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Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love
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Pages: 400
Rating: 3.67

Original Title Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love

ISBN 0143034227 (ISBN13: 9780143034223 )

Edition Language English

Nonfiction :: History :: Feminism :: Womens :: Sexuality

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In this road map to restoring feminine sexual power, Betsy Prioleau introduces and analyzes the stories and stratagems of history?s greatest seductresses. These are the women who ravished the world?from such classic figures as Cleopatra and Mae West to such lesser-known women as the infamous Violet Gordon Woodhouse, who lived in a ménage with four men. Smarts, imagination, courage, and killer charm helped these love maestras claim the men of their choice and keep them fascinated for life. Through an exposé of their secrets, Seductress provides an authoritative, empowering guide to erotic sovereignty.

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Elizabeth Prioleau


Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love Essay

OMG, this book annoyed me so much. I merely read ( or instead skimmed through ) it because virago shop for whatever ground did n't allow me return this kindle edition. I feel I deserve a £10 gift verifier. The rubric was more alluring than the book! What does it intend to be a whole adult female? Elizabeth Prioleau looks at historical females who embraced and embodied the seductive power of the feminine. I love this book! The first chapter reasonably much traps you with her every other sentence girl power. If you need a ego regard encouragement and a reminder that being a female is bad buttocks and should ever be viewed as such ( by work forces every bit good ) so you read that first chapter. Throughout the book there are some verse-chorus-verse minutes that can be insistent and the lone salvaging grace is the deranged horn of plenty of words used to depict the same damn thing. My vocabulary blows the Dawson Creek book authors out of the H2O now. Yet, possibly the changeless reminder that by birth we are all posterities if Inanna and Aphrodite and Lola Montez with possibly a intimation of Lilith, is needed. We 've been reminded for 1000s of old ages to acquire in the kitchen but non to eat so we can mutely squash into those size 3 's. Possibly we need it doodly-squat hammered in our encephalons that the kitchen is another great room for our size 12 's to score ; ) I besides have a new list if adult females and books to read so I can larn more about these ladies and reenforce what I instinctually have ever known, that being a adult female is, yeah you know it! Bad buttocks! Sorry to any grammar constabulary. My phone does n't care about you or mistakes: ) I truly wanted to wish this book. The subject is of involvement to me. But the authorship was merely... excessively scratchy, and I could n't complete it. First she condemned feminism for reprobating these sexually sceptered historical adult females ( we have? ? ) and so there is a batch of talk of adult females 's high quality to work forces for all these sexy grounds, which once more... makes me so uncomfortable. And worst of all, there was a batch of premises being flaunted as truth covering with historical facts. From reading this book, you 'd believe we closely knew the spiritual patterns of the neolithic people, as she gives such elaborate descriptions of how they worshiped, all based on the goddess figures that have been found. By that entirely I felt like she was far excessively easy with stretching facts to suit her narrative, so I did n't experience like I could to the full swear the remainder of what I might larn in the book, so I had to eventually give up and set it down. Plus there was excessively much talk of reincarnated sex goddesses and merely... eh. : \ This book is decidedly a ego regard supporter for any adult female who is torn between being a good miss and a adult female desiring to populate a whole batch. Reads like person 's physician 's thesis. If you like reading text books, this is for you. This book is my self-esteem bible. The good: I enjoyed Chapter 7, Machtweiber: Seductresss in Politics, as Prioleau profiled some powerful historical adult females I admire. I subscribe to the belief Prioleau touts, that there is power in female gender, but that this kind of power is misunderstood as largely beauty-based and fugitive. Womans who use these powers for self-realization have ever been criticized, but such disapprobation reflects outdated patriarchal values. Could n't even acquire through the terminal. The good: the anecdotes of existent life adult females, particularly recognizable names, were entertaining and insightful. The bad: the author 's definition of female authorization was superficial and contemptuous. She relied upon adult females who were mentally unbalanced and money hungry to be her idols of independency. I struggle with female figures being upheld as the beacons of female advancement when all they do is take part in high terminal harlotry and suck the money from work forces around them. The writer 's manner was hard for me to take seriously- excessively flowery, about self-indulgent... I wound up resenting that this passed for feminist literature and tossed it in my heap of books non worth completing. Somewhat merriment, but confounding. Mini lifes of some really interesting adult females. Albeit the bios are reductive to the point of pithy and even trite. Having read full lifes on a batch of them, some of the writer 's points were over-simplified and calendered as compared to the researched fact. The writer besides keeps speaking about some goddess