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The Beast
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Pages: 192
Rating: 3.67

Original Title The Beast

ISBN 0439368421 (ISBN13: 9780439368421 )

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Childrens :: Young Adult :: Teen :: Fiction :: Urban :: Realistic Fiction :: School :: African American :: Middle Grade :: Academic :: Cultural :: Relationships

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An exciting, eye-catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers' bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover. Seventen-year-old Anthony "Spoon" Witherspoon is returning to Harlem after seven months at an exclusive prep school. He never wanted to leave the city in the first place--especially not to walk the hallowed halls of a mostly white New England school. But now that Spoon is back home, he realizes how much he's come to rely on his prep-school friends and routine. And the one thing he's looking forward to most--seeing his girlfriend, Gabi--brings him the greatest shock. When he left, Gabi was a vibrant young poet. Now she's a thin, wasted drug addict. Can Spoon help her find her way again?

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Walter Dean Myers

anonym: Stacie Williams Stacie Johnson Walter Dean Myers was born on August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia but moved to Harlem with his Foster parents at age three. He was brought up and went to public school at that place. He attended Stuyvesant High School until the age of 17 when he joined the army.After functioning four old ages in the ground forces, he worked at assorted occupations and earned a BA from Empire State College. He has been composing full clip since 1977.Walter Dean MyersWalter has been composing since childhood and publication since 1969 when he won the Council on Interracial Books for Children competition which resulted in the publication of his first book for kids, Where Does the Day Go? , by Parent 's Magazine Press. Since so he has published over 70 books for kids and immature grownups. He has received many awards for his work in this field including the Coretta Scott King Award, five times. Two of his books were awarded Newbery Honors. He has been awarded the Margaret A. Edwards Award and the Virginia Hamilton Award. For one of his books, Monster, he has received the first Michael Printz Award for Young Adult literature awarded by the American Library Association. Monster and Autobiography of My Dead Brother were selected as National Book Award Finalists.In add-on to the publication of his books, Walter has contributed to educational and literary publications. He has visited schools to talk to kids, instructors, bibliothecs, and parents. For three old ages he led a authorship workshop for kids in a school in Jersey City, New Jersey.Walter Dean Myers was married, had three adult kids and lived in Jersey City, New Jersey. He died on July 1, 2014, following a brief unwellness. He was 76 old ages old.

