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Complete Cinematic Works: Scripts, Stills, Documents
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Original Title Complete Cinematic Works: Scripts, Stills, Documents

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Guy Debord (1931–1994) was the most influential member of the Situationist International, the avant-garde group that triggered the May 1968 revolt in France. While Debord’s written work (including The Society of the Spectacle ) is some of the most notorious in the world of political and cultural radicality, deemed “the cornerstone cliché of postmodernism,” his films have until now remained tantalizingly inaccessible. Ken Knabb’s translation of Debord’s Complete Cinematic Works accompanies the long-awaited English versions of these films, which will be coming soon to the United States. The scripts are illustrated with 62 stills, and Debord’s own annotations help elucidate the subtleties of these astonishing works, unparalleled in cinematic history.

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Guy Debord

Guy Ernest Debord was a Gallic Marxist theoretician, author, film maker, hypergraphist and founding member of the groups Lettrist International and Situationist International. In wide footings, Debord 's theories attempted to account for the spiritually enfeebling modernisation of the private and public domains of mundane life by economic forces during the post-WWII modernisation of Europe. Alienation, Debord postulated, could be accounted for by the invasive forces of the 'spectacle ' - a societal relation between people that is mediated by images. Central to this school of idea was the claim that disaffection is more than an affectional description or an facet of single psychological science ; instead, it is a effect of the mercantile signifier of societal organisation which has reached its flood tide in capitalist economy. Debord committed self-destruction, hiting himself in the bosom at his belongings on November 30, 1994.

Ken Knabb

Ken Knabb ( B. 1945 ) is an American extremist author and transcriber, peculiarly known for his interlingual renditions of Guy Debord and the Situationist International. His plants include The Relevance of Rexroth ( 1990 ) , the Situationist International Anthology ( 1981 ) , and the aggregation Public Secrets ( 1997 ) . More late, Knabb has written extensively on the Occupy motion. He holds a unmarried man 's grade from Shimer College in Chicago, where he enrolled via the early entryway plan. ( from Shimer College Wiki )

Complete Cinematic Works: Scripts, Stills, Documents Essay

unluckily, I have n't seen the movies. this is the following best thing. brilliant. Hhmm.. Debord, the Situationists. Bing a neoist I occassionally read someplace that NEOISM has followed in the footfalls of FLUXUS & SITUATIONISM. There 's a little instance to be made for this, but non, IMO, that strong of one - clairvoyance sing the latter. It 's seems notable that I read something written by a Situationist someplace long ago that there is no such thing as Situationism - that there are merely Situationists. That one statement resonantes deeply w/ me since I do n't believe that there 's precisely anything called NEOISM - that there 're merely neoists. However, both 'movements ' have been oversimplified for historical intents - in the instance of neoism by person who cd do his calling off such simplisms. Oh well.. Hopefully one twenty-four hours this work will come out to the unfastened, where 1 does n't hold to cognize person to see the movies of Guy Debord. But so once more, that is why Guy Debord is kind of merriment.
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