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The Palm-Wine Drunkard
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Pages: 144
Rating: 3.86

Original Title The Palm-wine Drinkard

ISBN 0802150489 (ISBN13: 9780802150486 )

Edition Language English

Fantasy :: Fiction :: Mythology :: Literature :: Classics :: Literary Fiction :: Cultural :: Short Stories :: Africa :: African Literature :: Novels

Book description:

A picaresque with a molten, visionary core; a collection of folk-tales.

Book Authors:

Amos Tutuola

Amos Tutuola ( 20 June 1920 – 8 June 1997 ) was a Nigerian author celebrated for his books based in portion on Yoruba folk-tales.Despite his short formal instruction, Tutuola wrote his novels in English. His authorship 's grammar frequently relies more on Yoruba orality than on standard English.

The Palm-Wine Drunkard Essay

Obra maestra del realismo mágico, Tutuola recrea la vida de un bebedor de vino de Palma en busca de su sangrador. Hay que leerla despacio, recreándose en cada escena. Maravillosa, he disfrutado mucho. Say you 're any race but African, your work twenty-four hours is over, you get home, take a shower, have a drink, order bringing nutrient, ticker something, hit the silk experiencing cool sheets, base on balls out, so enter an African head, and the dream goes on for a 130 pages of an African logic non yours. Its non better than you but its better than you because its being published while you sleep, puting at that place as the book itself, doing no sense of yourself. This book is awful, but astonishing. I pushed myself thru it, non understanding it, so following it, so acquiring lost once more for the remainder of it, but reading it fast to acquire thru it like a verbal mosh cavity, hardcore fuzz of emotional necessity. Fun, leaves uneven organic structure strivings and contusions in topographic points that make no sense. Reading Fagunwa 's 'Ogboju Ode ' kind of spoiled this for me. This book demands a keg of palmwine to to the full understand the degree of irony and gags. The whole clip this book kept me inquiring myself - what in the universe am I reading? The expansive dada of charming pragmatism, wondrous phantasmagoric and eccentric. This book, a individual long journey to the Dead’s Town is weirdly amusive, and skilfully disqualifying with a instead ungratified linguistic communication ; an experience of its ain. With My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Tutuola 's best novels. Folksy phantasmagoric outlandishness meets fighting ESL scholar. The palm-wine drinkard, soi-disant male parent of the Gods, indestructible, with a font of juju, loses his palm-wine tapper to decease. Fortunately, the drinkard knows how to happen the town of the Deads where the tapper is concealing out, walking backwards and moving unsuitably. Unfortunately, the drinkard has to track the shifting nightmare shrubs of an Africa that falls someplace between Mordor and Naked Lunch. Armies of dead babes. The Red-People town. Wraith-Island. The Dancers who will kill you if you stop. A fantastic read. Shocking! Laugh out loud good story! Wild, exhaustively entertaining narratives in scattershot pidgin English that 's a banquet of linguistic communication and life. Highly recommend to anyone looking to upend their preconceived impressions of what all right literature is all about. Hullumeelsus! I read this book when I was 11. Many emotions ran through me while I read. At first, I was confused and so I was intrigued and so afraid and so sad and so happy and so ferocious and so bewildered and in the terminal all I could state was What did i merely read? An challenging short novel created by Tutuola to maintain immature people in Nigeria interested in the Yoruba civilization. But he besides mixed in elements from mid-twentieth century colonialism like picture taking and British pounds/shillings/pence - it makes the tale seem much closer to an unwritten tradition that absorbs alterations in the civilization instead than a stiff piece of composing. It was besides interesting to believe about the construction of each escapade and comparison with Afro-Cuban Tales, which use some Yoruba civilization in the narratives. Reviewed by Pechorin 's Journal Libros poco comunes de escritores nada convencionales. Una de aquellas historias que Te hacen indagar en las aventuras mágicas donde todo Es posible, con un protagonista surrealista que puede llegar a jugar con La propia muerte parity poder conseguir su objetivo. Fantasía viva. Cada párrafo hace soñar, reir, temer, suspirar... .No había leído antes a un escritor africano, ahora creo que tengo que leerlos más. Si quieres vivir una grandiosa aventura africana ¡este Es tu libro! Its more like Moonlight narratives to me, woulda enjoyed it if i had read it over a decennary ago Why ca n't I read