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ISBN 0865381003 (ISBN13: 9780865381001 )

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Originally published in 1985, Solstice is the gripping story of Monica Jensen and Sheila Trask, two young women who are complete opposites yet irresistibly attracted to each other. Blonde, shy, recently divorced Monica is a school teacher; dark, nocturnal, sophisticated Sheila is a painter of stature, driven by the needs of her art. Over the months, their friendship deepens, first to love and then to a near-fatal obsession.

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Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates is a receiver of the National Book Award and the PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction. She is besides the receiver of the 2005 Prix Femina for The Falls. She is the Roger S. Berlind Distinguished Professor of the Humanistic disciplines at Princeton University, and she has been a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters since 1978. Pseudonyms... Rosamond Smith and Lauren Kelly.

Solstice Essay

Proxy for reread of _Winter Solstice_ by Rosamund Pilcher. Loved this book, and am still believing about the significance of it all. There are so many beds to these characters that I should read this book multiple times. The first clip was for pure wonder and enjoyment. The following clip I will concentrate on all the beds I missed the first clip about. Antic book about two adult females who are kind of obsessed with each other. They are both working in a distant country at a boys prep school and happen their other ego. Intense and uncovering. I found this book to be about Mad Love in many phases, both adult females are so different, yet each finds themselves drawn to the other without of all time confronting the fact they were in love, which of class leads to catastrophe. Three and one half stars for certain. Publicado en hypertext transfer protocol: // This book was insane! Wholly perverse and eccentric, yet curiously romantic in a manner that is both crappy and unusual. Probably my favourite Joyce Carol Oates book, therefore far. I perfectly loved it. I read this chiefly because of uneven analogues to my ain life at the clip. ( I was seeing person with the same name as one of the characters ) . There were other similarities. Or I thought so at the clip. It would be truly interesting to read it once more now. Unnervingly accurate in its psychological dimensions. So many fragile, yet powerful beds and so really humbling in truth. Fuera de toda duda está que Joyce Carol Oates es una escritora magistral, pero ello no quiere decir que Todas sus novelas tengan que llevarse La puntuación más alta en lo que a mí relish personal Se refiere. This is rather different from Oates ' other books... Her tone or manner is n't as prominent here, the authorship manner is more simple and straightforward. ( I 'm amazed at how varied all of her books are! So different in manner from each other ) . Not the best of Oates 's woek, but I enjoyed it. The fresh explores the issue of individuality because Monica has ever been unsure of hers. She was popular in high school because she played the portion of the aureate miss. Monica was in a loveless matrimony that she semmed to hold fallen into. Then there were the new individualities that Monica and Sheila had for their saloon crawls. It was an interesting expression at the kineticss of friendly relationship. This is the first book I have read by Joyce Carol Oates. I think I might hold read a short narrative from Oates before but ne'er a novel. I have mixed feelings about this book. I think the characters and their relationships are ferocious and emotional and keep a fluid tenseness throughout the book. I liked that. But there are topographic points in the novel when the narrative slows down, frequently bogged by unneeded descriptions. The stoping was interesting, nevertheless, and the events in the last 20 pages or so that lead up to the terminal were cliff-hanging. There is an subjugation - a no-exit sort of state of affairs - in the relationship of the two chief characters and I like how Oates did non settle for a contrived stoping. Excellent to the really last page. Read 10/95 The first book I of all time read by Joyce Carol Oates, a twosome of decennaries ago when it was still recent. I found the narrative gripping, and the friendly relationship between the two adult females realistic ( though problematic ) . Have re-read and enjoyed it one time since so... possibly my favourite by JCO to this twenty-four hours. Very intense. Powerful and provocative, Solstice is about friendly relationship, compulsion, and the manner love and hatred are frequently two sides of the same coin. As the information on the screen suggest, SOLSTICE literally has three significances: a furthest point, a turning point, or a point of apogee. I guess I expected the relationship