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Blade of Tyshalle
Book details:
Pages: 800
Rating: 4.07

Original Title Blade of Tyshalle

ISBN 0345421434 (ISBN13: 9780345421432 )

Edition Language English

Series The Acts of Caine #2

Fantasy :: Science Fiction :: Fiction :: Epic :: Adventure :: Urban Fantasy :: Dark Fantasy :: Dystopia :: Epic Fantasy :: Science Fiction Fantasy

Book description:

On Earth, Hari Michaelson was a superstar. But on Overworld, he was the assassin Caine. Real monarchs lived and died at his hands and entire governments were overthrown-all for the entertainment of millions back on Earth. But now Hari, stripped of his identity as Caine, must fight his greatest battle: against the powerful corporate masters of Earth and the faceless masses who are killing everything he loves. Enemies old and new array themselves against him. And Hari is just one man-alone, half-crippled, powerless. They say he doesn't have a chance. "They are wrong. . . ."

Book Authors:

Matthew Woodring Stover

Matthew Woodring Stover is an American phantasy and scientific discipline fiction writer. He is possibly best known for his Star Wars novels -- Traitor, Shatterpoint, Revenge of the Sith and Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. He has besides published several pieces of original work, such as Heroes Die, which Stover described as 'a piece of violent amusement that is a speculation on violent amusement ' . Stover 's work frequently emphasises moral ambiguity, psychological verisimilitude and explosions of intense force. Stover is profoundly interested in assorted signifiers of soldierly humanistic disciplines, holding trained in the Degerberg Blend, a construct that utilises the idea behind Bruce Lee 's Jeet Kune Do as its foundation.

