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Lions & Tigers & Mares... Oh My!
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Pages: 325
Rating: 3.71

Original Title Lions & Tigers & Mares, Oh My!

ISBN 1571431055 (ISBN13: 9781571431059 )

Edition Language English

Nonfiction :: Animals

Book description:

Gay Balliet's passion for potbellied pigs led her to a deepening appreciation of all animals, great and small, and the people who love them. Her travels as assistant to her husband, a large animal veterinarian, take her along the colorful back roads of the Pennsylvania Dutch farm country as well as backstage at circuses, game preserves, and even TV shows. Follow the pair's adventures as they make house calls on show horses, elephants, tigers, and hordes of feces-flinging monkeys in this hilarious and heartwarming tribute to the animal kingdom.

Readers of Lions & Tigers & Mares ... Oh, My! will soon discover what inspired the Midwest Book Review to call Gay Balliet "a worthy successor to James Herriot," the British veterinarian whose bestselling books and PBS television series are beloved by readers around the world.

Book Authors:

Gay Louise Balliet

Sharing clip and experience with animate beings makes worlds more honest, more existent. Looking into an animate being 's or pet 's eyes allows us a mirror into ourselves. We all become more honorable, true, trusty because of our associations with our carnal friends. They define us. I have written books for grownups and immature grownups about the human/animal bond and how our pets complement us as worlds. At one time amusing and challenging, readers will return for more of my narratives of dress suits to get away the existent universe and take part in the unusual universe of veterinary medical specialty about which I write with heat, wit, and an grasp of the Earth and her animals.

Lions & Tigers & Mares... Oh My! Essay

Got a bit New Age-y here and at that place, but it was reviewing to see person 's unchecked love for all animate beings spurting Forth on the page.
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