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Jack: The Great Seducer
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Pages: 416
Rating: 3.17

Original Title Jack: The Great Seducer - The Life and Many Loves of Jack Nicholson

ISBN 0060757671 (ISBN13: 9780060757670 )

Edition Language English


Book description:

Jack Nicholson is one of the longest-lasting and most recognized sex symbols of our time. This sizzling biography goes deep in-depth, relating exclusive interviews with past flames and flings, to shed light on the unique charisma and magnetism of one of America's most respected and desired movie stars. Among the startling revelations: A longtime girlfriend who describes Jack's reaction when he at last discovered the long-buried, dark secret of his childhood Jack's notorious penny-pinching, such as the time he came home from a movie set with a doggie bag of catered Mexican food The woman Jack "shared" with Robert Evans and Warren Beatty The night Christina Onassis, who'd had a fling with Jack in Los Angeles, got mad at him for seducing a girl in her party at Xenon The beauty queen who was still married to drug dealer Tom Sullivan when she was drawn to Jack The beautiful, talented costar who showed up at Jack's house at 1 A.M. and what happened when live-in girlfriend Anjelica Huston answered the intercom The night Steve Rubell ran around Studio 54 saying, "We got to keep Ryan O'Neal and Jack Nicholson away from each other. There's going to be a big fight." Why Rebecca Broussard refused him when Jack asked for her hand in marriage in 1993, even after having two children with him Why Katharine Hepburn's goddaughter still loves Jack and has spent years looking for a man who can measure up to him Diane Keaton's reaction to Jack passing gas during filming of a love scene for Something's Gotta Give Jennifer Howard, who found Jack's lovemaking "very oomph! He knows what he's doing. You can kind of just let go. Let him le-e-e-ad the way!"In Jack, Edward Douglas offers us a provocative, fascinating portrait of the man, the legend, the star: Jack Nicholson.

Book Authors:

Edward Douglas


Jack: The Great Seducer Essay

( read in Polish ) The adult male is have oning himself out but he is basking the drive ( s ) . I learned that he may non be the nicest individual in the universe but that he might be fun to cognize and is a extremely respected histrion ( my favourites are Wolf and The Witches of Eastwick because they reflect Jack 's diabolic nature, though I enjoyed Footings of Endearment for his honest portraiture ) . He surely knows where more than a few Hollywood skeletons are buried. oh wow there 's some juicy bio spots!
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