The Beast Essay

Autographed ALA 2004 The book that I will be presenting to you is called The Beast by Walter Dean Myers. The animal has a sum of 170 pages. It is a realistic fiction genre. The chief characters would be Gabi and Anthony Witherspoon. Myers explains the characters good ; he expresses their feelings truly good. I like how he explains how Gabi felt about her ma being in the infirmary and the picks she made because of her emotions towards everything. I besides like how he shows the feelings Anthony and Gabi have for each other. This narrative takes topographic point in Harlem so it switches to New England when Anthony goes to get oning school, so back to Harlem. Anthony WitherSpoon or Spoon has lived in Harlem about his whole life until his parents move him to Connecticut so we can travel to a better college. Many of his friends have changed some bead out of school others drug traders or drug addicts.His girlfriend has become a drug nut since he left to Connecticut and Spoon is seeking his best to do everyone back to how he knew them but in the procedure he doesn’t even cognize what he is anymore.I kind of liked this book why? Well because it 's kind of a existent life thing that can happen.Also that it shows when love and being together gets through bad times.The book overall was merriment, gratifying, and merely really emotional and difficult hitting.It truly shows you when two people love and attention for each other nil is impossible.I would recomened this book to anyone who likes reading about twosomes or life altering events. Anthony, a male child from Harlem returns place to loving parents and finds that he sees the word a small otherwise. His girlfriend 's life has spiraled out of control. Both are cautious with each other as they try to happen a manner back for her over the short Christmas interruption. This book was so astonishing I could n't set it down This book was really interesting, it was tiring at some parts but overall the secret plan was really good. Anthony finishes his instruction at a Connecticut prep school. He left behind his first true love in Harlem, Gabi. When he eventually comes back to his place, he has to assist Gabi go the poet he left after happening the she is a drug nut. I read the book the Beast. I think it was non the sort of book of my involvement. But, I was mature As I find myself reading more and more books, I have to state Walter Dean Myers is get downing to go my favourite writer with the manner he portrays each character, it seems as if you knew them in a past life. The Beast portrays a high school pupil who has left the ghettos, and his loved 1s to travel hunt for better instruction in a all white prep school. His girlfriend who he though was perfect is addicted to drugs and his best friend has dropped out of school. Spoon is the chief character and goes through many adversities in New York. The Beast is supposed to be the ghettos and all the problems people face and the bad picks people make when they have nil but problems. Will Spoon assist his friends out and kill the animal that ravages immature lives in the ghetto or will he excessively succumb to the adversities back in New York? I remember reading this terrific novel when I was a adolescent. I loved the chemical science between the chief characters and hard picks that had to be made for peace and self-realization. The authorship was nice and the scenes were colorfully depicted and I enjoyed the narrative. It was one of my first books that I read when I developed my passion for literature. Good book. The writer Walter Dean Myers, romantic and play filled book, The Beast, has many I admirations... , I would wish to cognize... , and I predicts... , . The Beast, takes topographic point in New York and is about a male child named Anthony who is 17 old ages old, senior in high school, and has a loving girlfriend, Gabi. Gabi 's younger brother is gang banging and he 's taking on the worst drugs, subcutaneous acerate leaf, and concealing them in Gabi 's dreeser. Gabi 's younger brother behave starts to alter a she describes him as The Beast. Anthony and Gabi have no thought on what turn and turns they 'll hold in front of them. The cardinal subject of the narrative is past experiences can impact a individual to the point that they impact future relationships and do them to manage it a different manner. I recommend this for people who like action, play, and love affair because this book has much of it but to demo how the characters are covering with their experiences and issues. Particularly, if you feel like that you 're holding a troubled clip with things like this and covering with jobs such as this. Although it was raging to read through the beginning of this novel, I traversed through it and exhaustively enjoyed it. What I mean by non wishing the beginning of the book, Beast is that, at the start, the book gave certain descriptions to unimportant and over all useless inside informations to the narrative. Making it seem that it was more descriptive than it really was. But, in world, merely made it more rugged to read. But as the novel progressed into the narrative, it found its beat and made it easier to understand the main/key points of the narrative. The major facet of the book I truly appreciate is the pragmatism it expressed. It spoke to immature grownups and showed them how extremely habit-forming drugs can set a tear into relationships and non merely ache the user ( that is self explanatory ) but the users household every bit good. Meh. Every individual conversation left something to be desired, viz. more duologue. No 1 responded to anything anyone said and merely maintain traveling right along. There was no resoluteness for anything. I did n't care about a individual character because there was merely nil about them that stood out. I have n't been reading. I had n't read for two hebdomads when I decided I had to categorise the tonss of books by my bed. I had picked up this book because it seem little but interesting. It seemed to mock me from its shelf, so I picked it. When I