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Dragon Lovers (Includes: Guardians #2.5)
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Pages: 378
Rating: 3.43

Original Title Dragon Lovers (Includes: Guardians #2.5)

ISBN 0451220390 (ISBN13: 9780451220394 )

Edition Language English

Characters Ariane , Rouar , Rozlinda , Kenrick of Rathbourne , Anna Vanderzee ...more , Penny Freeman , Joaquin Libélula , Nakagawa Toshiro ...less

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Book description:

Passion takes wing in four all-new stories from New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors. Romance and fantasy collide in these enchanting stories featuring dragons-and love-in all their many forms. Four of today's most popular authors bring to life mythical creatures, otherworlds of yesterday and today, and the passionate melding of hearts. From a virgin princess's first love to a shape-changing samurai bridegroom, from a young widow and her sexy handyman's secret project to a knight and his distressed damsel, the courage, beauty, and strength of dragons inspire the most unforgettable stories ever told.

Book Authors:

Jo Beverley

Mary Josephine Dunn was born 22 September 1947 in Lancashire, England, UK. At the age of 11 she went to an all-girls embarkation school, Layton Hill Convent, Blackpool. At 16, she wrote her first love affair, with a medieval scene, completed in installments in an exercising book. From 1966 to 1970, she obtained a grade in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire, where she met her future hubby, Ken Beverley. After graduation, they married on June 24, 1971. She rapidly attained a place as a youth employment officer until 1976, working foremost in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, and so in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.In 1976, her scientist hubby was invited to make post-doctoral research at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. When her professional makings proved non to be useable in the Canadian labor market, and she grew up their two boies and started to compose her first romances.Moved to Ottawa, in 1985 she became a founding member of the Ottawa Romance Writers’ Association, that her “nurturing community” for the following 12 old ages. The same twelvemonth, she completed a regency love affair, but it was quickly rejected by a figure of publishing houses, and she settled more seriously to larning the trade. In 1988, it sold to Walker, and was published as Lord Wraybourne 's Betrothed. She on a regular basis appears on best seller lists including the USA Today overall best seller list, the New York Times, and and the Publishers Weekly list. She has been the receiver of legion awards including the Golden Leaf, the Award of Excellence, the National Readers Choice, and a two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Timess. She is besides a five clip victor of the RITA, the top award of the Romance Writers Of America, and a member of their Hall of Fame and Honor Roll.Jo Beverley has now moved back to England and lives in Yorkshire.

Mary Jo Putney

She writes immature grownup fiction as M.J. Putney.Mary Jo Putney was born in Upstate New York with a reading dependence, a status for which there is no known remedy. After gaining grades in English Literature and Industrial Design at Syracuse University, she did assorted signifiers of design work in California and England before inertia took over in Baltimore, Maryland, where she has lived really comfortably of all time since.While going a novelist was her ultimate phantasy, it ne'er occurred to her that authorship was an accomplishable end until she acquired a computing machine for other intents. When the realisation hit that a computing machine was the ultimate authorship tool, she charged happily into her first book with an ignorance that illustrates the proverb that fools haste in where angels fear to step. Fortune sometimes favors the foolish and her first book sold rapidly, thereby altering her life forever, in most ways for the better. ( “But why did n't anyone state me that composing would alter the manner one reads? ” ) Like a lemming over a drop, she gave up her free-lance in writing design concern to go a full-time author every bit shortly as possible.Since 1987, Ms. Putney has published 29 books and numeration. Her narratives are noted for psychological deepness and unusual capable affair such as alcohol addiction, decease and death, and domestic maltreatment. She has made all of the national best seller lists including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USAToday, and Publishers Weekly. Five of her books have been named among the year’s top five love affairs by The Library Journal. The Spiral Path and Stolen Magic were chosen as one of Top Ten love affairs of their old ages by Booklist, published by the American Library Association.A nine-time finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA, she has won RITAs for Dancing on the Wind and The Rake and the Reformer and is on the RWA Honor Roll for bestselling writers. She has been awarded two Romantic Timess Career Achievement Awards, four NJRW Golden Leaf awards, plus the NJRW calling accomplishment award for historical love affair. Though most of her books have been historical, she has besides published three modern-day love affairs. The Marriage Spell will be out in June 2006 in hardback, and Stolen Magic ( written as M. J. Putney ) will be released in July 2006. Ms. Putney says that non least among the approvals of a full-time authorship calling is that one about ne'er has to have on pantyhose.

