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The Long Way
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Pages: 256
Rating: 4.25

Original Title The Long Way

ISBN 0924486848 (ISBN13: 9780924486845 )

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Nonfiction :: History :: Travel :: Adventure :: Biography :: Autobiography :: Memoir

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The Long Way is Bernard Moitessier's own incredible story of his participation in the first Golden Globe Race, a solo, non-stop circumnavigation rounding the three great Capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin, and the Horn. For seven months, the veteran seafarer battled storms, doldrums, gear-failures, knock-downs, as well as overwhelming fatigue and loneliness. Then, nearing the finish, Moitessier pulled out of the race and sailed on for another three months before ending his 37,455-mile journey in Tahiti. Not once had he touched land.

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Bernard Moitessier


The Long Way Essay

Funny that I had non read this book antecedently. My brother asked me to read something at his nuptials that was maritime and talked about life, this was his first idea for inspiration. If you have n't yet read the book A Ocean trip For Lunatics about the Sunday Time Golden Globe circumnavigational race, you should read that first and so read this, an history by one of the participants. Bernard Moitessier was non merely a participant in this unbelievable event, he was the lone participant who one time he completed one unassisted cringle around the three nesss, decided to give Western Civilization the finger and maintain on seafaring, giving up all awards and monies associated with officially winning the race ( but procuring a book trade, of class ) . In 1968 the London Sunday Times sponsored a compassing the Earth individual handed sailing race. At that clip, no 1 had sailed around the universe entirely without halting. With the media attending there was even more of the romanticism ever intwined in The Sea. I came to this book after reading A Ocean trip for Madmen. I was merely fascinated to larn more about person who sails entirely around the universe, without touching land and when about place decides Nah. Let 's merely maintain seafaring. Oh Moitessier, you are such a romantic! A French hippy poet vagabond. This book is pure nectar, poesy, escapade, love of life in book. But I had to strike hard half a star off for traveling overboard with the tangents about the Machine. Not that I do n't hold in spirit, it merely rubbed me the incorrect manner, felt severely written, trite. It really hurts me to state that approximately this unbelievable book. Read it, do! I 'll read it once more merely to hang out with this cherished adult male. Or the escapades of a wholly free spirit, told in a simple and charming manner. Moitessier was foremost in the race around the Earth and chose non to set down and harvest the glorification but instead maintain on seafaring. This is a an astonishing saga and the author delivers the narrative in a captivating manner that is non the least bit narcissistic. This is one I 'll ne'er bury. My favorite boating book of all clip. The adult male is a fable. Intriguing history of solo sailing around the universe. The writer had a deep, about mystical relationship with the ocean, and was evidently an improbably skilled crewman. Unfortunately, he seemed to acquire crazier and crazier as the ocean trip went on. ( Not surprising! ) The last chapter is a kind of harangue against 'The Machine, which seemed a spot out of topographic point and childish. A good read for anyone interested in ocean seafaring. The narrative of Bernard Moitessier 's unassisted circumnavigation of the Earth, non-stop, in 1968-69. Though truly more of a philosophical work than an adventure narrative, this is a antic book for crewmans and louts likewise. The last few chapters made the full book for me. The universe could utilize a few more barefoot, hippy, vagabond Gallic poets like Moitessier. Definitely want to sail around the universe. Just non so certain about non-stop. Moitessier is a must read for any crewman. This book was a assorted bag for me. The first half and a spot more was fundamentally like reading the log of his ocean trip - really small colour or penetration. Next was some interesting penetration as he struggles with his pick to turn away from completing the race and go oning on. After that, he struggles with how far to go on - halt in South Africa? Continue to Tahiti? Galapagos? Finally, the last few pages of the narrative bend into an anti-development harangue / febrility dream. And so the appendix has dozenss of practical information and studies of assorted maneuvering rigs. When you read this book, all you can make is smell the salt air, experience the gesture of the ocean and experience complete and unadulterated enthusiasm for the act of seting yourself in this place. What an astonishing book. Moitessier was a truly alone adult male. I wanted to wish this, but finally it was n't for me. I truly enjoyed the early parts of this book and the appendix which focal point on his trip celebrated trip a clip and a half around the universe. There was a nice balance between the proficient facets of seafaring and the psychological escapade of the long ocean trip. Oooof. This was a ambitious read. Now, I like a spot of flowery metaphor laced description every bit much as the following cat, but this one was overkill. è un diario, un manuale, un racconto, un trattato. la storia è semplice vitamin E stupefacente: nel 1968 un gruppetto di navigatori ( compagni di barca, come die b.m. ) partecipò Al primo giro del mondo in Vela, in solitario vitamin E senza scalo. moitessier partecipò con United Nations due alberi in acciaio di 12 metri. attraversò I tre grandi capi: buona speranza, leewin vitamin E horn, e invece di concludere e vincere la regata, proseguì per un altro mezzo giro del mondo, per andare a fermarsi a Tahiti. Forgot I did n't compose a reappraisal for The Long Way yet. This is a great book. I do n't cognize why I wanted to read a book about a crewman tracking the Earth, or