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Siege in the Sun
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Pages: 224
Rating: 3.55

Original Title Siege of the Sun

ISBN 0340177578 (ISBN13: 9780340177570 )

Edition Language English

Book Authors:

Dorothy Eden

Aka Mary Paradise.Dorothy Eden was born in 1912 in New Zealand and died in 1982. She moved to England in 1954 after taking a trip around the universe and falling in love with the state. She was best known for her many enigma and love affair books every bit good as short narratives that were published in periodicals. As a novelist, Dorothy Eden was renowned for her ability to make fright and suspense. This earned her many devoted readers throughout her life-time.

Siege in the Sun Essay

B. historical fiction, 19th century, ma 's hoard, maintain I found this book on my cousin 's bookshelf in Surabaya. I was stayin at that place and had nil to make, so merely found this book and when I saw the twelvemonth of publication I was like... darn, my parents had n't even run into so. It was 1968! ! ! I do n't retrieve all the inside informations of this novel, but do retrieve it being my really favourite Dorothy Eden. It is set in the Boer War and I merely loved the scene and description. A Boer War love narrative.
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