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Pages: 368
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Original Title Selected Poems, Bilingual edition

ISBN 0192833324 (ISBN13: 9780192833327 )

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Verlaine ranks alongside Baudelaire, Mallarme, and Rimbaud as one of the most influential poets of late nineteenth-century France. Remarkable not only for his exquisitely crafted verse, Verlaine is also the poet of strong emotions and appetites, with an unrivalled gift for the sheer music of poetry, and an inventive approach to its technique. This bilingual edition provides the most comprehensive selection of his poetry yet, offering some 170 poems in lively and fresh translations. It also offers a lucid introduction which illuminates Verlaine's poetic form within the context of French Impressionism and the poetry of sensation."

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Paul Verlaine

Paul-Marie Verlaine was a Gallic poet associated with the Symbolist motion. He is considered one of the greatest representatives of the five de siècle in international and Gallic poesy.

Martin Sorrell


Selected Poems Essay

O triste, triste était Monday âme Liked this poet, his swings from orgy to pious compunction, his lyricality. I think that there is a large job with the interlingual rendition so many of his verse forms sounded rather eldritch and... good non like verse forms. I 'm traveling to happen another transcriber. I 'm covetous, I besides want to talk French: D Maybe I should analyze it more Simpatično. Svaka čast Danilu Kišu na prevodu, ali ja surface-to-air missile čitala Verlena I na francuskom I sve myocardial infarction Se čini district attorney je on jedan Doctor of Optometry onih rijetkih pjesnika koji bolje zvuče u prevodu. Hoću reći district attorney je Po meni Kiš daleko bolji pjesnik od samog Verlena, dad mu svojim prevodilačkim bravurama samo diže cijenu. Šta ga je uopšte toliko fasciniralo kod Verlena dad district attorney odluči district attorney tabun prevodi kad I sam u pogovoru govori o njegovoj nemogućnosti district attorney Se odupre Bodlerovom uticaju I uopšte slabom talentu? Nije myocardial infarction jasno zašto tabun iko više čita kada se njegov značaj u istoriji ( francuske ) književnosti ogleda samo u tome što je otkrio Remboa I Malarmea, dad Se prišlepao. Da, zasija ponekad nešto u Tom mulju prosječnosti, Ali on već sljedećim stihom uništi I taj najmanji potencijal district attorney pjesma ispadne dobra. Carefree, allow your lines Actually, I read the Martin Sorrell interlingual rendition which Goodreads does n't look to acknowledge. If you 'd wish to read my reappraisal of this & other books, see me at hypertext transfer protocol: // Hervorragende Gedichte zu vielen Themen, u.a. über Belgien Oder auch lesbische Liebe. I 'm experiencing the demand for a small Gallic degeneracy in my life. Since this Verlaine is non yet in my ownership, I wonder if Audrey Tautou or Marion Cotillard are free tonight... The most lyrically talented poet of all clip IMO. I love the high and tuneful timber of Verlaine 's poetry, and his honestness and candor. He had an interesting life. Sorrell introduces this aggregation of verse forms by explicating, “Verlaine spent his life confronting in two waies at one time, unable to take one at the disbursal of the other. The emotional adult male who yearned for peaceable household life was besides the drunken attacker of his female parent and his married woman ; the low truster in God was besides a foul-spoken blasphemer ; the poet with the most delicate touch imaginable was besides the writer of the most sharply adult verse.” Somewhat autobiographically I believe Verlaine said much the same thing in the shutting lines of “To Don Quixote” : The winged criterion of Poetry must / Flutter over lame Reason’s dust. ( 7 ) On the whole, non for me. Though reading in interlingual rendition likely is n't truly reading it. Verlaine was non a pleasant adult male and, as a poet, he is frequently unaccessible, I found. Then all of a sudden he will hit you with something lyrical and keen, and the reading is worthwhile. So, do I urge reading Verlaine? Yes, if you are into poesy. One thing his poesy does it follow his relationships with celebrated or, at least contemporaneously, well-known people, and I found this interesting. OUP edition, translated by Martin Sorrell Verlaine, as a Gallic symbolist, moves me far less than Rimbaud. Yet to get down reading these interlingual renditions... I collect interlingual renditions, merely out of wonder. These are reasonably good - a batch of coquettish material, which would be first-class if I was being spurned by my lady love. ; D I 'd likely be much more impressed if I had n't read Wilfred Owens and Edna St. Millay before him. I 'm afraid Verlaine merely ca n't vie with them for my fondnesss. one wish I knew French. macintyre 's interlingual rendition focuses forthrightly on fiting the beat and rime of the masters, but in the procedure he makes more than a few distressingly inexpert word picks. what seems merely and tastily expressed in the original French ( or every bit far as one can state, anyhow ) frequently turns magniloquent and drizzly in macintyre 's English. Love affairs without words, Admirable and animating. A high spot to any poetry-lovers read. I suspect that if I could read French, I would really love these verse forms. you 're merely excessively Must be read in French. I can non emphasize this sufficiency. i read this in high school so it 's non precisely fresh in my head, but one remember Verlaine 's life and work holding a pretty large impact on me at the clip. i 've ever found Verlaine 's insecurity as a poet whenever comparing his ain work to rimbaud 's a funny thing. holding been exposed to both, Verlaine 's authorship ever felt more mature and controlled. Do n't read this dual-language book if you do n't cognize Gallic as the interlingual rendition is non really good. Verlain is really heavy. I had to read each poetry twice or more, to acquire perchance near to him. One must love Classics to pick up a Verlaine... I 've liked other symolists/decadents/whatever, but Verlaine did n't make it for me. I suppose it could hold been the interlingual rendition, but I doubt it. gorgeous, gorgeous poesy.
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