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Guy Debord
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Pages: 174
Rating: 3.59

Original Title Guy Debord (Reaktion Books - Critical Lives)

ISBN 1861892616 (ISBN13: 9781861892614 )

Edition Language English


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Though well-known for his founding of the avant-garde Situationist International movement and his prominent political and cultural activism, Guy Debord was nonetheless a surprisingly elusive and enigmatic figure, spending his last years in an isolated farmhouse in Champot, France. Andy Merrifield's Guy Debord pushes back the farmhouse shutters and opens a window onto Debord's life, theory, and art. Merrifield explores the dynamics of Debord's ideas and works, including the groundbreaking Howls for Sade and his 1967 classic, The Society of the Spectacle . Debord understood life as art, Merrifield argues, and through that lens he chronicles Debord's stint as a revolutionary leader in the 1950s and 1960s, his time in Spain and Italy during the 1970s and the reclusive years leading up to his death in 1994. Dada and Surrealism's legacy and punk rock's god, Guy Debord spun theories on democracy, people, and political power that still resonate today, making Merrifield's concise yet comprehensive study an invaluable resource on one of the foremost intellectual revolutionaries of the twentieth century.

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Andy Merrifield


Guy Debord Essay

Rather short and full of name-dropping, many times without supplying any logical connexions between the brought up theories/theorists. Neat and easy to read short bio of the great M. Debord. RecomMended. Recommended. This is an first-class debut to Guy Debord and his Hagiographas. In fact one ca n't travel incorrect with Reaktion Books - Critical Lifes series. It 's like a trade name name with record labels: Factory, Motown -you know it 's traveling to be good. A somewhat better than mean shady life. Debord 's an puzzling fucker ; recluse and destitute, he was besides a ramping egomaniac interested in flooring whomever he could. Merrifield, in excessively few pages, paths down the life of Debord: the caput of the Situationist International Movement.
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