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Coffee And Kung Fu
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Pages: 243
Rating: 3.34

Original Title Coffee And Kung Fu

ISBN 0451209028 (ISBN13: 9780451209023 )

Edition Language English

Fiction :: Romance :: Chick Lit :: Womens Fiction

Book description:

Twenty-six-year-old Nicci Bradford doesn't exactly love her job fixing the grammar in company brochures, or living in Boston, or going on awkward fix-ups with men she barely knows. What she does love is Kung Fu movies...especially the ones starring Jackie Chan. Their timeless and inspired wisdom offers her a philosophy of life. The problem is she doesn't have much of a life to philosophize about. But Jackie Chan is also a pretty good action hero. And when opportunity-and risk-present themselves in unexpected ways, it's up to Nicci to follow her hero's example, focus on her goal, and strike...

Book Authors:

Karen Brichoux

The girl of American missionaries, I was born and raised in Southeast Asia. Most of my childhood was exhausted reading or coercing the enduring household pets to move out the secret plans of books I 'd late read.In college, everything interested me, and I could ne'er reply the inquiry “What do you desire to be? ” without a step of irony over the thought that “being” something was someway equated with “doing” something. Still, counsel trials had revealed a natural preference for verbal and mechanical accomplishments, which had caused my high school counsellor to propose English literature or, if that didn’t involvement me, possibly going a auto machinist. Curiously, no 1 suggested mechanical technology, likely because I had managed to neglect Algebra I the first clip I took it. After stretchs as a secondary instruction major, a theatre major, and a humanistic disciplines major, I graduated with a grade in English literature. Still interested in everything, I went on to graduate school for an MA in European history, where I focused on the societal, political, and spiritual history of twelfth- and thirteenth-century France. While working toward a PhD in European history with a concentration in nineteenth-century social/​political history combined with political, labour, and feminist theory, I began the painful procedure of re-examining what truly interested me ( beyond the label “everything” ) . I had been composing narratives all my life, but I’d ever pictured writers as recluse, frightened, acrimonious people. Recognizing that the description besides applied to PhD pupils, I abandoned my bias against being an writer and wrote my first book. I naively assumed that awards and editor petitions meant I was traveling to be published by tomorrow or, at worst, the twenty-four hours after. I left graduate school and began composing full clip, even when it became obvious I was non traveling to be a published writer tomorrow or even following hebdomad. Three old ages subsequently, Coffee & Kung Fu was published by Penguin Press.Writing is, in many ways, a reversion to childhood. I still spend most of my clip reading and life in the universe of my imaginativeness, but the household pets are happy to describe that I no longer enlist their services in moving out secret plans.

