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This Far, No Further
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Rating: 3.0

Original Title This Far, No Further

ISBN 0140252754 (ISBN13: 9780140252750 )

Series Harding #1

Literary Awards Shamus Award Nominee for Best First PI Novel (1997)

Mystery :: Crime

Book description:

In "This Far, No Further," love, lust, blood, and betrayal all collide in a story that will shock and entrall everyone who opens the book. In this blockbuster thriller, John Wessel explodes onto the American crime-fiction scene with a gripping first novel that already has him being heralded as the Raymond Chandler of the '90s. This sizzling tale is set deep in a Chicago winter. Wessel's hero, Harding, was once a licensed private investigator with an office, a partner, and a future, but then a simple little domestic case -- find the family's missing daughter -- turned on him when the daughter showed him the scars her father gave her. Harding promised to protect her, but he couldn't, not even after killing the man her father had sent after them. Now Harding's an ex-con, working off the books on another simple little domestic case -- take a few pictures of a straying husband and his girlfriend -- but this case turns on him, too. When the heartsick wife turns up at his door and the girlfriend turns up dead, Harding knows he's in trouble. But not until the cops tell him that he's a murder suspect and that his ex-lover's on a slab at the morgue does he realize just how much trouble is headed his way. Harding's trouble comes from all directions -- from his terrifying past and his perilous present -- and dead is just about the nicest thing that could happen to him. Combining crisp, dark dialogue, telling physical and emotional detail, and a gift for razor's-edge plotting and breakneck pacing, John Wessel has created in "This Far, No Further" a bold new kind of hero and launched what promises to be a long and exciting career.

Book Authors:

John Wessel

John Wessel is the writer of THIS FAR, NO FURTHER and PRETTY BALLERINA. He lives with his married woman in a suburb of Chicago.

This Far, No Further Essay

Dr. Stephen Rosenberg is maltreating his married woman Elenya and she wants a divorce. Her attorney hires a security house to acquire some soil on the good physician. Harding is a private research worker w3ho lost his licence a decennary ago over a instance that still haunts him. Sometimes his brother at the security house throws some work his manner and he 's hired to tale Dr. Rosenberg and take some soiled images. The physician is into perverted sex frequently affecting the pupils at Chicago University Medical Center where he teaches. Rosenberg 's pupils start deceasing and things begin to heat up, but although he 's told to remain out of it, Harding ca n't allow it entirely... Murder, mayhem and kinky sex... fast paced and exciting! Bit uneven in that the narrative line was so convuluted at times I truly was n't certain where we were or needfully why, but the changeless motion and action, all centered on the hero Harding decidedly keeps 1s interested in how it 'll turn out. Good for those that like local based crime/action novels as ne'er goes beyond likely a 30 stat mi bound for the most portion, and helps if you can populate with non cognizing precisely wtf is traveling on... Misschien is heated verhaal goed, maar dan is heated belabberd opgeschreven, of vertaald. Het is rommelig new wave Begin tot eind. Zelfs de intro op het boekomslag geeft foutieve informatie aan de lezer. Ja, dan wordt je op het verkeerde been gezet. I truly wanted to wish this book more than I did -- the plot line is interesting and I can appreciate the turns and bends, but the whole book was a small ho-hum to me. The characters were good developed and each brought a singularity to the narrative. Meh, the over usage of flooring sex rites and the ill developed characters made this a put down book for me. It would be all right if I was on holiday and had nil else with me.
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