any book L'incontro con l'immaginario, psichedelico. Un ejemplo magnífico de una novela que roza La fábula parity dejar Sus enseñanzas Voy a confesar que nunca había oído hablar del wine de palma hasta que leí EL título del nuevo Ineludible de Navona Editorial: El bebedor de vino de palma de Amos Tutuola. ¿Quién no corre a La librería a comprar un libro de colour verde pistacho que se titula así ? ¿Quién? Insanely inventive. Narrated in comically long, joging paragraphs of sentences, but without an ounce of uninteresting, indefensible filler. Anything is possible in this book, and the Palm-Wine Drinkard’s journey is every bit unpredictable as a antic psychedelic rummy dream. Highly gratifying and really recommended. “Both white and black deads are populating in the Deads’ Town, non a individual alive was at that place at all. Because everything that they were making at that place was wrong to alives and everything that all alives were making was wrong to deads too.” A unusual and psychedelic trip across a mythic shrub full of flooring characters. The first tierce was the most metal thing I 've of all time read. The remainder was O.K. but non every bit good as all the skulls and decease. I read this book in a literature class that I was making. The other people in my category hated it! But I think it 's a truly interesting read. Tututola 's English is imperfect, but if you can acquire around the manner its written there 's a batch of interesting things in this book. It 's really much a book of common people narratives, and it could be read about like short narratives, but with an overarching secret plan about a adult male on a pursuit to happen his palm vino tapper. Different narratives were more exciting to me than others - but over all I liked reading it. Not being familiar with African common people narratives, the narratives were all new to me, and it had a batch of interesting thoughts and constructs that I would ne'er hold thought approximately anterior to reading. A bizarre, yet capturing, book. Repetative. No character development, monsters that would merely frighten a 5 twelvemonth old, no penetration, no apprehension of 'the shrub ' , no apprehension of the vegetations and zoologies of Nigeria. The description of how Jack the Giant Killer escaped the nine of a giant on the bed Jack was supposed to kip in was better in the Grim Brothers version. Tutuola tells Yoruba narratives that scared him when he was a small child, but does n't hold the authorship accomplishment to do the narratives hang together and construct tenseness. How is palm vino tapped? If he 's a God, how does he bury his juju at important minutes? How does person lost in 'the shrub ' figure out where North is when the forest covers the sky? Ca n't you experience the boom of a king of beasts, elephant, crocodile in your thorax? Would n't that be more unreasoningly scaring than a voice that can be heard for 4 stat mis? Still waiting for a Nigerian author who can really give these common people narratives life. Those bookmans who think this author is demoing readers Jungian originals and uncovering African societal constructions are delusional. This is the best book in the full existence. Picaresques are the bomb. Tutuola worth it! I found this book really interesting, although it was published long ago. It narrates about old African civilization, behavior in the woods, liquors, imbibing of hereditary thenar vino and so on. I was absorbed with the escapades of the supporter. The tallest tall narrative of all time of what one title-holder alcoholic did to acquire a nice drink. A uniquely bewitching and phantasmagoric mission through cryptic shrubs and small towns. Love the irregular usage of English, particularly phrases such as two a clock in the midnight. A joy to read! I get that this is meant to be a kind of metaphorical African mythos, but it is crazily insistent, at the cost of much specificity or colour in the linguistic communication. It 's a eldritch conglobation of vagueness and precise item, which merely did n't make it for me. Puhas rõõm ja Jaburuse Tipp. Ma olin tasapisi aru saamas, et ega mulle muinasjuttude ymbertöötlused eriti ei meeldigi, aga pärisjutud ise kõigis oma varieeruvustes - oojaa. Selle raamatuga mõistsin, et mom olen vilunud ainult Euroopa muinasjuttude lugemises ja et on väga äge lugeda aafrikajutte, millest mul pole aimugi, myocardial infarction on kohalikud klassikalised muinasjutud, mis nende ymbertöötlused ja myocardial infarction autori isiklik fantaasia. Pidevalt aimub jutustamise taga miskit struktuuri ja äratuntavalt rahvajutulikku raami, mille otsa kogu triangel on riputatud, aga myocardial infarction merely mis on, kes teab. Tõlge Ka veel, väga äge. Still ca n't truly state I get African fiction.
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