I, Pierre Rivière, having slaughtered my mother, my sister, and my brother...: A Case of Parricide in the 19th Century | Book, Essay

I, Pierre Rivière, having slaughtered my mother, my sister, and my brother...: A Case of Parricide in the 19th Century
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Original Title Moi, Pierre Rivière, ayant égorgé ma mère, ma sœur et mon frère...

ISBN 0803268572 (ISBN13: 9780803268579 )

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To free his father and himself from his mother's tyranny, Pierre Rivière decided to kill her. On June 3,1835, he went inside his small Normandy house with a pruning hook and cut to death his mother, his eighteen-year-old sister, and his seven-year-old brother. Then, in jail, he wrote a memoir to justify the whole gruesome tale. Michel Foucault, author of Madness and Civilization and Discipline and Punish , collected the relevant documents of the case, including medical and legal testimony, police records. and Rivière's memoir. The Rivière case, he points out, occurred at a time when many professions were contending for status and power. Medical authority was challenging law, branches of government were vying. Foucault's reconstruction of the case is a brilliant exploration of the roots of our contemporary views of madness, justice, and crime.

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Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault was a Gallic philosopher, societal theoretician and historiographer of thoughts. He held a chair at the Collège de France with the title History of Systems of Thought, and lectured at the University at Buffalo and the University of California, Berkeley.Foucault is best known for his critical surveies of societal establishments, most notably psychopathology, medical specialty, the human scientific disciplines and the prison system, every bit good as for his work on the history of human gender. His Hagiographas on power, cognition, and discourse have been widely influential in academic circles. In the 1960s Foucault was associated with structural linguistics, a motion from which he distanced himself. Foucault besides rejected the poststructuralist and postmodernist labels subsequently attributed to him, preferring to sort his idea as a critical history of modernness rooted in Immanuel Kant. Foucault 's undertaking was peculiarly influenced by Nietzsche, his family tree of cognition being a direct allusion to Nietzsche 's family tree of morality. In a late interview he definitively stated: I am a Nietzschean.Foucault was listed as the most cited bookman in the humanistic disciplines in 2007 by the ISI Web of Science.

Frank Jellinek


I, Pierre Rivière, having slaughtered my mother, my sister, and my brother...: A Case of Parricide in the 19th Century Essay

