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El Islam es, probablemente, la religión más incomprendida y malinterpretada de la modernidad. Una curiosa ignorancia prevalece en Occidente desde las cruzadas, cuando empezó a cultivarse una visión distorsionada del Islam como una religión violenta e intolerante. Sin embargo, los imperios islámicos llegaron a ser los más grandes y mejor situados de la tierra hasta que fueron reemplazados por las naciones europeas en el siglo XIX. Karen Armstrong explica los acontecimientos centrales en la historia de esta religión -la división entre musulmanes chiítas y sunnitas, la aparición del misticismo sufí, la expansión por Asia y el Mediterráneo, el efecto devastador de las cruzadas, el florecimiento del Islam imperial en los siglos XIV y XV, los orígenes y consecuencias del Islam revolucionario- y analiza los retos que afronta hoy en día esta fe milenaria.

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Karen Armstrong

British writer of legion plants on comparative religion.Elsewhere: hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // Librarian Note: There is more than one writer in the GoodReads database with this name. See this yarn for more information.

Islam Essay

Readers seeking a speedy but thoughtful debut to Islam will desire to peruse Armstrong 's latest offering. In her trademark stylish and accessible prose, the writer of A History of God takes readers from the sixth-century yearss of the Prophet Muhammad to the present. Armstrong writes about the disclosures Muhammad received, and explains that the Qur'an earned its name ( which means recitation ) because most of Muhammad 's followings were illiterate and learned his instructions non from reading them but hearing them proclaimed aloud. Throughout the book, Armstrong traces what she sees as Islam 's accent on right life ( ? la Judaism ) over right belief ( ? la Christianity ) . Armstrong is at her most passionate when discoursing Islam in the modern universe. She explains hostilities between Iraqi Muslims and Syrian Muslims, and discusses the annihilating effects of modernisation on the Islamic universe. Unlike Europe, which modernized bit by bit over centuries, the Islamic universe had modernness thrust upon it in an exploitatory mode. The Muslim states, Armstrong argues, have been reduced to a dependent axis by the European powers. Armstrong besides rehearses some rudimentss about Islamic fundamentalism in a subdivision that will be familiar to anyone who has read her recent survey, The Battle for God. A utile clip line and a usher to the Key Figures in the History of Islam finish this strong, alert study of 1,500 old ages of Islamic history. Ironic that it was published in the twelvemonth before 9/11. Prescient in a sense. This is a straight-forward if brief history that you will experience smarter about the differences between Shi'ites and Sunnis and how for case the Ayatollah Khomeini can be viewed as a extremist reformist in Iran but a despicable ultraconservative in the West. It is besides a polemist and an apology for a religion that should n't hold to apologise for its repute in the West, or warrant itself to those same Westerners. تجربة مهمة ان ترى الاسلام بعيون غير المسلمين .. الكتاب تحدث عن كل الاحداث المهمة في تاريخ الاسلام في استعراض وتحليل جيد .. لكنه أغفل استعراض حياة النبي الاكرم كما يجب ولم تكن كل المعلومات التي اوردتها الكاتبة عن سيرة النبي صحيحة .. والتحليلات ينقصها الكثير من فهم التعقيدات والتفاصيل .. كنت اتوهم ان المستشرقين يفهمون تاريخنا اكثر منا .. لكن الباحثين المسلمين بحسب اطلاعي هم اكثر تبحرا بكثير .. لكن تنقصهم هذه النظرة الشاملة لتاريخ الاسلام .. لأن كل واحد منهم يدرس تاريخه الخاص.. Karen handled this book reasonably simple and breaks the popular prejudice positions of the westerners. Although some of us noticing that she had this written before the 9/11, Iraq war, Syria war, Yemen war, etc but she highlighted many important points of why things happened in Islam which I doubt many of us know about it including the Muslims themselves. So I would propose, give it a spell, read with an unfastened head and enjoy! This book truly sparked my involvement about Islam and led me to a greater apprehension of the Middle East. It is short, direct, and to the point. I think I 'll be able to follow treatments on the different religious orders and competitions that exist in the Middle East more intelligently now. She has a ready to hand glossary at the dorsum to look up the different words unique to Islam, which is highly helpful. The lone ground I did n't give it five stars is I wish she had slowed down and added about another 100 pages of information. In less than 200 pages at that place can of class non be an in-depth analysis of anything, but this still manages to give a good overview of the history of Islam. It was foremost published before 2001, and merely has a few extra pages at the terminal, adverting how those events tie in to the motion of religion. Short and accessible overview of Islam that firmly workss the faith in its historical context. Very valuable debut. great A primer. History of faiths is non something that one can sum up easy. Karen Armstrong did rather a good occupation without being trapped in the loopholes of Orientalism. From Prophet Mohammad to Moguls, from Turks to Persians... A nice chronology of events and imperiums in the history of one the greatest faiths of the universe. Muslimism: A Short History ditulis oleh Karen Armstrong, seorang pengkaji sejarah agama yang terkemuka. Tahun penerbitan asal buku ini adalah pada tahun 2000. Namun demikian, edisi yang saya baca ini adalah edisi 2002 dengan penambahan bab epilog dan panduan sebutan Indonesian Arab ke Indonesian Inggeris. Well researched but improbably dry. Not really clear. Fantastic book to assist understand the 1000000s of Muslims around the universe and how the faith had its beginning and where it is now. If I was n't a Mormon, I 'd likely be a Muslim. Interesting, worthwhile debut to Islam. Clear, needfully high degree overview of 1400 old ages of Islamic history. interesting and likely over symapathetic position of Islam I 'm traveling to maintain this gem of a book by my nightstand. Any clip the intelligence media and certain famous persons get acerb about Muslims and Islam, I will open up the book to my dog-eared pages and read things like Islam is a realistic and practical religion which does non usually promote the spirit of martyrdom or the pickings of pointless hazards ( page 56 ) or The powerful Muslim universe has been reduced to a dependent axis, and Muslim society has been soberly dislocated in the class of an accelerated modernisation programme. ( page 180 ) . This book is good for people who already have decent cognition approximately Islam as a faith. It does non show a really thorough analysis of political state of affairs and enlargement of Islam under different Caliphs. Nevertheless, it is a good read if one wants to plane through the facts related to Islamic history. