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Practicing the presence of God: Conversations & letters of Nicholas Herman of Lorraine
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Original Title The Practice of the Presence of God

ISBN 1879089238 (ISBN13: 9781879089235 )

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The all-time classic on soul-searching, illumination and trust. Conversations and letters of Brother Lawrence reveal his method of abiding in God's presence. Three centuries have passed since Brother Lawrence's writings first appeared, but they have lost neither their freshness nor their practical wisdom. Spiritual pilgrims still sit at the feet of this natural teacher who "all his life studied to avoid the gaze of men."

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Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence was born Nicolas Herman in Hériménil, near Lunéville in the part of Lorraine, located in modern twenty-four hours eastern France and as a immature adult male went into the ground forces due to his poorness. At the age of 18 he received what he felt was a disclosure of the Providence and power of God. He went on to contend in the Thirty Years ' War and subsequently served as a gentleman, but within six old ages joined the Discalced Carmelite Priory in Paris.Nicholas entered the priory in Paris as a ballad brother, non holding the instruction necessary to go a cleric, and took the spiritual name, Lawrence of the Resurrection. He spent about all of the remainder of his life within the walls of the priory, working in the kitchen for many of these old ages and as a mender of sandals in his ulterior years.Despite his lowly place in the life of the priory, his character attracted many to him. He had a repute for sing profound peace and visitants came to seek religious counsel from him. The wisdom he passed on to them in conversations and in letters would subsequently go the footing for the book The Practice of the Presence of God. [ From Wikipedia ]

Robert E. Coleman

Robert E. Coleman is widely known for his ministry as a disciplemaker and revivalist, and for many old ages has given leading to the Billy Graham Center Institute of Evangelism at Wheaton College, along with the International Schools of Evangelism. He is the writer of 21 books, including best seller The Master Plan of Evangelism. Translations of one or more of his books are published in 100 linguistic communications. He and his married woman, Marietta, reside in Deerfield, Illinois. They have 3 adult kids and 7 grandchildren.

Practicing the presence of God: Conversations & letters of Nicholas Herman of Lorraine Essay

This aggregation of conversations and letters with Brother Lawrence reveals the humbleness and simpleness that God asks of us in our lives. In the spirit of simpleness, allow me portion some of my favorite transitions as my reappraisal: This is a rather significant work, though it is non so really many words. It cuts to everyone 's bosom 's desire - to cognize God and to bask His presence. The work is antique -- 300 old ages old -- and does non offer much in the manner of how to, but it is strongly encouraging. I am glad I read it. Simply divine It is really enlightening and simple to understand, I truly liked and enjoyed it! I hope to be able to set its rules into pattern. Great book that I will read over and over once more. This was a beautiful small book. I gave it 4 stars alternatively 5 because Brother Lawrence has a flair for the dramatics that I 'm non excessively acute on. I do n't usually read books more than one time. This book has been with me for old ages. this book could alter my life, need to reread it and believe about it I 've lost path of how many times I 've come across mentions to this small tome of Nicholas Herman of Lorraine 's ( Brother Lawrence 's ) contemplations on the life of supplication. I thought for certain that I would detect a book full of profound and labyrinthine contemplations researching the huge ranges of religious pattern. Alternatively, I found something more valuable: the straightforward description and repeated entreaty to an undecorated yet disputing rule with the possible to reshape one 's worldview. I was surprised, upon this my first read-through, how Brother Lawrence turned a low, honest, yet single-mindedly determined bosom toward the really simple pattern of being attentive to the Divine in every minute possible. The prose is, good, prosaic, but the applications are deeply poetic. In one country, the old mentions I encountered were spot on: this is the sort of book that sticks with a individual indefinitely. This series of letters written by Brother Lawrence were absoutely transformational in how I approach and think about God and populating every twenty-four hours in the chase of His presence. I read this aggregation of notes when I was at a peculiarly low point in my life and it was improbably encouraging, rich in truth, and saturated with the spirit of God. Insightful. An indispensable Christian book. Practical A authoritative This is a lovely read about life in joy and gratitude throughout the twenty-four hours. Fantastic book to intensify your consciousness and relationship with God! Both disputing and promoting While I think Brother Lawrence 's divinity is losing on some points of practicality for those who do n't populate apart from everyone else, he has some great insight, wisdom, and even some really good tips, if you look carefully, on how to pattern mundane speculation on God. His penetrations are pleasant and helpful. You can read the book in possibly an hr or so, even with taking clip to believe over what 's being said. I heard a curate say that he reads this book every twelvemonth. Intrigued, I reserved it at the library. Finding myself at the hamlets of a peculiar season in my life, I have found this book to be absolutely, softly suiting. Filling in a deficiency within myself, whether it was created all of a sudden or developed easy over clip, I do non cognize, nor does it count. This edition is a aggregation of the plants of two authors, one from the seventeenth century and one from the twentieth. Both offer first-class advice for cultivating a love of God and staying in his presence. I extremely recommend reading each of the little chapters as a day-to-day devotional, instead than reading rapidly cover to cover. There is much to larn from these Godly work forces! I believe Brother Lawrence 's chief point for all of us is to do it a day-to-day, minute by minute, wont of believing about God. And this act will convey us closer to God. Simply put ; pass clip with God, frequently. While there is a heavy note of asceticism in Brother Lawrence 's life -- but he 's a monastic, what do you anticipate? -- there is besides great love and great power from his apprehension of ultimate consciousness. In eastern traditions it is meditation ensuing in enlightenment. In Christianity, it is practising the presence of God ensuing in ultimate resignation to His glorification. Such a personal relationship and adumbrate conversation with the Creator and lover of my psyche is finally what called my bosom back to the tradition of my young person. While I find value in eastern traditions, there is a deficiency of familiarity and acquaintance that left my psyche desiring. Thankfully, today, much of that disagreement has been reconciled and God is welcome and present in all my chases, even and particularly those with eastern roots. Brother Lawrence serves as a devoted reminder to my ain pattern. Detecting how a tree survived the passage of seasons provided Brother Lawrence with a disclosure into the Providence and continual presence of God. This proved to be the accelerator to a life of uninterrupted consciousness of God and his love, a subject non easy mastered. A simple history of a adult male who spent his brooding life concentrating on seeking to experience in the presence of God, at all times. Excellent small book about how this adult male from the 1600 's dwelt gleefully continually with God. I particularly enjoyed the bio at the terminal written by a friend following his decease. Simple truth that transcends into the profound. There are four subdivisions of this book. The first contains letters and conversations with Brother Lawrence and seems to be the most well-known facet of the book. The 2nd subdivision is Brother Lawrence 's Maxims which I found to be the best portion. A religious authoritative - now to re-read it! A authoritative! I 've read this legion times in my grownup life. Detecting a tree during the many seasons can offer enormous inspiration and comfort. must read for all
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