was forming the books earlier, I was like, I ca n't return all these books unread, and so I decided to read this one. I said, Well, hey, it 's little. I can complete this by today. Three hours subsequently I was reading the last five pages. “The Beast” written by Walter Dean Myers Is about your typical love narrative, but what you don’t know is they are regardful age and one will be traveling to college and the other will be traveling to high school. They boy in the relationship leave to college for a couple oral cavities. He left all his friends and household. When he come back for interruption he realized that things have alterations. I must state that I truly enjoyed reading The Beast. The narrative takes topographic point in the metropolis of New York so for a southern miss like myself of class it was a spot different for me to acquire usage to the events which occurred in the text. I normally gravitate towards books of this sort, one where there is play in the thick of the text and can truly pull readers into the text. I must state throughout the class of reading the text, the writer genuinely kept me on my toes. Certain events were genuinely unexpected, and that’s precisely how I like it! The writer genuinely connected with the facets of clip, puting, and characters in the text. The clip and scene of the text correlated throughout, I could decidedly visualize the clip of twelvemonth and conceive of the scenery of the scene. I am about certain that the writer took a great trade of clip as he created the characters. As I read the text I found myself seeking to mentally paint a image of the characters. While reading this book I found myself invariably reflecting upon how the characters felt? How would I experience if I were in their places? How could certain events been avoided? How could the characters maintain their relationships? And the list goes on, there were many circling inquiries? Author Meyers did really good binding in the facets listed supra, as a reader I look frontward to being merely entertained, and go oning the text because I merely have to cognize what is traveling to go on next! One component that I must state that the writer sort of dropped the ball would be the decision. I was a tad spot defeated because there were inquiries that remained unreciprocated, which left me to presume my really ain decision! Haha and swear me that’s no merriment, lol! I would propose to the writer that he should follow up with the inside informations in respects to the characters in the text, merely state us what happens following. The writer created a text that was entertaining and as a reader I became fond of the characters in the narrative, so you must understand that I would wish an stoping that ties all of the loose terminals of the text, because at the terminal of the twenty-four hours that is what readers look frontward to! I could decidedly take in the exemplifying schemes of this text. When I say exemplifying I don’t average images in the text because there weren’t any illustrations, but the writer decidedly created a piece which allowed me as a reader to make a image mentally. For my hereafter schoolroom puting I could integrate this scheme into a minilesson, where pupils can larn the importance of painting a image for readers. When I foremost saw this book I was really intrigued with the shred: The Beast. The narrative was about a immature male child, Anthony “Spoon” Witherspoon, torn between his old universe: his household, childhood friends, and long clip lover Gabi and his new and exciting universe of esteemed instruction and rational comrades. Projecting a shadow over the already rough passages is “the Beast” that has captured Gabi and made things more hard for Spoon. I rapidly became really interested in this book because the writer, Walter Dean, was really elaborate in his descriptions of the characters and their interactions throughout the narrative. Although, as I kept reading, I noticed that the writer was non traveling in deepness in making a strong secret plan. Many times I felt that I was left hanging in drape parts of the narrative that did non look knowing by the writer. He lost sight of the wood in his description of the trees. This book has the possible to impact its audience strongly. Some of my suggestion would be to ( 1 ) take a little more clip to developing the narrative because it seemed rushed. This would besides assist the writer make a clearer way of where the narrative starts and terminals. ( 2 ) Use the descriptive linguistic communication to picture all the facets of a narrative: characters, puting, secret plan, and problem/solutions. I expected a batch more from this book than it gave me. Get downing on the first page, I knew the book was traveling to hold some ups and downs throughout it. But, I did n't anticipate it to be so dry. This book shows how drugs 'the animal ' can turn your life upside before you know it. Although the book was n't my favourite, I do experience Myers did a good occupation with the point of position. The point of position was first individual, from Spoon, the chief character. The writer truly connected the reader to what the characters was believing and experiencing throughout the full book. If Spoon felt sad, the reader felt sad. If Spoon felt angry, the reader felt angry.Some schemes I could take from this book to learn authorship is to learn my pupils how to truly integrate point of position through their Hagiographas. I could read the page in the book where Spoon discovers Gabi is utilizing drugs, by detecting acerate leafs and heroine in her room. He describes his daze and disgust so good, the reader truly feels what he is feeling.This is something that I can demo my pupils as an illustration of how to truly link the readers to the narrative. this book was great. The animal is a powerful narrative of love hurting and drug maltreatment. The characters in the narrative were lost in the over powering tone of life in the worst portion of the large metropolis. Myers created characters that were non to the full developed and