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Thicker Than Water
Book details:
Pages: 392
Rating: 4.03

Original Title Thicker Than Water

ISBN 1932859403 (ISBN13: 9781932859409 )

Edition Language English

Series Kit O'Malley Mystery #3

Literary Awards Davitt Award for Readers' Choice (2004)

Mystery :: Lesbian :: Crime :: Glbt

Book description:

Third in the PI series, Thicker than Water finds Kit O'Malley trying not to become too embroiled in the feud between three Melbourne crime families, while dealing with ghosts from her past, and a strange missing persons case. The women's bar known as Angie's is the last place anyone expected to find the dead body of known-criminal Gerry Anders, and O'Malley soon discovers that helping her family of friends out of trouble can be just as dangerous as facing a deranged killer - only more complicated. She has to deal with an old nemesis from her days of the force; the matriarch of the notorious Riley clan, who takes a liking to her; a troublemaking journalist; and a Romeo and Juliet scenario. Kit's ex-partner, Detective Inspector Jon Marek, is not coping with the ugly reality of his on-going hunt for a serial killer; and, as the Feds are still spying on everyone, Kit's courtship of the gorgeous Alex Cazenove remains under wraps. To cap it all off a good friend and his strange Russian-American client go missing, and suddenly everything points to old grudges and unresolved family tension. Everything, that is, except the very strange connection to Melbourne's Bubble-Wrap Killer.

Book Authors:

Lindy Cameron


Thicker Than Water Essay

It 's non merely her smart oral cavity that gets Kit O'Malley into problem... When a bloodless cadaver turns up on the dance floor of her favorite saloon, she 's got no pick but to assist her friend Angie, the saloon 's proprietor. The presence of Detective-Sergeant Graham Parker does nil to reassure her the existent slayer will be found... Another great Kit O'Malley book. Commiseration this was the last book in the series... I loved the 3rd Kit O'Malley novel. Write another please Lindy! Loved it! I could n't complete this book. It may hold been the Aussie slang. But in a nutshell, murdered adult male found in saloon is realated to the caput of a offense household. Sorry that 's all I know. Loved it, as I love all of Lindy Cameron 's books. Twisty and with interesting characters who have tonss of defects and delivering features, merely like existent people. Not excessively heavy and surely a good read if you like a enigma with a plucky female lead and non a batch of Gore.
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