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In Sickness and in Health
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Pages: 10
Rating: 3.95

Original Title In Sickness and in Health (First Comes Love, No 3)

ISBN 0590463152 (ISBN13: 9780590463157 )

Edition Language English

Series First Comes Love #3 , Point Romance

Young Adult :: Fiction :: Historical

Book description:

Building on June's Sassy ad campaign send-off and wrapped in a dazzling foil-embossed cover, Book Three of the summer's most romantic and dramatic young adult mini-series finds newlyweds Julie and Matt confronting devastating news: Matt has Hodgkin's disease.

Book Authors:

Jennifer Baker


In Sickness and in Health Essay

Loved this series from my adolescent old ages Julie & Matt are an astonishing immature twosome contending all odds.
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