Barbara Samuel

Barbara Samuel is a multiple RITA award-winning writer with more than 38 books to her recognition in a assortment of genres. She has written historical and modern-day love affairs, a figure of fantasy novelettes with the likes of Susan Wiggs, Jo Beverley and Mary Jo Putney. She now writes women’s fiction about households, Canis familiariss, and nutrient as Barbara O’Neal.Her work has captured a overplus of awards, including six RITAs ; the Colorado Center for the Book Award ( twice ) ; Favorite Book of the Year from Romance Writers of America, and the Library Journal’s list of Best Genre Fiction of the twelvemonth, among many others.You can happen a full list of all rubrics here.Now populating back in her hometown of Colorado Springs, Barbara writes in a survey overlooking Pikes Peak, a pin that draws her place from her travels. She portions her place with Christopher Robin, a British endurance jock, a gorgeous and loveable Zhou mix named Jack ; a really, really old Siamese named Esmerelda ; a reclaimed street cat who has become the fattest Ag tabby on the planet, and the admiration twins, two dinner jacket kitties from a local shelter, whose names have changed several times. Yes, a batch of animals.An avid lensman, cook, and traveller, Barbara keeps a log of travels, formulas, and exposures at her web log, A Writer Afoot, where she besides sometimes posts composing advice. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook, but she doesn’t promise to be peculiarly interesting at that place.

Karen Harbaugh

Karen Harbaugh is a half-Japanese U.S. Northwesterner Navy terror with a BA in English, is merrily married to a sweet and supportive applied scientist, and has one alarmingly intelligent boy. She has found being a full-time love affair author, ma and married woman to be a heck of a batch more ambitious than being a Quality Assurance Analyst for a major Health maintenance organization or being a proficient author. The occupation has longer hours, for one thing, and she is on call a good 24 hours a twenty-four hours, and there is no such thing as holiday clip. She has written for HarperCollins under the anonym, Kathleen Elliott.

