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Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage
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Pages: 304
Rating: 3.25

Original Title Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage

ISBN 1401303641 (ISBN13: 9781401303648 )

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Nonfiction :: Biography :: Autobiography :: Memoir

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The truth behind the lies. It was an unforgettable scene. Dina Matos McGreevey, an attractive woman in her mid-thirties, wife, mother, and First Lady of the state of New Jersey, watched silently as her husband, then New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, resigned his office with the revelation that he was a "gay American." The picture of grace and loyalty, perfectly composed in her pale blue suit, Dina Matos McGreevey gave no sign of the tangled mixture of fear, sorrow, and anger she felt that day, no hint of the devastation that was to come. Since then she has been asked repeatedly about the nature of her marriage, about what she knew and when she knew it. Since then, she has remained silent. Until now. Speaking up at last, Dina Matos McGreevey here recounts the details of her marriage to Jim McGreevey. What emerges is a tale of love and betrayal, of heartbreak and scandal . . . and, ultimately, hope. It all began with so much promise. Dina Matos was a responsible and civic-minded young woman who fell in love with the passion of political action. When Jim McGreevey walked into her life, he appeared to be a kind and loving man, someone with whom she could build a life based on shared ideals, a strong spiritual commitment, and a desire to make a difference in the world. Beyond their initial chemistry, Dina Matos was attracted by Jim McGreevey's principles and his unwavering devotion to his work. She didn't know that his life, and thus their marriage, were built on a foundation of lies; that his past was littered with casual sexual encounters in seedy bookstores and public parks; or that, by his own admission, he began an adulterous affair with another man while she was in the hospital awaiting the birth of their child. "Could I have known," she asks. "How could I have known?" With scalding honesty, she tells of her life with the former governor, of the politics and public service that brought them together, and the lies that tore them apart. Here is a story of a marriage that was anything but happily-ever-after, told by a strong and resilient woman who can, and finally will, speak for herself.

