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The Random House Book of Greek Myths
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Pages: 160
Rating: 3.77

Original Title The Random House Book of Greek Myths (Random House Book of...)

ISBN 0679923772 (ISBN13: 9780679923770 )

Edition Language English

Fantasy :: Mythology

Book description:

Greek myths make up the very pillar of Western culture. But they are more than classic stories every child should know. They are rousing tales—rich in character, drama, and high adventure—that have captured readers through the ages. In The Random House Book of Greek Myths , Hugo Award-winning author Joan D. Vinge introduces the Greek gods and goddesses and retells fourteen favorite myths with wit, style, and compassion. This sophisticated but accessible collection is stunningly illustrated with paintings by Oren Sherman that evoke the mystery and majesty of ancient Greece. Perfect for readers of all ages.

Book Authors:

Joan D. Vinge

Joan D. Vinge ( born Joan Carol Dennison ) is an American scientific discipline fiction writer. She is known for such plants as her Hugo Award-winning novel The Snow Queen and its subsequences, her series about the telepath named Cat, and her Heaven 's Chronicles books.

The Random House Book of Greek Myths Essay

Reasonably cool book written for in-between school degree synopsizing most of the celebrated Grecian myths. Nice illustrations. Vinge, D. Joan. The Random House Book of Greek Myths. New York: Random House, 1999. I registered a book at! It was a truly good book. It had descriptions of the major and some of the minor Greek Gods and goddesses. It has all the basic narratives including Hercules and Pegasus. I recommend this book for novices to Greek Mythology. I merely love reading about Greek myths and the Gods and goddesses in general so I loved this book. I thought it was written good. Because of the consecutive up kind of tone the narratives are non excessively drawn-out, which is good because the book contains most of the well known narratives. It besides tells about each of the Gods and goddesses and some of the minor 1s. Not merely was it fun to read but it is besides enlightening. I was exhaustively defeated with this book. It was so boring, and had perfectly no item, whatsoever. I was really world-weary reading this book, as the information it gave was really simple, and I had already known all the narratives within the book. The major high spot of this book was that there were little profiles of a few Gods and goddesses, non really many, and even so, the high spots could hold been improved! I was besides defeated with this book because of its high deficiency of content. This book looked so much bigger than it really is. In actuality, this book had about 6 short narratives, and 10 bantam profiles. I wish that the book had been longer ( I could make longer! ) , with manner more inside informations in everything ( like in the narratives what did everybody expression like? In item, what did they make? ) , and ice chest narratives ( come on. We all know Hercules! ) . If you are be aftering to read this book, I advise you to hold low outlooks, and moreover, merely don’t read it. I read this to educate myself on the authoritative narratives of the Grecian Gods. I read rather a spot of English literature and Greek and Roman mythology often is mentioned in go throughing. I hope I will be able to retrieve who the writer is adverting now. : ) This kids 's book gave me merely plenty information to acquire the narrative and it was a speedy read. I enjoyed this book but non every bit much as this one I am borrowing from my instructor. ( has different narratives and characters )
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