Dragon Lovers (Includes: Guardians #2.5) Essay

Dragon Lovers is an anthology of four narratives, all centered around both firedrakes and a love affair. Contrary to the rubric, non all of the love affair really includes a firedrake, which was a pleasant surprise. One of the strengths of the aggregation is that it presents four really different takes on firedrake traditional knowledge and no two scenes are likewise. This is a beautiful group of narratives about people loving firedrakes, and I enjoyed the narrative patterned advances from in-between ages to present twenty-four hours. I besides liked the fact that each narrative took topographic point on a different continent ( demuring the first narrative, which was set in a fantasy universe ) . Each narrative had its ain unique flair, but they all besides had a really cohesive feeling. This is an anthology having four short narratives by acclaimed writers. Rare aggregation that all four narratives were delightful while different from each other. Perfect flight for a winter twenty-four hours. Two of the writers in this anthology are among my favourites and the other two a new escapade. Every one time in a piece I have to feed my interior princess and dream of palaces and firedrakes. This book was one I could n't set down... a nice piece of escape. : ) Some of these sounded so promising. I think the first 1 was the best, but it was still hard to follow as it establishes a new existence with certain regulations and seeking to calculate them out was hard. And the outlandishness of firedrake baloney was merely excessively much. The 2nd 1 was rather deadening and unmemorable. The 3rd one was likely my favourite premiss, but I was n't a fan of the scene. In my sentiment, Feudal Japan was merely NOT romantic ( sorry for the lovers of the Tale of Genji ) . And it was n't all that romantic given that the two ne'er even kissed until the really terminal... which was really reliable for the scene, but besides why it 's unromantic. The 4th one was the most alone, but with all that scorching chemical science between the the hero and the heroine, I 'd hoped for a declaration that was merely a spot more satisfying. This novelette made me reconsider my reading place on her Guardian series. I had put them back as being excessively near to Mercedes Lackey 's Elemental Masters premiss, but this narrative set in WWII Scotland was unputdownable. I 'm a immense firedrake fan, so I had to read this book. This is an anthology having four short narratives by acclaimed writers. The first two narratives are street arabs but the 2nd two are sweet. Despite the rubric, no risqué scenes in any of them. A 4 narrative anthology with firedrakes being the subject. There is largely implied sex, nil truly expressed. Super surprise, fantastic escapades, unexpected bends and turns in the first two narratives... the last was nice excessively. I did n't take the rubric literally so here I find myself reading love affair firedrake manner and love affair is non my involvement but I got some good laughs and met some all right firedrakes, worthwhile. Overall, a really solid anthology although I struggled with Karen Harbaugh 's narrative Anna and the Dragon King in the beginning. In a bracing alteration from lamias and wolfmans and living deads ( oh my ) , four writers probe what it would be like to hold a firedrake for a mate. The narratives are good told, brimming with familiar subjects as demoiselles in hurt, make bolding affaire d'honneurs, beleaguered princesses, brave knights and charming enchantments. But the waies are original, absorbing and sexy, as the rubric suggests, with dangers non ever coming from the expected beginnings. This book is a good read for a speedy hole and if you want to read about a scope of firedrakes from different civilizations. From the Mayan/Aztec Quetzalcoatl, to the Nipponese ryuu, and to the authoritative European firedrakes, all facets from all corners are explored in this aggregation of narratives. Love affair is present in all four of the narratives. The four narratives in this anthology have in common dragon-related secret plans and love affair ( in half the narratives, one of the lovers is a firedrake ) . The first narrative trades with a virgin princess kidnapped by a firedrake rider. The 2nd narrative has a knight sent to murder a firedrake, who is subsequently persuaded to support the firedrake and the firedrake 's granddaughter. The 3rd narrative trades with a Dutchwoman in 17th century Japan who meets a firedrake and a samurai while sing her options for the hereafter. The 4th and concluding narrative trades with a late widowed immature adult female who moves to Santa Fe, where she finds new love and a house with a firedrake that needs protecting. I like Jo Beverly and I love firedrakes but this anthology was instead level. The love affairs were n't that romantic and the firedrakes were n't that sexy. The authorship was all right, but there 's small else to urge this. Oh good. Four different narratives that were lovely, rendering firedrakes and loves and lovers in new ( to me, anyhow ) narratives. I enjoyed the visible radiation, moony phantasy of the narratives. I will hold to look into out more by the two writers I 'm unfamiliar with. Just a merriment read. Like all love affair, cliched at the terminal with the happily of all time after but as these are short narratives, it is much more apprehensible. But good written and merriment. Beverly 's return on the sacrificial virgin princess is screaming but otherwise this book was merely kind of O.K. . the capable thoughts were good but somehow the executing was merely missing. Meh... 4 A fantastic mixture of love affair and phantasy. The narrative by Beverley was my favourite and I hope she continues to compose phantasy. I wish the narratives could hold been longer. Four interesting phantasy narratives utilizing firedrake imagination for a lover. Sort of beauty meets beast. In the Dragon and the Virgin Princess by Jo Beverly, we find that the firedrake is really the accelerator for a meeting of two opposing cabals and the connection of these two cabals so that the households can go on to populate in peace. This was really an interesing narrative. In the Dragon and the Dark Knight, we have a kind of contrary beauty and the animal as the firedrake is the lady. This narrative is a spot far fetched but gratifying reading. In Anna and the King of Dragons by Karen Harbaugh, we are taken to Japan for a dragon narrative. This excessively is interesting read and gratifying narrative. Dragon Feathers by Barbara Samuel is set in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a short but gratifying narrative of salvaging a firedrake. It 's a little more modern scene but rather and interestingly woven narrative. This is an anthology of 4 firedrake narratives by 4 good known writers. An gratifying book with assorted consequences. Four narratives focus oning around firedrakes. The first by Jo Beverley merely so-so, a virgin princess who is to be sacrificed to the firedrake ( blood ) and so falls for the firedrake 's keeper. The 2nd narrative by Putney about a knight who ends up falling in love with a 1/2 firedrake miss, the 3rd a narrative about a Japanese shapeshifter-dragon, and the 4th, the best, about a Mexican- God firedrake with pink plumes. A lovely aggregation of narratives, each person and unique. I truly enjoyed this a great trade. Huh. This was a reasonably good book. I liked all the narratives and there narrative lines. There was one I did n't wish every bit much as the others but overall a great book. I liked the different feelings and environments each narrative had and how they all centered on firedrakes, but different types and manners. The order of the narratives was good excessively. The stoping was a great. This was a merriment read and had wit, some suspense, emotions, and a great mystical and charming feel. I decidedly would n't mind reading this once more. Enjoy! What a cunning small book! I usually do n't bask short narratives because of the small clip allowed to develop the characters, but this aggregation was truly pretty decent. I think it helped that each narrative was about 100 pgs long - much better than the usual 15-50 pgs in most books. By far my favourite was the first narrative - silly but fun authorship manner, good character development, and a really interesting scene. I really plan on looking up this writer 's other works really shortly. The following narrative I liked was the last narrative in the book, the 3rd was a small predictable but good written and entertaining adequate, and the 2nd was a large platitude yawn-fest and non worth the clip it took me to read it. I 've read the first two narratives in this aggregation, and loved them both. I 'll wait until I read the last two to rate it. ^_^ Loved this Book:3 particularly the first and 3rd narrative
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