book was much better. The information was easier to happen and transport! I was excessively busy seeing Paris to read the last 15 pages, but now I 'm through it all and I merely loved it. No 1 makes travel ushers rather like National Geographic. I have three more months of surveies in Paris ( YAY! ) and so I 'm by no history done with the usher, but I wanted to tag it as read and to advice any who might desire a full and interestingly-written position of the City of Love to acquire this, you wo n't repent it = ) Highly recommended. Well organized and has a good subdivision at the dorsum for imposts, acquiring about, French phrases and utile interlingual renditions ( eg. food/restaurant ) . The end is to cognize Paris so good, that when I really go at that place for the first clip in February, I 'll be a small world-weary. I merely finished reading this fabulous ( but somewhat outdated ) travel book by National Geographic on Paris. oculus confect! hoping to travel to Paris in 2009!
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