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The Cerulean Storm
Book details:
Pages: 341
Rating: 3.67

Original Title The Cerulean Storm (Dark Sun: Prism Pentad, #5)

ISBN 1560766425 (ISBN13: 9781560766421 )

Edition Language English

Series Dark Sun: Prism Pentad #5 , D&D: Dark Sun

Fantasy :: Fiction :: Dungeons and Dragons :: Role Playing Games

Book description:

Athas, world of the dark sun: Ruled for thousands of years by power-mad sorcerer-kings, its cities have become vile centers of slavery and corruption. Only heroes of the greatest strength and bravest heart can stand against the might of these overlords. The Prism Pentad is a tale of such heroes. Rajaat, the First Sorcerer, betrayed by his champions at the moment of his paramount victory, has been imprisoned beyond space and time, but he alone can return Athas to its verdant splendor. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Book Authors:

Troy Denning

Besides known as Richard Awlinson.See hypertext transfer protocol: //

The Cerulean Storm Essay

It was O.K. . Another book based on D & D. This clip it 's set in another universe, one that is easy deceasing. Recommended. Not rather the orderly decision that these normally tightly plotted books have. At the novel 's terminal, Athas ' destiny remains ill-defined, though there are marks greener ( and bluer ) things are on the manner. As with the balance of this series, there is minimum word picture and the supporters survive far excessively many unsafe and charming turbulences. Not the best of this series. But good, would hold been good to read more Dark Sun novels by Denning. I had higher hopes for the decision of this series. As with others in this series, I preferred the traditional knowledge and backstory to the existent narrative being told. Good characters, but a small underwhelmed by the decision. : ( The Cerulean Storm has a batch traveling for it. But, it frequently fails in it 's pacing. Troy Denning spends excessively much clip on the organisation of the Tyrians and their traveling, with brief brushs against enemies that they defeat much excessively easy, doing the whole brush pointless. Nevertheless, when it does deliver, it delivers large! The conflict with Borys the firedrake and Rajaat the first magician are epic in magnitude. The first half of the book is unneeded, while the ulterior chapters are a delectation. Very interesting reading with good solid characters. A really good manner to get down off the Dark Sun universe. Denning loses the flow of combat more than one time ( particularly in the last few chapters ) , and the destiny of one character is entirely ill-defined, but The Azure Storm does adequately wrap up the Prism Pentad. It does n't wholly change the face of Athas ( which would be black from those who had a run based at that place while the books were coming out ) but instead gives more item and history to the universe. Still an gratifying decision to this first books about this harsh desert universe. The full series is a really solid narrative. It established the backstory for the Dark Sun Campaign Setting of D & D manner back in the yearss of Second Edition, and is still rather gratifying. It provides the feel for Athas as a devastated universe ( peculiarly the first two books ) , although the remainder of the series focuses so much on the battles of the chief characters that the life conditions in Athas are lost in the background at times. Sometimes it feels like Denning does n't cognize what to make with some of his characters ( like Agis ) and their deceases experience pointless and out of topographic point. Overall good, particularly as a beginning of inspiration to running Dark Sun-based D & D games. Antic terminal to the series. The concluding battle is wholly superb. I liked how dead characters stayed dead. I liked the sweeping architecture, the internal logic of the originals, and the overall expanse of the this concluding installment of the Dark Sun novels. A nice read, and decidedly a merriment read for fans of the Dark Sun scene. It 's a harsh and unforgiving universe and a brace of former gladiators, a former slave and a unreliable manque male monarch will confront the greatest menace to their universe, and find that it truly was n't. There 's a worse menace. Something that will endanger Athas ' very manner of life. In my sentiment, the concluding book somewhat redeems what has been a downward-sliding series. The terminal is fulfilling and good done, but the journey to acquire at that place was non. Good read but Borys should hold kicked all of the heroes buttockss. They got lucky. Tithian the medler... So, all the characters come back together in this book. They fight a large war and they bring back a God. The God is 'sposs to reconstruct the planet to its rightful province, but he turns out to be evil. I think that they have to kill him once more. Kind of a bummer stoping, since the full series is about conveying him back...
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