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Rating: 2.92

Original Title The Phantom of Manhattan

ISBN 0552147192 (ISBN13: 9780552147194 )

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Historical Fiction :: Fiction :: Romance :: Thriller :: Historical

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It was 1882 when Antoinette Giry, Maitresse du Corps de Ballet at the Paris Opera House, took her small daughter to the funfair at Neuilly. And there, in a cage, she saw a filthy manacled creature whose tormented eyes shone from a grotesquely deformed face. It was Antoinette Giry who saved him, freed him, cured his wounds and finally let him find a dwelling place in the labyrinthine depths of the Opera House. The creature - Erik - whose hideous face hid a brilliant brain of near-genius, was to become the Phantom of the Opera - magician, artists, musician, and lover. When he tried to lure the object of his adoration to his underground domain - it was to end in tragedy. It was Madame Giry who saved him once more, set him on a ship to the New World - and there Erik Muhlheim began a new and secret life, a life that began in misery and poverty but in which his incredible skills finally carved out an unexpected kingdom of power. And there it was he learned again of Christine, whose life had changed dramatically since that night in the Paris Opera House. Inevitably, their paths must cross again in the old sequence of tragedy and triumph. The Phantom, one of the most mysterious and romantic figures ever created, soars again in a world of his own making. Frederick Forsyth's magnificent and evocative story adds a new dimension to the legend of the Phantom.

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Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth, CBE is an English writer and occasional political observer. He is best known for thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Fourth Protocol, The Dogs of War, The Devil 's Alternative, The Fist of God, Icon, The Veteran, Avenger, The Afghan, and late The Cobra and The Kill List.The boy of a cloakmaker, he was born in Ashford, Kent, educated at Tonbridge School and subsequently attended the University of Granada. He became one of the youngest pilots in the Royal Air Force at 19, where he served on National Service from 1956 to 1958. Becoming a journalist, he joined Reuters in 1961 and subsequently the BBC in 1965, where he served as an adjunct diplomatic letter writer. From July to September 1967, he served as a letter writer covering the Nigerian Civil War between the part of Biafra and Nigeria. He left the BBC in 1968 after contention arose over his alleged prejudice towards the Biafran cause and accusals that he falsified sections of his studies. Returning to Biafra as a free-lance newsman, Forsyth wrote his first book, The Biafra Story in 1969.Forsyth decided to compose a novel utilizing similar research techniques to those used in news media. His first full length novel, The Day of the Jackal, was published in 1971 and became an international best seller and gained its writer the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Novel. It was subsequently made into a movie of the same name.

