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American Dream
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Pages: 304
Rating: 3.46

Original Title American Dream

ISBN 1568583524 (ISBN13: 9781568583525 )


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For some, the American Dream is a pre-fab house in the suburbs with 2.5 kids and a two-week vacation at the end of the year. To others, it is working a push fruit cart in Oakland in order to put food on the family’s table in Oaxaca. In The American Dream Harmon Leon draws upon his experiences of adopting personas and disguises to infiltrate the various institutions of everyday life, living among a diverse range of subcultures and learning first hand how they see their vision and utopia. His incursions include working as a marijuana farmer in a hippie commune in Northern California; becoming a carnie in rural Indiana; visiting a tourist attraction in Mexico (that allows people to simulate illegally crossing the border); venturing to Hollywood while trying to climb the ranks in the star-making machine; and working in the strawberries fields of California with newly arrived immigrants. The American Dream is a funny, satirical, and ultimately poignant take on what it means to be an American today.

Book Authors:

Harmon Leon

Harmon Leon is an award-winning writer, performing artist, and former senior author for National Lampoon. His latest book, The Infiltrator, was released in 2006, and his composing credits for print and telecasting include NPR, National Geographic, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, The BBC, and Showtime Television Network. He lives and works in San Francisco. ( from the publishing house 's web site )

American Dream Essay

Very entertaining! ! Reader emerses ( sp ) himself in different illegal endeavors and tells his story.. amusing! ! There were a few minutes I laughed out loud reading this book. For that ground entirely, a book deserves at least 4 starts. Void of any existent penetrations or wit, I found his authorship and capable affair comparatively contrived. It felt like fact-finding describing done by a cast member of Punk 'd. Possibly a good read for the beach or a long plane drive... possibly non. This book fails to run into its possible. A absorbing thought, in which Leon insinuates himself into assorted societal subcultures and attempts to happen out their ‘American Dream, ’ it falls level and contrived. This book could hold been great with a different writer. Alternatively, it is a nice read that you won’t lose if you have something higher up on your to-read list. hypertext transfer protocol: // A reasonably cool retrospective of one cat 's journey to infiltrate different groups/sectors of the US. Hilarious and sobering at the same clip, peculiarly the narratives about carnies and the spiritual Zealots. As published in the Portland Mercury, December 4, 2008: This writer used awful grammar AND did non truly travel in depth adequate to do a difference. It felt like he was doing merriment of many of the people he was seeking to 'be ' , so the whole book feels sort of gross. Had he candidly been seeking to give us an thought of what these folks lives are like I think it could hold been a great book. As it is, it is scattered and dissatisfactory, go forthing me with the feeling that this cat 'the cool hippy ' turning up.
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