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Time and the Dancing Image
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Pages: 184
Rating: 4.33

Original Title Time and the Dancing Image

ISBN 0520066278 (ISBN13: 9780520066274 )

Edition Language English


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As a study of theatrical dance which places developments in dance within the larger artistic and historical environment, Deborah Jowitt's generously illustrated book makes a valuable contribution to modern cultural history.

Book Authors:

Deborah Jowitt


Time and the Dancing Image Essay

Deborah Jowitt writes a really intelligent and interesting non-chronological overview of dance history. Her writing manner holds the reader 's involvement, and even though I have read many similar books, her perceptive penetrations are original and challenging. Had to read it for school, but found it interesting all the same. Although I 'm a dance critic, I frequently find dance history boring -- all those names and descriptions! But Jowitt puts the dance into context with artistic and rational motions and finds some truly absorbing connexions along the manner. I feel so much more educated now that I 've read this. . .
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