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, This book briefly discuss Muslim swayers, dynasties, bookmans, religious leaders, reformer and it highlights the importance of faith for a common Muslim, no affair under which conditions & swayers they are populating. Author has nicely described how Muslim admire and want to accommodate the modernness of West but at same clip they want to keep on to their traditions and religious instructions. Armstrong begins good and ends rather good, but the center is a clutter. She starts with the Prophet Muhammad early in the seventh Century and Marches firm to the terminal of the twentieth Century. That’s a large clip period to cover is somewhat less than 200 pages ( Modern Library edition ) . No inquire the book is a clutter. This was a antic overview of the history of Islam, written in a manner that is reasonably easy to understand. It besides was intriguing because it was written in 2000 so it does n't hold any of the post-9/11 prejudice. I feel like I understand a batch more now about what has happened over the last 15 old ages, the rise of ISIS and the manner this group has perverted Islam to derive power. The book Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong was a really deep and interesting book about the beautiful part of Islam. To get down with, Moslems have a sacred book like the Bible that is called, the Quran. The Quran negotiations about the narratives of the Prophetss and their relationship with God. Second, the Quran besides talks about the regulations of Islam, which we now call, The Five Pillars of Islam. The first pillar is praying, in Islam, there are five supplications that a Muslim had to make during the twenty-four hours. The 2nd pillar is Ramadan. During Ramadan, people fast for the whole month. Moslems do that so that they can see a hapless individual life. The 3rd pillar is to make Hajj. For Hajj, people have to travel to the sacred topographic point of Mecca, Saudia Arabia, and they have to pray and follow what the prophesier Mohammed usage to make. A Muslim is supposed to make this one time in his or her life-time, but merely if they have the money to travel at that place. The 4th pillar is called Zakat. Zakat is when you help hapless people. In the Quran, it says that 2.5 per centum of all the money you make per twelvemonth, it supposed to be given to the hapless. The last pillar is to believe in one God merely. To do this happen people normally say the phrase, “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadu rasoolu Allah.” This phrase means “There is no true God but God ( Allah ) and Muhammad is the Messenger ( Prophet ) of God.” Finally, in the faith of Islam, there are some out things like porc, intoxicant, drugs, smoke, prevarication, stealing, and playing fire hook. Therefore, Islam is a faith of peace and love. شاید جمع کردن کل تاریخ اسلام توی 200 یا سیصد صفحه کار بسیار مشکلی باشه، اما آرمسترانگ به خوبی از پس این کار بر اومده . و نکته جالب اینه که فقط به شیعه و سنی نپرداخته بلکه فلسفه و عرفان هم به همون اندازه براش مهمه . اجلبیش اینه که برداشتی که از اسلام داره کاملا با برداشت معمول غربیها فرق داره و من چیزی جز احترام درش نمیبینم وقتی هم که به اشکالات دنیای اسلام میپردازه به نظر نمیاد داره بهانه جویی میکنه و یا حرف بقیه رو تکرار میکنه بلکه به ریشه یابی میپردازه و سعی میکنه با منطق برخورد کنه . One of the best books for non Muslims to larn more about Islam without any prejudices. I had merely finished taking an debut to Islam category, so this book was far more accessible to me than it would to person who was picking it up with no anterior cognition of the topic. That said, Karen Armstrong is an perfectly fantastic author, and she wove the history of Islam into a clear and celebrated narrative. Take the dry facts I had learned about and turned them into something far more meaningful. She besides drops some serious theories, like that an agricultural society which is doomed to self-destruct and rebuild when it outruns its resources can non perchance back up a stable monotheism. I besides appreciated her focal point on esoteric Islam, non merely Sufism but Falsafah, Shi'ism and a 4th I ca n't retrieve right now. Further, the material about Islamic imperium ( Mongols, Fatimid, Safavid, Abbasid, Umayyads ) I had ne'er learned about earlier. Super enlightening, and really well-written. I wo n't lie, this book was a spot of a slog. My geographics of the portion of the universe being discussed is non great, nor is my ability to maintain path of a batch of names that sound similar. Despite that, this laid out a truly great timeline of how Islam began and how it has changed over many centuries. It ties everything in with the political relations of what was traveling on at the clip and shows how the political alterations influenced Islam and frailty versa. I now have a nice apprehension of who Muhammad was and what his original thought of Islam was. I besides feel like I have a better apprehension of how Islam maps in the modern twenty-four hours. Brilliant small debut Excellent debut. Best sum-up of the spirit of Islam I 've of all time read, in chapter 1. Despised it, but possibly I merely can non take a history book, even on a subject I had wanted to larn approximately. So really dry and deadening. A million names I do n't retrieve. Possibly I really needed a brief presentation instead than a short history. This book is surely non for novices:
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