seemed to non be full characters. The chief characters personalities and back narratives were washed out by the monotone on about minuscule things like the colour of the foliages and the busyness of the metropolis. The writer 's voice seemed absent from the narrative and the chief character seemed lost as the metropolis overpowered his voice. If Myers wanted the metropolis to be the chief focal point he achieved this effort by ignore the personal lives and on departures of the true chief characters. As the narrative came to a stopping point it was anticlimactic. Ending with one of the characters in the same topographic point she started and other characters were left out of the narrative. The animal was an easy read really short book and was covering with the relationship that a twosome had after a long distance relationship. There were some mentions to familiarity between the twosome but sexual mentions through out the book were really really mild. The drug mentions were really strong. The supporter 's girlfriend is making some reasonably heavy drugs in the terminal and gets really ill because of it. I would urge it merely to high school childs. This narrative told the narrative of drug usage in a manner that was so articulately written it was hard to put the book down. The linguistic communication was simple yet it conveyed its message so clearly. It was a really interesting read, particularly for readers that have a harder clip maintaining up with secret plan, or those who are loath readers. I vow a reappraisal of no spoilers. The Beast is a narrative about about a immature adult male who has come place from a private school to happen his girlfriend has come into some, well, bad wonts. This book is pretty great! I do n't precisely cognize how to set this without sounding highly vague, but the book makes everything feel like Winter. There 's a batch of antic things this book offers. The character relationships in The Beast remind one of the first clip they fell in love. Not a difficult read at all! Walter Dean Myers has this ability to take a breath life into his characters. I love his YA narratives - they tell narrations that I am familiar with. The Beast reminds us of the hazards that lurk for some of us and how you have to be argus-eyed and strong to last or of the fortunate few. This is both a beautiful and stalking narrative of immature love from the street. I liked this book. It was a fast read and content was hold oning. It would be difficult to be incapacitated. I love this book acquire the narrative. Anthony comes place from college after four months to detect that his girlfriend Gabi is thin and hooked on drugs. Bing on drugs, she has forgotten what is of import in her life. Anthony tries his hardest to assist Gabi happen her manner back to her normal, loving, happy ego. I like that this book made me desire to maintain reading. It was really descriptive and made existent life connexions. This book made me recognize the toll drugs can take on people. I disliked that Gabi did non seek to acquire better and that the narrative about her being on drugs prolonged. If you like to read books about problems teens, drugs, and love affair, I suggest you read this. Anyone from 5th class and up should read this. I love reading Walter Dean Myers for his familiar Harlem scenes and tough-issue struggles. This was a good narrative but I did n't experience every bit connected to any of the characters or their relationships as I needed to. I thought that this was a truly good book. It had a batch of things that I could associate to because one 'm in high school. It had a Gabi, being pressured into making things, even when she knew it was n't right. That happens to a batch of high school pupils. I would decidedly urge this book to others who want a speedy easy read. There 's some beautiful trade in this book. Walter Dean Myers manages to compose about tough urban issues in the most beautiful manner. Do n't allow the thin spinal column of this book sap you into believing there are n't major challenges and struggle. This book, written by Walter Dean Myers, a great realistic fiction writer for in-between school and early high school readers, is a book that requires adulthood and age to understand. A immature child moves off to complete high school, but returns to see the miss he loves. Merely to detect that she is in bad status and needed rehab to retrieve her dependence. At points the book was hard to grok at times. You can easy understand the cardinal thought of the book though. I would urge this book to maturate adolescents that like the work of Walter Dean Myers. This book is NOT for immature, simple school childs. This is a powerful book about a male child who escapes from the downward spiral of his Harlem vicinity to go to a Connecticut prep school. Upon his return place at Christmas, nevertheless, he becomes profoundly involved in the effects of his girlfriend 's despairing determinations. Written in a haunting and poetic manner that realistically portrays the complexnesss of life, it carries a hopeful message to readers. Such an astonishing book The chief character leaves Harlem to go to a prep school. He falls into the beat of the school, and when he returns to Harlem, he finds that everything has changed, but nil has changed ( to rephrase the storyteller ) . He returns to happen that his friends have dropped out of school or gotten in problem with the jurisprudence, and that his former/current? girlfriend has gotten involved with the Beast. I enjoyed the stalking-horse and narrative line but there were a few topographic points where the text felt confused and I went back to happen out if I missed something merely to happen a brief account several pages after. This writer has some exceeding narratives to portion, I would n't lose this one! I would do this book available in my schoolroom. Quick and reasonably good book from a male position one time populating in the Bronx and so going an foreigner watching the universe alteration around him!
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