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The Generosity Factor
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Original Title The Generosity Factor

ISBN 0310600693 (ISBN13: 9780310600695 )

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In the tradition of the bestselling book The One Minute Manager, authors Ken Blanchard and S. Truett Cathy, entrepreneur and founder of Chic-fil-A restaurants, present a Mobipocket Ebook of The Generosity Factor---a parable that demonstrates the virtues of generosity.It's the story of a meeting between the Broker---a young man on his way up the corporate ladder who has the illusion of success, yet deep inside feels insignificant---and the Executive---the CEO of a very large and successful company who claims the greatest joy in his life is his ability to give to others.Thinking he might get a competitive edge by meeting with the Executive, the Broker's worldview is turned upside down as he talks to the Executive and hears the principles that form his life. He calls it The Generosity Factor---a way to give time, talent, treasure, and touch to those in need.Providing a unique twist on what it means to thrive in business, at home, and in life, this story will forever change your definition of success.

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Kenneth H. Blanchard

Ken Blanchard, one of the most influential leading experts in the universe, is the joint author of the iconic best seller, The One Minute Manager, and 60 other books whose combined gross revenues sum more than 21 million transcripts. His groundbreaking plants have been translated into more than 27 linguistic communications and in 2005 he was inducted into Amazon’s Hall of Fame as one of the top 25 bestselling writers of all time.Ken is besides the cofounder and main religious officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies® , an international direction preparation and confer withing house that he and his married woman, Margie Blanchard, began in 1979 in San Diego, California.When he’s non composing or speech production, Ken besides spends clip learning pupils in the Maestro of Science in Executive Leadership Program at the University of San Diego. Ken can be found at

S. Truett Cathy


The Generosity Factor Essay

Great narrative about S. Truett Cathy 's life. Generosity is manner more than giving money. It 's a bosom attitude + repeated actions. Excellent read! I like the thoughts presented. It was interesting how merely one character had a name and everyone else was merely their profession. This book is so inspirational! At the same clip, it encourages me in a really practical manner to set pess to the inspiration. This book is extremely recommended for all ages! I enjoyed the fictionalized manner of this book. The bringing was more inspirational than preachy. Timeless lessons on giving back and paying frontward that we all need to be reminded of now and so. My one ailment was that the characters did n't look to truly develop but were at that place as a foil to the message. I guess you could state that it is a modern twenty-four hours parable where the characters serve to transport a message to the reader. This book truly impressed me when I read the message to the reader that Ken Blanchard wrote as the stoping chapter, Future Story, where he exposed that the Executive, the influential figure of the book is inspired from a true individual. This chapter should 've been the get downing one! Do n't desire to destroy it for you more than one already did! great book, really gratifying excessively! It does n't take a book to understand the rule: 'give and you shall have ' . I love Ken 's books and would wish to read them all. Do n't give to acquire. Get to give. ( pg 68 ) Recommendation: If faith and thinly veiled fables don’t bother you than look into out this book. Even if they do bother you, there are great lessons ( that have been passed down in all faiths and through all fabrications ) on how to populate a happy, healthy and comfortable life regardless of your fiscal richness. This book still inspires me tho ' I have read this a twelvemonth ago. : ) I enjoyed the format in which is was written. Great reminder of being generous and that everything belongs to the Lord. My boy ( 13 ) and I both read this book, and we both liked it. It 's about a adult male whose seeking to acquire in front and has a really chesty attitude in the beginning. He is one of the richest work forces on the east seashore. He goes out west to run into one of the wealthiest work forces at that place, because the adult male is ever speaking about giving money off. The adult male from the E ca n't believe this, and ca n't believe that would really do person happy. While there the adult male learns some really valuable lessons on lovingness and sharing. If you are believing of lasting success by being selfish or excessively mercenary without idea of giving to others or looking down on others. Be Careful since it is non every one you see down and out is really down and out. Be unfastened to mentor and larning and accommodating to new manner of happening fulfilment in life. Loved this book! Heart is an indispensable portion of giving. Quaint is the best word to depict it. Simple, and idealistic, it presents inspirational thoughts, but does n't truly link them with existent life. One of those narratives where people could state it takes you back to a simpler clip and topographic point. But Truett Cathy is such a great adult male! The Generosity Factor is a basic book about being generous in everything and is told in authoritative Blanchard narrative signifier. It 's a really speedy and easy read that provides a small motive to give in all you do. The message is worthy even though... Some people ne'er learn to give, some people are merely greedy and some people Have you of all time read a book and rolled your eyes so many times that you thought they would acquire stuck like that? Well, if you 're looking for a book to see the feeling, this is the book for you. An easy read and a great message, but a spot outdated ( palm-top computing machine? ) and the duologue was a spot forced at times. I had the audio version and the generic names ( Executive and Broker ) were similar fingernails on the chalk-board by the terminal. A worthwhile book to read speedy read that is scriptural + concern. I admit I admire Truett Cathy really much. And Tom has read a batch of books by Ken Blanchard. Cathy is a theoretical account of generousness. The book was written in sort of an unusual manner with two chief characters, the executive and the agent. Just non truly an piquant book. Good rules though. Recently I 've been around and heard of people who are rather the antonym of the executive. that is sad. I besides met an old friend who is a batch like him. Did non engage with my religious centre at all. There may hold been a transition or two that I can utilize when believing about generousness or giving, but at that place was manner excessively much fundamentalist Christian and patriarchal focal point in this for it to experience relevant to my universe. I could non halt chew overing the division between the heroic portraiture in this book of S. Truett Cathy, the laminitis of Chick-Fil-A, and the dirt that the Chick-Fil-A foundation, WinShape Foundation, got into over their deficiency of love and generousness toward same-sex relationships and LGBT people. Not a book I 'd urge. Great book. I extremely respect Mr. Cathy and his rules of generousness. interesting read and thought provoking. found a spot unreal but surprised that this was based on true narrative. A speedy read about precedences. More of import to populate a important life than merely to be successful. A speedy and easy read, thanks to its parable format, The Generosity Factor will assist you look into in with what 's of import to you. Reminder of what is of import in life and how God honors generousness toward others. Shows two sides - the 1 who is generous with what he is blessed with and the 1 who is non generous but in fact greedy with what he feels he has been entitled to. Let us to see some of Mr. Cathy 's secrets that has made him so successful through giving to others with his clip, money, and love. The Generosity Factor S. T. Cathy Blanchard Ken Great read during holiday. A compelling small book! I thought it 'd be another 'sermonette ' on giving but Blanchard merely, yet attractively, weaved out a narrative out of the subject which gave the book more readability and spontaneousness. The stoping blew me away with the 'but delay, there 's more? ! ' consequence. It was O.K. . It had a good bosom, but it seemed eldritch reading it in the center of the CFA debacle. An easy read and a sweet narrative. Not a bad read - motivational narrative about how to bask your life by enriching the lives of others. Put God foremost, others next and yourself last. Action is required
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