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Dina Matos McGreevey


Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage Essay

This is what a memoir should be! Alternatively of an autobiography supplying a general overview of life, this was a elaborate period of old ages. It succeeded at being confidant ( without being crass. ) Dina 's authorship and sharing of her narrative made me experience as if I knew her as a individual. Wow! As I read this adult female 's narrative I took commiseration to her but I was seeing a batch of marks of an unhealthy relationship ( him gay or non ) and she was in some deep denial at the clip. She either made alibis for his behaviours or did n't oppugn it. Interesting narrative of her clip as first lady of new Jersey. I read a batch of refering material about her hubby -- this cat was a dork and she is better off. I feel bad for the child -- non because pa is cheery but he is really self absorbed portion clip pa. This was an first-class book, albeit a sad 1. This hapless adult female endured much hurting and humiliation after believing she was married to her Prince Charming. It was chilling to believe how person ( her hubby ) could take such a disgraceful dual life. This book will do you believe carefully about who you choose as a life spouse. There are two sides to every narrative. Reasonably much everyone out at that place already knows Jim McGreevey 's side. It 's genuinely interesting to take a expression at this widely publicized dirt from the other position. I watched an episode of Who the Bleep Did I Marry? where Dina Matos McGreevey shared her narrative of being married to New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and the dirt that followed. It inspired me to pick up her book at the library. I read Jim McGreevey 's book and Dina Matos ' book back to endorse one weekend so I can acquire both of their narratives. After reading their narratives, I think the truth is someplace in between. I will state I liked her book more. I recommend this book extremely. My matrimony and divorce were really similar to the writer 's and I found her history to be accurate, insightful and just. If you wonder about consecutive spouse/gay partner relationships, this book will reply your inquiries. I saw an episode of Who the Bleep Did I Marry? affecting the dirt affecting New Jersey 's 51st Governor, Jim McGreevey. As the wronged partner, Dina Matos McGreevey provided her position on how she discovered, and how she reacted, when her hubby turned out to be something completed different than what her portrayed to the universe and her. If you want to read a instance survey in utmost denial, pick up this surprisingly good written history of Dina Matos McGreevey 's life with the former governor of NJ who was forced to vacate after acknowledging to a homosexual matter. Give the book three stars for its decent authorship, but the narrative itself is so distressing and exasperating it was difficult to read without desiring to pick up the phone and naming Dina to shout how could you be so stupid? Let 's hope adult females in our society will halt being The Good Wife in the face of shocking behaviour on their hubby 's portion. I enjoyed seeing her side of the narrative. I 've besides read her antique hubbies book, but her 's was more honest, blunt and more gratifying read. We have all heard the expression, listen to your intestine inherent aptitude, had n't she? ? ! I wanted to slap and so embrace this adult female! Several times she states, I merely did n't see the marks. Yes, yes she did see the marks, she merely wholly ignored them. She accepted a proposal from a adult male that asked her to get married him through a friend. He ne'er did technically inquire her. And what adult female puts up with her hubby visiting and pass oning in private with his ex-wife, who still wears her marrying pealing? ! It 's absurd. Equally difficult as it is to believe that she accepted that on weekends, her and her hubby lived separate lives and he was close about about everything, sometimes devotedness overcast your judgement. Still, this cat was a entire weirdo. I do n't care if he was confused about his gender or non: unfaithfulness is still merely that! The authorship was nice, I thought. I read this book screen to cover within 24 hours. Makes you truly think about that uneasy feeling you get when you 're around person that merely does n't experience right... If you are looking for a chronology of Dina Matos ' short stretch as first lady of New Jersey and her cold, half-involved matrimony to a homosexual adult male, Governor Jim Mcgreevy read on. I found this a pathetic history of a individual who wrote a acrimonious memoir of hapless me. I found the claimed homelessness of person who insisted on purchasing a $ 400,000+ place, when she was broke, fazing. I found the full book to be an elitist, egoistic position on her sufferings, in order, and including every item of he said, so she said when truly she normally did n't state plenty or inquire adequate. I came off believing that non merely was he populating a prevarication to her but she went into the matrimony for grounds other than deep deathless love for him. As you can see, I do n't hold much understanding for her. Did n't believe the authorship was really good, about did n't complete but did. ( Forgive and bury already, You 're non so perfect. ) Sad that she did n't hold more empathy for his conflicted gender, battle with genuineness and personality upsets. She even had to declare that she was the sane one, every bit good as justify everything she did as pure and good. yegads! Interesting so far... . I have ever wanted to cognize her narrative This is the memoir of Dina Matos McGreevey married woman of James McGreevey who was the Governor of NJ from 2002-2004. Dina, Dina, Dina. How could you non see that the adult male you married was merely a spot off? Granted, there were no marks that he was a cupboard homophile, but Dina do you retrieve when he ne'er really ne'er asked you to get married him? Alternatively he asked your friend, Lori, to inquire you for him. That unusual move would hold had me heading for the door. In all the clip you dated you ne'er met his girl. How long did it take for that to happen - 6 old ages? Oh there were marks, you merely closed your eyes to all of them. Wow - how messed up. For person who imagined her life one manner, so you wake up married to a homosexual adult male. Honestly though, that does n't even sound like the worst portion - he 's such a narcist and attending searcher. I checked Google after completing this and it does n't sound like her life has needfully gotten any easier. Now I have to read his side of the narrative. Each matrimony has two sides. What an oculus opener. Dina Matos did a good occupation explicating how she could hold been wholly incognizant of her hubby 's true nature. I agree with her determination to state her side of the narrative, and yet at times it felt like she was still explicating determinations she made as First Lady of New Jersey ( e.g. have oning expensive apparels, wholly reconstructing the Governor 's sign of the zodiac... ) . my gosh, one feel for her! ! ! ! I did n't cognize that prevarications can be pushed to an extreme... drilling! The standards to judge this sort of book is, was it gossipy adequate? I mistily retrieve hearing about this dirt when it occurred in 2004. A twelvemonth or two ago, I saw Dina on Oprah and wanted to read her memoir. I eventually got around to it last hebdomad. THis was good. I do n't cognize how she missed all the marks and merely went a long with all the unusual behaviour, but an interesting read. I believe she should hold picked up on her hubby 's homosexualism before he came out ; but I do experience for her and her girl. Bing an immigrant, she may hold been more trusting than she should hold been. She led a epicurean life style and I hope she can larn to get by to populate with less ; because most of us do. Azurdee recommended this. It 's written by the married woman of the former gov of New Jersey that said he was a cheery American. She had no hint. This book is great. I extremely recommend it. It 's non the best book in the universe but it 's interesting. You 'll happen yourself naming the writer an imbecile through most of the book though. Good book. It was interesting all the marks there were before the confession. Although, when you believe in person, you tend non to detect, or apologize them up down and sideways. sad and interesting. I am sword lily that I have a great matrimony to my adult male! I could n't set this one down! It 's a memoir by the ex/soon-to-be-ex married woman of the ex-governor of New Jersey who came out as a homosexual. Can you Imagine holding no thought your hubby is cheery! Hard to believe, is n't it? But read her book ( and hopefully see this as a made-for-Lifetime film ) and you 'll larn that she was one adult female wronged. I besides read his memoir. She does a truly good occupation of portraiting him as a dork and it is astonishing that she held with him every bit long as she did... His being homosexual is non the existent issue of her book but the indicating out of what a dork he was throughout their wooing and subsequent matrimony. The book will do you angry at his stupidity and deficiency of feelings for her. Interesting - Brands you appreciate the adult male you are with. ( if he 's a good 1 ) .
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