why I liked the pages and pages and pages of sailing item and nomenclature I did n't understand, but I did. It was curiously restful and interesting. A superb crewman and deeply religious adult male with the same psyche dilemma many of us have presents: how to see true life in the presence of The Monster, aka modern civilisation? ? ? A absorbing page Turner from a profound and romantic Frenchman. The Long Way tells a genuinely astonishing narrative of a adult male carry throughing his dreams and communing with the universe on a degree most may ne'er understand. Moitessier is genuinely singular with a authorship manner that is laid back to the point of Zen. Glossing over inside informations few work forces would jump in an effort to paint themselves as the hero, Moitessier is at place in the unfastened ocean. Joshua, his sailing boat, is genuinely the hero here and Moitessier thanks him daily for the enormous service of 10 months at sea with composures, gales, a hit with a bottom, interrupting moving ridges, masts in the H2O, 5 horn roundings, and more. This is one of the most inspiring books I 've of all time read. The appendix entirely is a hoarded wealth trove of proficient information for voyaging and has secured the book a lasting topographic point on my shelf. The writer sails around the universe one and half times without of all time touching land or speaking to another individual other so when he transferred movie and Hagiographas to another boat, two times. It took him 10 months to sail. No compass, no wireless, no motor for exigencies. Took topographic point in 1968-69. A good book approximately sailing as there are assorted diagrams and an appendix to assist you go acquainted. The authorship likely isn’t rather every bit clear as other sailing books I’ve read but I did bask it. I don’t think I would of all time desire to make what these lone crewmans do, but I surely enjoy reading about their escapades. But what fascinates me about sailing is that there is such a large universe to travel about and it is done with wind power 100-180 stat mis a twenty-four hours. What a survey and illustration of continuity. I foremost read this book in German whilst traversing the Atlantic on a 39ft steel-hulled hog called Beule. I became immediately fascinated with all narratives ( including Donald Crowhurst 's ) environing this race. I besides loved reading the zen-like province Moitessier reaches before make up one's minding ( SPOILER ALERT ) that the race does non count. Eventhough he is in a great place to win, he changes class and caputs non for place, but for his kept woman and the promise of repose in Tahiti. Beautiful descriptions of the oceans, their tempers, and their dwellers, and their temptingness are to be savored here. A must-read for any crewman, ocean lover, escapade searcher, zen searcher or life lover. I wanted to read this book after seeing several loops of Pratik Motwani 's phase reading at Dell'Arte, and it did non let down. While there is much technical/mechanical boat-related linguistic communication in the book that I did non understand, this truly did non impact the power of the narrative - a record of one adult male 's solo journey around the universe and his ever-more confidant relationship with the sea. The sea is truly the taking character in the book, impacting every facet of Moitessier 's life in the months and old ages he has spent with her. You will ne'er look at the ocean the same manner after reading this book. I love a good seafaring escapade ; and this relation of a solo trip around three nesss is capturing and rich. Moitessier writes a authoritative narrative and is rather revered in sailing circles. He besides was an environmental militant, and, when he stops his travels in Tahiti, he spends rather a spot of the terminal of the narrative composing about environmental debasement and what we should make to change by reversal the tendencies. I liked his seafaring experience better than his telling his defeats and attempts with environmental issues. It takes a lof of love for the ocean to travel sailing around the universe entirely and so alternatively of roll uping the award make up one's minding to travel around the universe for the 2nd clip. Yes, there are some parts at the terminal that could be ommited but all in all one miss this book - I have rented this book to a friend and it went with him all the manner to the other side of the universe. Now i waited for few old ages and it still didnt acquire back so one conjecture it was put to good usage. So one have merely ordered new transcript yesterday and I will be happy to read this once more really shortly. Good book. Moitessier is the consumate sailer. The Golden Globe -- and being first to compass solo and nonstop -- was his race to win. But he chose a different, less glorious, but finally better way. On the concluding leg, he turned his boat E to get down around once more. He was at place with the sea and he detested what had become of the challenge ( ill fame, money, ostentation, corporate sponsorship, etc. ) . His narrative is good told ; he was a gifted author. Every page demonstrates his love of the sea and his captivation with it. I respect the adult male but this book merely did n't populate up to the ballyhoo for me. It was like The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance but for boats. It had some minutes but there truly was n't the human play I was trusting for. It felt level... at times like a basic seafaring log... at times excessively cosmic. It merely did n't hold a clear voice or narrative. I had to truly coerce myself to complete it. I enjoyed A Ocean trip for Madmen and would urge it over this book. I recommend this far more than three stars might propose. My evaluation reflects no sensed defects, but simply the random relationship we sometimes perceive among our aesthetics, our emotions, and a work of art, which this is. A brooding and deeply personal narration about a adult male 's about insouciant expertness with a terrorization and dauntingly proficient chase, one that has deeply rewarded and unfeelingly annihilated athlete-philosophers for millenary.
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