Innana, and I kept inquiring when I 'd run into her and what she was all about. Apparently all the adult females in the book are some manifestation of Innana, but I failed to hold on the connexion to the full. “For 25 thousand old ages before there was a male divinity, world likely worshiped a goddess. More than simply a swag-bellied birthrate graven image, she was a cosmic sex kitten, the be-all and end-all who created heaven and Earth and reigned supreme over human fate. She gave and took life, revived the dead, raised the tempest, ripened the grain, conferred civilisation, and reduced her retainer, adult male, to fear, lecherousness, and empyreal ecstasy. He propitiated her with gifts and prostrated himself before the Godhead one and her wonder-working womb.” - Elizabeth Prioleau Many ground to love this book, from the manner History comes to life in a manner it was ne'er taught in schools to the manner it taps into a cardinal female power that regards and is likely even greater than feminism. Interesting. Not what I expected, but interesting. An absolute delectation of a book! Woman as femme fatale at her finest is noted within the pages of Seductress with several ill-famed illustrations ( Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Mae West, Catherine the Great ) and a few who were ill-famed in their twenty-four hours, but have faded with obscureness ( Isabella Stewart Gardner, Martha Gelhorn, Louise Labe ) . Each adult female is intriguing in her history and abilities, which range from mild to amazing. Worship of the sexual goddess, adult female as seductory creative persons, and seduction in political relations are merely some of the other subjects covered. I loved this thorough scrutiny of adult females 's studies-albeit in a different visible radiation. Great illustrations of strong, empowered, sexually free adult females throughout history. When you read male writers composing about the same historical adult females it makes you inquire how much they 're projecting their sentiment. this is more about being the most badass adult female you can be and holding everyone autumn in love with you because of it. sleep togethering amazing. I have really assorted feelings about this book, but I am traveling to give it 5 stars anyhow. Fast paced, good written, spot of a stretch to pose seduction as an act of feminism. After reading a few chapters, I was dying to jump to the lifes. Reading the lifes, I rapidly became bored - they all sounded the same. Overall, this was a really good read. I am invariably interested in books that illustrate a impertinent side of history. You will run into Violet Gordon Woodhouse who had four hubbies, Jane Digby who leaves a twine of loves to seek the ultimate life and love she wants in the comeuppances of the Middle East, or the psychoanalyst/author Lou Andreas-Salome who ensnares Friedrich Nietzsche into a love trigon. It had some interesting history, but was manner extraordinary feminism. I was trusting for a batch from this book, something about feminism and seduction or how western civilization and Christianity have worked against female gender. Alternatively, the first chapter was about ancient birthrate goddesses and the following 6/7 chapters are about the reincarnation of said goddesses in the manner of celebrated adult females that drove work forces brainsick. Basically its a mini bio of celebrated adult females, work forces that loved them, and how they are the reincarnation of an ancient sex goddess. The same thing over and over once more for all the chapters. I made it through the bulk of the book, read about Josephine baker and skipped all of chapter seven since I knew something about each of those adult females. Final raging thing about this book is that while its wordy and makes you feel like you 're larning something I did n't like that it was n't cited at the underside of the page. Just a aggregation of farther readings-so I guess its something. I truly truly wanted to wish this book but gosh it was awful. An interesting read. Although the content is subjective, nevertheless you view it, there is a big sum of intriguing historical information imbedded in the speculation. Much of this is an premise of what truly was go oning in topographic points and times that any historical niceties can merely be speculation. A superb history of how 'ordinary ' adult females became extraordinary, utilizing celebrated illustrations throughout history. Entertaining and interesting read. Every miss and adult females should be required to read this. A really interesting digest of short lifes of legion adult females throughout the ages who were able to get the better of the patriarchal footing of society and go affluent and powerful in their ain right. Along the manner are commentaries by the writer that add spice and involvement to the assortment of adult females who used their trickeries to command work forces and acquire what they wanted. Though work forces will happen it interesting, the book was written for adult females or at least the commentary of the writer seems to be directed at adult females. Throughout the work the writer notes that good expressions do non needfully do a good seductress and that several of the more celebrated seductresses were instead apparent looking for their clip. Ugh, the authorship stopped me straight off from completing this book ( or acquiring really far into it, for that affair ) . The manner Prioleau writes surrogates between laughably flowery verboseness and excess repeat, all with this open miss power! subject. Not mature or straightforward at all. More an anthology of lifes than an in deepness survey of seductresses, and is really inspiring. My favourite non fiction book.
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