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British Art Since 1900
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Pages: 252
Rating: 4.06

Original Title British Art Since 1900 (World of Art)

ISBN 0500202044 (ISBN13: 9780500202043 )

Edition Language English


Book description:

An overview tracing the development of British art and examining the careers of influential artists such as John Singer Sargent, Vanessa Bell, and David Hockney.

Book Authors:

Frances Spalding


British Art Since 1900 Essay

This book is a study of about a 100 old ages of art - it moves really rapidly, and takes no captives. Blink, and you 've missed a decennary. That said, it 's a great debut to names and thoughts in twentieth Century British art, a field that is grossly under-examined. This book is best for person who knows a spot about art, and about art history, but is accessible for readers at any degree of expertness. Excellent debut, written sympathetically. Good all-around overview for a history of art pupil.
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