Phantom Of Manhattan Essay

Having seen Phantom of the Opera over 20 times, this was a merriment book that was easy visualized. Possibly ALW should besides see a subsequence 1.5 stars, unsatisfactory on many degrees, but did complete it Un muy buen libro, donde EL autor pretende finalizar la historia del Fantasma de la Ópera, donde la dejó Gastón Leroux. Es de fácil lectura, muy entretenido. Me encantó ! Lo recomiendo. I ca n't anymore. I ca n't set myself through this. Has my tolerance for and enjoyment of awful literature truly gotten so low? All I wanted was some icky, bum nostalgia, but this was so painful, from the basic character originals ( Cholly! oh my God! ) to the shoddy secret plan ( surprise Mannon? ? what? ? ? ) ... Not to advert the infuriating debut that tosses Gaston Leroux 's original novel under the coach for historical inaccuracy and so returns to put up the book as a sequal to Andrew Lloyd Weber 's musical. Ugh. Acclaimed writer, Frederick Forsythe spins a go oning narrative of Eric, the celebrated Phantom of the Opera. In this book, Erik has journeyed to NYC to go a shady concern adult male with an oculus and bosom for the opera. There several links with the original narrative and some of the characters, including Madame Giry ( through her letters ) , Christine de Chigny and her hubby, Raoul de Chagny AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Too slow paced. Very difficult to read It has been a figure of old ages since I read The Phantom of the Opera, so do n't experience able to notice on the truth of characters etc. ... what? Read more of my reappraisals at! Ever inquire what the Apparition did after Christine dumped him to get married her fine-looking suer? Well, this book answers that inquiry. In fact, it begins before his old ages underground, in the Paris Opera House, introduces us to the adult female who changed his life, and takes us along on his journey to the United States, where he develops an imperium and becomes the Donald Trump of his twenty-four hours ( all through a alternate, so he ne'er had to look in public ) . The adult female who changed his life really early, besides changes his life at the terminal of her life and gives him, possibly the greatest gift anyone had of all time given him. A merriment, reasonably kind read. Great audiobook! I was surprised... .I was truly surprised really. I mean a subsequence of one of the greatest love narratives of all time? And it 's non written by Gaston Leroux? Probably a flop, right? No, this book held a ton of thaumaturgy and suspense and music merely like the Phantom of the Opera. I was so intrigued by the secret plan of this book, it was like walking through the writhing maze and catacombs of the Opera Populaire. While it is non by Leroux, and is in many ways an surrogate stoping. It is one surrogate stoping I decidedly recommend reading. Fantasioso subsequence del fantasma dell'opera che curie affascina solo per I dati storici di una New York di inizio '900. 3 1/2 stars. Un bijoux. J'ai adoré retrouver Erik 10 autonomic nervous systems après. I should pay attending to reappraisals. After reading this, I threw the book down in disgust. I 'm non even certain where to get down. It felt a small like Forsyth was dissing Gaston Leroux 's novel. I really enjoyed the original even though the musical version is my ideal Phantom. Thank you Michael Crawford, Gerard Butler, Ben Lewis and Ramin Karimloo! I started to reading this because I had merely come back from seeing Phantom in Nashville. I thought it would interesting to larn where Love Never Dies came from. I am regretful I did. It started off mulct. The book is told from the POV of assorted characters throughout the narrative ( some old, some new ) . Madame Giry 's deceasing petition is that a missive be delivered to Erik who leads us through a journey about how he came to settle in Manhattan ( in typical Erik manner, of class ) . It 's interesting until Erik really reads the missive. Then, it begins a slow descent into the kingdom of heroic failure. I wo n't botch it for those of you who want to read it. I will state that it is nil like Love Never Dies. There are merely a few meetings between Erik and Christine which do n't truly do sense because it feels like there 's some duologue losing. I have ne'er liked Raoul, but oh my goodness! Overall, the narrative had possible. It 's an interesting construct, but the executing was hapless. Oh good, at least it was short. A really hapless effort at a continuance of Andrew Lloyd Webber 's The Phantom of the Opera. The writer was reasonably chesty in the beginning and a large Lashkar-e-Taiba down at the terminal. Eh. Look, this is n't rather up to Forsyth par, but dammit, he is so good, you have to read them all. Though in a wholly different vena, late, Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash, Saul Bellow, and Kurt Vonnegut have left us ( me ) . Soon it will be others. Enjoy while you can. What else can you make? Let me precede I have ne'er seen the drama or film, The Phantom of the Opera. I knew the general plot line and the foreword detailed it more. Actually the foreword destroyed the original narrative. Come on it was the writers narrative that intrigued many with different versions. Many of the reappraisals I read hated this book. Oh my... Every individual one of the original characters were awfully -out- of character ( where is Erik 's pique? Is Christine that much of a Mary Sue? When has Antoinette Giry go soft? ) and the whole book reasonably much consisted of unrealistic exaggerations, seeking to blow up its importance. this is love ne'er dies/poorly developed fanfic. While it is another enigma thriller, as usual with this author it packs a clout in how much information he gives as a background. The narrative behind the original Phantom of the Opera, the fable that grew from a existent narrative that happened and the narrative of the Opera in Paris itself, of its planning and building - belly laugh! This book employs a batch of storytellers for a really little sum of narrative. What narrative there is fundamentally merely rebroadcast dated Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. Great small book about what happened after Gaston Leroux 's The Phantom of the Opera. Would urge to anyone. Now the subject for Andrew Lloyd Webber 's, Love Never Dies. [ 3 re-read March 2013 because Andrew Lloyd Webber 's Love Never Dies ( Phantom of the Opera portion 2 ) came out and I loved it. I read this book because of Andrew Lloyd Webber 's musical Love Never Dies and it was a entire letdown. Andrew merely took the thought in this book to make his musical... and thank God he did it! If he had followed the whole narrative merely as it is told in the book, the musical would 've been a failure... I was n't certain what to believe of this book at first. Its narrative was sort of jerky with all the narrations that are each chapter, but the stoping was brilliant. It was cliff-hanging and was all built up and I loved that. I can state that 'Love Never Dies ' will likely be slackly adapted as was 'Phantom ' , but its something I would wish to see. I was glad to see that Erik was making so good for himself but, I felt Erik 's hurting much throughout the book. I enjoyed the 'continuation ' of my favourite twisted love narrative. I wish I could give this book negative stars. I am really generous with my stars. This book is so bad and I read it all because at the clip I was in entire Phantom of the Opera fangirl manner. The lone bright sides of this HORRIBLE book is it likely saved me money. It threw me out of fangirl manner and I did n't stop up purchasing Phantom of the Opera books or leasing Phantom of the Opera films. Besides it was a library book so it did n't be me any money. I was drawn to this book by the writer 's name which evoked many delicious reading experiences. This brief book ( less than 200 pages ) did non let down. Forsythe picks up The Phantom of the Opera narrative after the apparition loses the adult female he loves to a fine-looking immature count. Some 20 old ages have elapsed but one is instantly drawn into this of all time after narrative that is played out in Manhattan to which the Phantom had migrated to seek to bury his beloved opera star Christine. Short novel go oning the narrative of the Phantom of the Opera ( harmonizing to an interesting forward, a version which owes much to Andrew Lloyd Webber ) . The Phantom moves to NY, makes his luck, finds out he has a boy in France by his former prima donna lover. This book by the writer of espionage narratives such as The Odessa File and The Day of the Jackal continues the narrative of Gaston Leroux 's The Phantom of the Opera that Andrew Lloyd Webber made into a musical. After a foreword that summarizes the history of that narrative, Forsyth launches into replying the What if inquiries that necessarily follow any narrative that does non supply a specific decision. The premiss is What if the Phantom escaped the gendarmes and made his manner to New York City after the original narrative ended. Forsyth replies that question utilizing multiple points of position from each of the characters involved straight and tangentially to make a hearty decision to the narrative of the Phantom, Christine, and Raoul. Other than non necessitating the prologue, I thought this book was a good read. It was short, had assorted points of position, and was easy to follow. Published in 1999, this book portions many similarities with Andrew Lloyd Webber 's musical Love Never Dies. So if you have seen the drama, you may experience cheated by this book.
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