of the two adult females who become friends ( who are from clip to clip estranged ) to come to a turning point -- much like I have understood the word in connexion to the turning of the seasons in the Midwest -- for better or for worse. But that is non what happens: instead the creative person and the instructor alternately love one another as really good friends or one of the two becomes cranky and becomes estranged from the other for a piece off and on for a twelvemonth. At the terminal of the book this does non experience resolved to me. The relationship seems doomed to go on as the two of them continue to make harm to themselves and to one another. I recommend it right up to the really unsolved stoping. I know terminations are hard to compose, but this is Joyce Carol Oates! Depressing. I found this book to be slightly hollow, grandiloquent and awkwardly written. Ultimately it goes nowhere. I guess even person every bit talented as Joyce Carol Oates must hold a dud every now and so. Joyce Carol Oates must hold genuinely experienced this type of relationship in her life to capture the kernel of it so wholly. As 1 who has been at that place and done that this novel helped me to understand that allowing travel is the most healthy response for both people involved or you literally will be friends til one of us dies. One of the saddest novels I have of all time read. I kept waiting for something revelatory to go on, but the fresh merely ended in blunt unhappiness. Sadness without a lesson. Sadness without hope. Sadness without account. Throughout the book, I kept hungering more from Monica, but the distant third-person storyteller keeps us at a distance, one that makes the unhappiness at the terminal seem that much more annihilating. If non for the beautiful, stalking authorship, which sprung me through this book, I 'm non certain how I could hold gotten through it. Although Joyce Carol Oates writes attractively, most of the clip I found Solstice dull and confounding with small secret plan patterned advance. Yet, the complexness of the characters was magnetizing adequate to do me desire to maintain reading. Monica 's battle to plunge herself in activities in hopes of happening significance in her life was familiar plenty to be upseting. It ended in the thick of what appeared to me to be the chief flood tide and left me experiencing dejected. A hypnotizing, fluxing, pulsating dream/nightmare of compulsion, beauty and suicide. Solstice is a expression into co-dependence, compulsion and finally insanity. Shelia and Monica are two adult females who start as friends, and fall more and more into each others ' orbit- disbursement clip together possibly more than is healthy. Finally, it’s clear that these two adult females are non normal, and that something has to give. Overall this book was awful because it finally goes nowhere add to it that stoping does n't do much sense and I ca n't state I 'd of all time wish to run into another such book from Oates. This was an interesting book that I picked up for free and devoured. The manner is truly unbelievable and really tangible. The characters seemed so existent and because of this and the great the narrative was prosecuting but finally I did n't experience it truly went anyplace. However, I was non unpleased I read it and will state there is something about it that has lingered on in my consciousness after holding read it although I am non rather certain what... I like fiction that explores relationships between adult females, and so this 1 hit the literary topographic point for me. In some ways a really intense and dark, dwelling narrative, and it did n't bind up all the loose terminals for me, but so, frequently the best narratives do n't. JCO surely drew me in, and even though I did n't truly like her characters, I could n't set it down. What an uneven book this was. Interesting, and yet so difficult to decode. It 's a really dark intervention of friendly relationship and its hazards, but what 's the point? Or is there a point? A batch of the action goes on in Monica 's head or in her internal reactions to external events, instead than holding a secret plan covering with a batch of external happenings. Early JCO and non her best. Ok but non great, lacks some of her chutzpah! Disturbing, yet could n't set it down... This was my beach reading, but am still non certain what the book was truly about... It was good written, but it truly did n't travel anyplace... There decidedly was a sapphic subtext, but non explored and the hideous colza scene that was merely written about in passing... the characters emotions were really complex. thought arousing... .negative and positive exchange of energy and friendly relationship I finished Joyce Carol Oates’ Solstice last dark. A beloved friend mailed it to me last month, with a note stating that it “gave me eldritch dreams, and I hope you like it.”
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