Cogido de la biblioteca. Inacabado ( leído hasta La mitad, aprox. ) . Una interesante propuesta en la que se observa desde distintos puntos de vista un asesinato múltiple. La edición de Tusquets no incluye los análisis de Foucault, no sé cuál fue EL criterio parity eliminarlos. A superb survey of the battle of the discourses of medical specialty, psychopathology and condemnable justness for legitimacy and power! Foucault brings to light and problematizes, through a close reading of the memoirs of the topic and the accompanying records of the topic and event, the battle to set up a narrative through dianoetic patterns. A compendious exegesis of the texts contributes to a sound appreciation of his archeological method in peculiar but non entirely. It 's really draining. All the inside informations about the personality of the liquidator and the grounds he gives to warrant the putting to death are known from about the beggining. Furthermore, Michel Foucault 's purpose non precisely to justify Pierre Rivière but to give a executable account of what was traveling inside his head and why the sentence is problematic is rather interesting. نفی اعدام در جهان متمدن امروز نزد مردم خردمند تقریبا جا افتاده است و این کتاب با گشودن پرونده‌ی محکوم به اعدام در دو قرن پیش که یادداشت‌های‌اش برجای مانده پوچی اعدام را به خوبی نشان می‌دهد . Boring Me faltó el análisis de Foucault sobre el caso u.u Mj primer acercamiento directo a La obra de Foucault. La manipulación del discurso por parte de tanta gente, con EL subsecuente efecto awful en la vida de un guy, tiene un impresionante ejemplo en este expediente presentado por Focault. Muy recomendable. I LOVED this book. I have to warn whoever reads this reappraisal that the edition I read DID N'T hold the analysis from Foucault so I likely have been spared a batch of Irish bull. I enjoyed this book on a figure of degrees, but in the first topographic point ( for the first 170 pages in fact ) as a gripping slaying enigma, and for this alone the book was a terrific read. There is a reasonably large hint as to who dunnit in the book’s rubric and that is non the enigma, The offense itself, as the rubric reveals, is sufficiently monstrous to guarantee we form a really rapid sentiment of the demand to grok the culprit. The enigma which arises so is what should we make with this liquidator, this parricide? And from this we learn that liquidators are non needfully gifted authors. It 's an interesting artefact, but non a great narrative. An involvement papers about the integrating of criminalistic medical scientific discipline in judiciary related with the penalty of insane felons. El 3 de junio de 1835, en una aldea normanda, un joven de 20 años, conocido entre Sus vecinos como «el idiota de Rivière» mata con una hoz afilada parity La ocasión a su madre, a su hermana de 18 años y a un hermano de 8. Apesar de ser considerada uma obra menor de Foucault, este livro é significativo por ser tratar do primeiro caso [ documentado ] no qual O criminoso rompe com a suposição de doença mental vitamin E, assumindo voz própria, declara que cometeu todos os offenses porque quis vitamin E em plena consciência de seus atos. Pierre Riviere deli miydi? The latest soul-crunching digest from DJ MF has dropped! A aggregation of archival paperss and writer notes, I, Pierre Riviere, holding slaughtered my female parent, my sister, and my brother, investigations Pierre Riviere’s brtual slaying of his female parent, his eighteen-year-old sister, and his seven-year-old brother in a little Normandy farmhouse on 3 June 1835. Conducted a mere 51 old ages after the Revolution, the liquidator and the trial’s finding of fact were caught in battle between judicial power and medical authorization. Foucault et al reconstruct this ‘true crime‘ narrative, to research the roots of lunacy and justness. Was Pierre Riviere a monomanic? If so, who has the right to prescibe possession? Oh, wow. میشه کتاب رو حاشیه‌ای دونست بر کتاب تاریخ جنون . جذاب‌ترین بخش کتاب همون قسمت ثبت اظهارات قاتل هست که میشه روایت‌های دست اولی پیدا کرد از ذهن فرامغشوش یک قاتل مجننون داستان خیلی تکان دهنده بود و 30 40 صفحه اول قشنگ غرق داستان میشدی ولی به نظرم بعدش خیلی کشش داده بود . 30 40 صفحه اول داریم حرف های پسره رو درباره اینکه چه جوری قتل ها رو انجام داده می خونیم و بقه اش همه اش تکراره . درسته داره قتل ها رو از زوایای مختلف برامون تعریف می کنه اما تکرار سه باره و چهارباره اش لزومی نداره چون داره همون حرف های اولیه رو میزنه Picked up a 2nd edition of this book - decidedly off the beaten way every bit far as Foucault is concerned, non one of his 'major ' plants. I found it to be provocative in that he fundamentally shows 'well, there are justifiable grounds for a kid to slay his female parent and sister ' - so, there are several icky essays by people who are non every bit superb as Foucault - the inquiry of sexism is sort of emerging at the clip of its publication ( mid70 's ) so gender in this book seems to be a turning issue ( Why the female parent and non the male parent? ) - but once more, the whole testimony given by Pierre Riviere ( is sort of male chauvinist! ) but it boils down to - 'gee, my female parent was a entire bitch, she treated my male parent like a dipshit, so I killed her and my sister, g-force, one 'm a provincial who is wholly illiterate, so nobody thinks I can give grounds, they depict me as a psychopath in the media, but I had good grounds! merely because I 'm a provincial does n't intend one 'm stupid! ' - we can see elements of this 'framing of the issue ' of slaying in the modern-day media where 'sociopaths ' putting to death for no ground ( allegedly ) yet, there are grounds why people kill all the clip - its framed as 'senseless ' or 'cold blooded ' but so when you dig deeper, there are motivations, and the liquidator is non every bit insane as people are led to believe. نمیشه آدم یاد جنایت و مکافات نیوفته Some more light reading from Michel Foucault. first-class book, though violent and barbarous I 'm Pierre Riviere! I went brainsick and killed my household! in 100 old ages, a clump of grandiloquent stuffed shirts are traveling to compose a book about me! Possibly if you kill your household, grandiloquent stuffed shirts will fall over themselves to compose a book about you that 's deadening and stupid and feeble! Hurrah! Pierre Riviere was a immature adult male whom for approximately 170 old ages ago, in a little small town in France, killed his female parent, sister and brother. What happened around his test, including the probe, review, the tribunal process and the last sentence, go an illustration of justness in Gallic juridicial, political and societal history. The book is sort of sociologic reappraisal of the file, supervised by Michel Foucault. This book is merely amazing. It 's non for the swoon of bosom, though. A true instance of a barbarous slaying, with the liquidator 's confession, so analyzed by many modern masterminds. Truly superb - it will engrain itself everlastingly on your memory. Had to read it in a criminology category. Best rubric of all time. this is a antic mix of true offense and foucaultian analysis. truly an unbelievable lesser known work. En EL año 1835 nut Francia, un jóven de veinte años asesina brutalmente a su familia. El parricida, Pierre Riviere, escribe en la cárcel una memoria en la cual district attorney cuenta de los hechos, donde expone los antecedentes que lo llevaron a cometer EL crimen. M. Foucault recupera este testimonio como parte de sus estudios sobre la institución carcelaria y la relación que EL sistema penal estableció con La ciencia psiquiátrica. En este trabajo no solo se reconstruye EL caso Y su cronología sino que se analiza además, cómo un mismo hecho, el crimen, es manipulado, tergiversado vitamin E interpretado por los distintos lenguajes que codifican La opinión pública: jurídicos, médicos, policíacos Y periodísticos.
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