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The Tibetan Art Of Positive Thinking
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Pages: 290
Rating: 3.89

Original Title The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking: Skillful Thought for Successful Living

ISBN 0340824158 (ISBN13: 9780340824153 )

Edition Language English

Nonfiction :: Psychology :: Buddhism :: Religion

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The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking

Tibetan Bön medicine is one of the world's oldest and most sophisticated systems of healing -- and the only one endorsed by the Dalai Lama. In The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking, Christopher Hansard draws upon the practices and principles of Bön, along with his own knowledge of Tibetan teachings, to offer a series of simple, soulful meditations and exercises that can help you achieve spiritual, emotional, interpersonal, and professional success. You'll learn how to:

• connect to the energy of positive thought -- one of the most powerful

energy resources

• trust your inner wisdom and make decisions with greater ease

• confront your fears, accept disappointment, maintain hope

• enhance your relationships by giving unconditional love and helping others

...and much more. You are what you think -- and with this book as your guide, you can direct yourself toward greater freedom, meaning, and lifelong happiness.

Book Authors:

Christopher Hansard


The Tibetan Art Of Positive Thinking Essay

New AGE GARBAGE. FIND JESUS < 3 A wondrous written and easy to understand book on Buddhism. Sometimes in reading sacred texts, thoughts and doctrines becomes slightly of a college class instead than enjoyable reading. This book is really utile in lessons of forgiveness, distributing yourself excessively thin and larning to hold a balanced relationship with yourself. Very easy speculations suggested with visuals that make incorporating them as a portion of day-to-day life rather easy. You do n't hold to read this book chapter to chapter. Great advice on work life, friendly relationships and household life. Fantastic read. This is truly a mention book, to travel back to over and over once more, each clip reaping more wisdom. The thought focal point work, like anything practiced repetitively, becomes more powerful through clip ; one learns to hold a trained head. Antic book. Picked this up in a 2nd manus bookshop for 1 lb ages ago and have now bought it for all my friends! ! My spell to book whenever I need a life choice me up! Wonderful This is a great book of speculations and visual images. Sometimes we all need a small tool to travel deeper with our speculation pattern. I could non convey myself to swear the writer, and finally could non complete the book. While I decidedly do hold that universes are created and destroyed in our heads by our ideas and perceptual experiences, to claim to utilize the power of your ideas to alter the class of other people 's lives or to do person to make something that they would non otherwise hold done is either dishonest or delusional. We do non command the actions or ideas of others, but are so the Masterss of our ain mental headspace and our ain actions. Inspiring book. Deep, with common sense. Budhist chamanism. Realistic exercisings. It´s good for a chage in your life. It´s a good book to give to person as a item of grasp. Changed my life A alimentary book I would state. The debut is called “Fire in the Heart” ! This book teaches about adept thought and how to develop your encephalon to believe positive and travel off from negative believing – truly good preparation for me. I loved this book and will read it once more and once more I know. I have n't finished it, but as noted in another reappraisal, the speculations were long and confusing. I am merely utilizing this book for a beginning of speculations to direct my interior life Based on ancient Tibetan pattern callsed Bon. I like this book. It has a kind of fairy-tale beginning when the writer is chosen by his maestro on some random beach, and his parents really allow him travel off and survey with the cat. Anyone who of all time read or had involvement in reading The Secret should give this a read alternatively. Rather than merely reasoning for the effectivity of positive idea, it delves into the practical and metaphysical mechanics of how thought forms vibrate as fortunes, every bit good as giving tonss and tonss of utile visual images and brooding techniques for really developing your encephalon for positiveness thought the same manner you train your organic structure for wellness. Do n't lose this! Antic! Calm ideas in a frenetic universe!
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