Lisa Lelas


Coffee And Kung Fu Essay

1 star for being to the full functional, mindless escape. 1 star for a nice message/theme. No more stars to be had. Picked up by the terminal. Some sympathetic characters, viz. Ethan and grandfathers. Witty, screaming, and prosecuting. Deals with reflecting on the humdrum of life and the determinations we have to do for our ain felicity. Brichoux wrote characters with beds, some that you 'll love and some that you 'll detest. There is nil two-dimensional about this book. This radius to me. A really lovely book. is this life good plenty for the following 70 old ages? Bookcrossing nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: // I am decidedly the amusing alleviation in my film of life says the really sympathetic and alone character in this delicious book. Very gratifying with good quotation marks and life lessons throughout. I 'm ever delighted to detect a new writer. Coffee... is a delicious read. The chief character, Nicci, is wondrous human ( defects and all ) . Her challenges to move harmonizing to her true ego amid life 's usual challenges ( relationships, work, friends, household, societal outlooks ) resonate with world. Write with wit and penetration to how most of our lives ne'er move swimmingly from Indicate A to Point B, you 'll lose Nicci when you 've reached the last page. I am happy to larn that Brichoux has written 3 other books! I truly wanted to love this one. I think half the job is the screen and the other half is with uneven things like tone and duologue. I 'll explicate why I dare judge a book by it 's screen. Because it 's a freaking book. The screen is non something it 's randomly born with. The screen should be created with thoughtful contemplation on what the book is, non a unsighted pang in the dark. In this instance, a pang in the dark that resulted in failed outlooks of what lies within. With the electric pink screen and a rubric consisting of 2 high-octane things, I was anticipating something kindred to a Jackie Chan film after the dramatis personae has had 4 cups of espresso. And possibly some detonations. What I got alternatively was n't bad in it 's ain right, it merely was n't that. So what was it, so? It was a brooding contemplation of a narrative. Which is all right and sometimes attractively poetic, but felt like a hitch noodle given what the screen and title tried to sell. I did wish how interesting scenes and ethical motives from authoritative Kung Fu films were interspersed with the storyteller 's contemplations on her life. The parts about turning up as a Missionary child in the Philippines was cool excessively. But the duologue felt eldritch. Like the duologue from a drama written by childs in junior high. Lapp with the humor- it provoked an eh at best. There were pieces of this book that were fantastic, paragraphs that I read a twosome of times because I wanted to enjoy them. Unfortunately, they were distribute excessively thinly among other paragraphs that were hackneyed and banal. I randomly borrowed this book from the library on a caprice, and thought that it was traveling to be a deadening read. Without reading the drumhead and establishing it on the screen entirely ( I did n't read the rubric ) , I originally preceived that the chief character was traveling to be another annoyance, girly-girl, effusive romantic. It took me some clip to complete this book as I had to set it down for the weekend, but allow me merely state you that I perfectly adored it. It was far-out and amusing, the flood tide was antic, and I loved the stoping to pieces. The Jackie Chane mentions were what made this book so fun and interesting. I would urge this biddy lit to anyone who enjoys the genre. A+ work Brichoux! I ca n't even depict how much I love this book. I 've read it at least four times, and ever acquire the scabies to travel back to it when Autumn rolls about. Not a good narrative at all! Nicci lives in Boston. Loves Kung Fu films. Dates Rob. Her gramps dies. she goes to Hong Kong at terminal with Ethan. ( I think I was drawn to the book because of the java cup on the screen! ) I work for a publication company/book distributor type topographic point in Boston. And I love Jackie Chan. Coffee excessively. That’s why I put this book on my TBR several old ages ago. What took me so long to read it? Well, I’ve read good biddy lit and bad biddy lit. Either manner, I find it about impossible to associate to the adult females in these books. They are nil like me so my reappraisals are frequently full of mouth offing about bubble-headed adult females who shop excessively much. I merely read chick lit or women’s fiction when I’ve overdosed on other genres and need a interruption. Blah, bombast, bombast. I’ll shut up now and state this is the best biddy lit I’ve of all time read. And non merely because the biddy likes Jackie Chan. Yes it 's a girly book BUT it is a nice quick read and for one time I do n't detest the writer. Plus there are a ton of Kung fu mentions... ever a fillip. Kind of felt meh about this 1. It was mind confect but I found myself sort of defeated and turned off by the chief character. I do n't cognize why but I felt like she was seeking excessively difficult to be awkward or something... resonated Kristin Stewart to me whom I loathe! However, I did bask the connexions between her and Ethan and besides the relationship with her household. It was a reasonably good read, but I do n't believe I 'd offer it up to my friends as one of the books I 'd urge foremost. This was a antic book! It shows merely how much you can seek and take out of life and whether or non you 'll be genuinely happy for the following 50 old ages or if you merely seek to travel along with what everyone expects you to. If person expects you to travel along with something merely of likes and disfavors, would you? Even though the narrative was about a fictional character, it truly opened up some new facets about MY life and how to acquire out of this current I do n't cognize what I 'm traveling to make with my life now funk. It 's a great book and I 'd urge it for any immature grownup reading group. The best thing about this book was the cunning rubric and screen. I guess I wo n't necessitate a cup of java to remain awake to read this one. After one chapter, I am done. From my old, paper Book Log: Chick-lit, but w/ a fresh, 'real ' heronine -- avoids platitudes! ( Besides, I love the writer 's remark in her bio: 'I’d ever pictured writers as recluse, frightened, acrimonious people. Recognizing that the description besides applied to PhD pupils, I abandoned my bias against being an writer and wrote my first book. ' LOL! ) Good beginning and stoping, but I had issues with the MC 's actions and ideas in the center. This was a mind, a contemplation pool into our why some of us do the things we do. I was non anticipating that. Honestly, I do n't cognize what I expected I bought this for the screen and back screen, it mentioned Jackie Chan and Kung Fu films. I guess I expected a slap stick film sort of feel to it. I truly enjoyed it, I was glued to the pages, I wanted to see her aftermath up and unrecorded. It was really curative There were many minutes where I wanted to teak her ear and state her to smell the java more. Dang it was better than Dr Phil or Oprah. My first raid into the genre of Chick-Lit. Honestly I enjoyed it more than I expected to. The relationship beats were predictable and the furnishings of Kung fu were a spot pasted on, but I enjoyed Brichoux 's authorship manner and I found Nicci to be a relatable character. I do n't cognize if that came more from me projecting onto her or the manner she is written, but it turned what might otherwise be an everyday narrative into something worthy of the hours I spent with it. Loved it! One of the few biddy lit books I read and liked. Hmmmm... . it was a short, easy read! Simple theme - turning up and larning more about what is of import to you and what is non so of import. A book nine choice! I candidly judged a book by it 's cover - the rubric had me believing oh this book is traveling to be amazing... I ca n't wait to read it... I LOVE Kung Fu films... boardering on the unhealthy... but I can candidly state if I did n't hold the sheer analness to complete the book I would hold tossed it. Not that I want a Me adult female hear me howl but I do n't desire to read about some unstable adult female either. Merely non my cup of tea... or java. I saw the rubric at our local thrift shop and thought it sounded truly cunning. I am a cat. I love chick lit. ( you figure that out if you want ) ... . I truly liked the fact that it was non all wrapped in a bow manner. I hope Karen writes a subsequence about her in Hong Kong. That would be cool. Hey, the rubric entirely made me smile. Pretty entertaining with a sympathetic, realistic heroine. Set in Boston with Kung Fu allusions at the beginning of each chapter..kind of different. Concepts touched on: place, friendly relationship, the exposure frequently concealed beneath professional frontages, solitariness and the cosmopolitan human demand for relationships, and the bravery to capitalise on chance. Her superficial relationship with empathically challenged dunce Rob reminded me really much of one I had a few old ages back. The writer 's first novel. I liked it. Deeper than any chick-lit novel I 've of all time read, largely because of the Kungfu portion =p One of my all-time favourite books. Reminds me to be strong and independent. I read this a few old ages ago. Nothing to compose place about. The chief character is far-out, but there are points where you merely want to plug her in the face for her shear oblivion. I read it in a twenty-four hours. More powerful than your typical biddy lit. I 'll look for more books by this writer. Rereading... I bought this book for $ 4 when I was 14 and it was possibly one of the books that made me compose my characters every bit candidly as I could do them. Second clip around, six old ages subsequently, and the thaumaturgy is n't wholly destroyed, but it is n't wholly there either.
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