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Dancing on the Edge
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Pages: 192
Rating: 3.94

Original Title Dancing On The Edge

ISBN 0006280412 (ISBN13: 9780006280415 )

Edition Language English

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This text tackles the fundamental beliefs of Christianity, from the existence of God and the authority of the Bible to sexuality, suffering and a society growing ever more distant from daily church life.

Book Authors:

Richard Holloway

Richard F. Holloway ( born 26 November 1933 ) is a Scots author and broadcaster and was once Bishop of Edinburgh in the Scots Episcopal Church.Holloway was educated at Kelham Theological College, Edinburgh Theological College and the Union Theological Seminary, New York City. Between 1959 and 1986 he was a minister of religion, vicar and curate at assorted parishes in England, Scotland and the United States. He was Bishop of Edinburgh from 1986 and was elected Primus of the Scots Episcopal Church in 1992. He resigned from these places in 2000 and is now regarded as one of the most vocal and controversial figures in the Church, holding taken an atheist worldview and noticing widely on issues refering spiritual belief in the modern universe. His ain theological place has become progressively extremist and he has late described himself as an after-religionist.Holloway is well-known for his support of broad causes, including runing on human rights for homosexual and sapphic people in both Church and State. He is a frequenter of LGBT Youth Scotland, an administration dedicated to the inclusion of LGBT immature people in the life of Scotland. He has questioned and addressed complex ethical issues in the countries of gender, drugs and bio-ethics. He has written extensively on these subjects, being the writer of more than 20 books researching their relationship with modern religion.A Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Holloway was Professor of Divinity at Gresham College in the City of London. From 1990 to 1997, he was a member of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and held the place of chair of the BMA Steering Group on Ethical motives and Genetics. He was besides a member of the Broadcasting Standards Commission and is presently chair of the Scots Arts Council and of Sistema Scotland.Holloway has been a referee and author for the circular imperativeness for several old ages, including The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Sunday Herald and The Scotsman. He is besides a frequent presenter on wireless and telecasting, holding hosted the BBC telecasting series When I get to Heaven, Holloway 's Road and The Sword and the Cross. He presently hosts the BBC Radio Scotland book reappraisal programme, Cover Stories. Holloway presented the second of the Radio 4 Lent Talks on 11 March 2009.Holloway lives in Edinburgh with his American-born married woman Jean. They have three grownup kids ; two girls and a boy.

Dancing on the Edge Essay

This is a book written for all those who feel disenchanted or marginalised by the church. Holloway offers a warmly compassionate assessment of where tradition has usurped Christian love, how the hesitation can re-engage with Christianity, how the church can open it 's weaponries and bosom to those on the peripheries whom Jesus himself would seek out.
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