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The Canyon
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Pages: 132
Rating: 3.66

Original Title The Canyon

ISBN 0826305180 (ISBN13: 9780826305183 )

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Based on a Cheyenne legend, this novel holds universal appeal as it explores the theme of a man s conflict with his culture. It is the story of how Little Bear, a Cheyenne warrior who opposes war, reconciles the conflict between his personal values and the demands of his tribe. The dilemma faced by Little Bear gives rise to a story that is at once a compelling adventure tale, an authentic description of Indian life and ritual, and a parable of self-realization. First published in 1953, The Canyon remained one of Schaefer's personal favorites. This new release will be welcomed by Schaefer s enduring admirers and by new Western literature enthusiasts. It is a classic not to be missed. "

Book Authors:

Jack Schaefer

Schaefer was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the boy of an lawyer. He graduated from Oberlin College in 1929 with a major in English. He attended graduate school at Columbia University from 1929-30, but left without finishing his Maestro of Arts grade. He so went to work for the United Press. In his long calling as a journalist, he would keep editorial places at many eastern publications.Schaefer 's first success as a novelist came in 1949 with his memorable fresh Shane, set in Wyoming. Few realized that Schaefer himself had ne'er been anyplace near the West. However, he continued composing successful Westerns, selling his place in Connecticut and traveling to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1955.In 1975 Schaefer received the Western Literature Association 's Distinguished Achievement award.He died of bosom failure in Santa Fe in 1991. Schaefer was married twice, his 2nd married woman traveling to Santa Fe with him.Schaefer 's fresh Monte Walsh was made into a film in 1970, with Lee Marvin in the rubric function, and once more in 2003 as a Television film starring Tom Selleck. Shane was besides made into a film and a series.from Wikipedia: hypertext transfer protocol: //

The Canyon Essay

Thank you Jack Schaefer! I loved this book, and the narrative Cooter James made me experience happy on an otherwise annihilating post-Brexit twenty-four hours... This novelette belonged to my gramps who died 50 old ages ago. I merely discovered Jack Schaefer in a late read anthology of Western authors. This is a attractively written narrative, told really merely in a manner that resembles a vocal or fable. It has an environmental message extremely relevant to our ain clip and a strong message excessively about the breakability and importance of our family/tribal civilizations and beliefs. I listened to this book on tape and the storyteller was merely mean and that may hold affected my sentiment of the book. I like the lead character, Small Bear, and he had really interesting escapades. I besides liked larning about the Cheyenne civilization. What bothered me about the book is that the authorship seemed really simple, but possibly that was knowing to reflect the native linguistic communication? Well, wish I had liked this more. Interesting that Schaefer thought so extremely of it. I love Shane and was interested in another book by the writer -- in fact, I wondered if he had merely written one. Western from Indian 's point of position. Evocative, about allegorical possibly. But I did n't notice much action. Interior expression at the character ; he does some to footings with his life and has escapades. Merely non what I expected. Or wanted. Interesting narrative, with an stoping I did n't rather see coming. Portray an Indian as holding a deep apprehension of nature but with some things yet to larn about human nature. Successfully strikes a medium between portraying Indian civilization as barbaric and as Utopian. Quote from book Jack Schaefer - “The Canyon” I read this book many many old ages ago - belongs to my Mother - quick read and maintain my attending - one 'll read once more.
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