Blade of Tyshalle Essay

I finished Blade of Tyshalle last dark and I am still believing about it, it was amazing. It is the subsequence to Heroes Die and I can non believe of another book that treated its supporter so ill. What most impressed me was how good everything came together. The whole clip I was reading it and watching things get worse and worse for Hari believing how could he perchance acquire out of this. But the writer managed to wrap up the secret plan in a really plausible and hearty manner. Героите умират почва тегаво и става супер интересна после . Нейното продължение - Острието на Тишал започва тегаво и така си продължава до края . Вместо да се възползва от фентъзи света в паралелната вселена , авторът прехвърля голямата част от действието във фантастичния свят , забърква постоянно някакви интриги и щях да кажа изпуска интереса на читателя , ама всъщност така и не успява да го грабне даже . I love fast paced action every bit much as the following cat, but I found self-contemplation and philosophizing in this book made it experience more rounded and more gratifying read than the old 1. I loved the beginning in the school, and so I found it interesting that it was about covering with the happily of all time after of a tame life for one such as Cane, and so it turned into a bloodstained escapade once more. Eh, good. The thing I found most confusing was that the universe I considered like ours, non-magical, turned out to hold a creepy God, that did non rather fit in with how I had percieved Ankana before. Still, rather merriment in that there 's tonss of complex relationships and turning characters. I do n't even cognize Rich characters and an unbelievable narrative Loved Heroes Die. Hated Blade of Tyshalle. Heroes turn old – A long read but overall I enjoyed the narrative. I enjoyed the first book a spot more... a small less supernatural and preachy. You could read this book whilst skimming over, and Peanuts parenting, all of the philosophical and thought arousing spots. You 'd still hold a 3-4 star action packed book. It is a heavier book when taken as a whole, nevertheless, and it carries itself good. I recommend this series when you want the idea provoking, but you 'd wish to take interruptions without really seting the books down, and perchance burying choice morsels. I give this book, in peculiar, a 4.5/5 for being a great drive and an rational conversation all in one. Great series. Great blend of dystopian sci-fi and noir phantasy. Was decidedly non every bit good as the first book. There was excessively much of the one individual being in another individual 's organic structure. However, it was a nice narrative. Decent enough that I am reading the following book in the series. Hope it 's better than this 1 was. All of the weakest aspects of Heroes Die expanded and magnified. Wallowing in the putrid is n't truly that interesting or clever. And goodness did a ton of metaphysical chattering demand to be axed by an editor. Thumbs down. Wow! This easy is the best book i´ve read this twelvemonth so far. If non the best in old ages. Is it dark? It is. Equally dark as it could acquire. Is it full of expressed linguistic communication? Certain, it is. Is Caine a waste of a asshole, in attitude, wont and action? Indeed, he is. Does all that make up to a dull narrative in a square worldbuilding? It decidedly does non. This one´s merely first-class, one lack words to depict... Believe me or non: In all its dark, barbarous and awful, barbarous scene there is so much LOVE contained in at that place, so much INSIGHT into life itself, that it´s bosom warming to such a great extent - and, for existent, it´s decidedly bosom breakage. .. Los ( pocos ) trozos buenos no salvan del suspenso a este libro que continúa la historia del primero, aunque Han pasado 7 años desde entonces, y Caine ya no Es lo que epoch. Es un guy de mediana edad, avejentado por todo lo que lupus erythematosus pasó en el primer libro, y ya sin ganas de seguir viviendo, a no ser porque ama con locura a su hija. Cuando empiezan a pasar cosas raras ( traiciones diversas ) Y tiene que volver al planeta donde ocurrió el primer libro, nada es igual. Ni en cómo está contada La historia, ni en las cosas que cuenta. Y salvo ciertos pasajes brillantes, 800 páginas de un guy derrotado, se hacen pesadísimas. Si a eso añadimos un übermalo que no tiene nada que ver con su personaje en el primer libro, y ciertas apariciones y decisiones argumentales algo tontas, pues que mejor dejarlo a un lado. Aburrido. D audiobook. Deci nu mai incepe actiunea. Tot astept sa se intample ceva dar deocamdata vitamin E numai vorbarie. Mama daca asa vitamin E toata cartea asta nu cread ca rezist pana in capat... Not a bad book, but so many letters... Pirms pusotra gada pēc grāmatas Heroes Die izlasīšanas es optimistiski prognozēju, ka arī turpmākie Kaina piedzīvojumi būs ne sliktāki par pirmo. No otrās grāmatas lasīšanas mani nedaudz atturēja informācija, ka šī esot vairāk tāda filozofiska. Ja grāmatu nosauc par filozofisku, tad ir tikai prima donna iespējas. Pirmā- tā tiešām Ir filozofiska. Otrā – sižets ir tik samudžināts, ka lāga nevar saprast, kas ir Ka un beigās attopies ar ( nosacītu ) kladi, kura pilna Ar citātiem, wager ar minimālu sapratni par grāmatā notiekošo. I enjoyed the Hari/Caine parts of the narrative, besides the parts affecting the adult male elf Deliann. BUT there is a snake pit of a batch of esoteric Irish bull in this 738 page book which required some extended skimming ( possibly I 'm merely shoal? ) As Caine would state: '..yadda, yadda, yadda, bullshit. ' This book was great. The narrative was really different from that of the first book, yet it managed to keep many of the qualities that made the first book great. This book starts out with a narrative taking topographic point in the early old ages of the chief character, so it starts out looking like the book might really be a prequel and wholly all right to read without holding read the first book. That is non the instance. This book does take topographic point after the first book but at times goes back to the yesteryear to speak about things that are relevant to the nowadays of the narrative. I do n't urge reading this book if you have non read the first even though this book is so great. Still, if you have n't read the first book and want to read this one, do yourself the privilege of reading the first book and so this 1. They are both antic narratives. This book has truly challenging characters and a solid, smoothly fluxing narrative. I strongly recommend reading this book if you are a fan of scifi or phantasy, and particularly if you are a fan of both. I truly liked the characters in this book, but Stover overdid it. I preferred the first book ; the secret plan was simpler, but more acute. I truly loved the first book, but this one is much weaker - it gets a 3 star evaluation alternatively of 2 star, merely because I liked Caine and Kris Hanson. It starts out good, but so it merely gyrate down into the pathetic and incredible. The last 40 % of the book is particularly bad. It 's largely filled with metaphysical and philosophical bunk, and you will hold no thought what is traveling on half the clip. Everyone is populating inside person else 's organic structure. Everyone is literally creeping about in crap and their legs are decomposing off - the gruesome inside informations get to be truly boring. Suddenly everyone has godlike powers, people that are dead come back to life, plus ( view spoiler ) [ Caine, can all of a sudden non merely walk, but run and contend ( conceal spoiler ) ] . This one is so different from the first book, you wo n't even acknowledge it. I 'm traveling to read the following book, merely because I already bought it, and hope that it returns to the signifier of the first book alternatively of the deus ex machina word puke of this book. Dystopian universe get awaying into amusement portion 2 - distributing the dystopia from one universe to the other. Blade of Tyshalle is an interesting follow up to Heroes Die, It 's much longer and the conurbation is both a positive and a negative. Stover expands on the universe of Ankhana and delves a small spot into the how and the why of the studio and caste system on Earth, but it besides meanders a spot and gets into it 's ain mythology and symbology a small excessively far. Caine is besides without the usage of his legs for most of the book so it does n't hold rather as many battles scenes as Heroes Die. The general consensus is that this subsequence to Heroes Die is really different, and I have to hold. The first novel was about the nature of heroes, amusement, but had a secret plan that built Caine into a hero. This subsequence is about deconstructing the hero. I found it to be similar to Frank Miller 's Daredevil narrative discharge, Born Again. Caine is taken down a hole so dark that he is transformed, possibly non for the better. I enjoyed this slightly, it had some great minutes, other parts that I had to jump through. I do n't believe I will read the other 2 novels in this series. DNF at 30 % The perfect book in every manner, this book will alter your life. Thinking he was on his deathbed, Stover poured his bosom into this one. I started Blade of Tyshalle with the cognition that non everyone likes this book every bit much as Heroes Die. I ever thought those people must be incorrect and Blade would be merely every bit amazing as Heroes Die. That one had great authorship, astonishing characters ( Caine! ! ! ) , a really intruiging universe, a good narrative throwing you from one action sequence into the following, a batch of blood and Gore and a great stoping on top of all this. It would be hard for Blade to fit all that, but more of the same would still be great. Problem is... Blade is n't wholly more of the same and I think that 's precisely the ground why I did n't wish it every bit much as the first. I would likely urge to halt after the first book. Blade of Tyshalle is the follow-up to Matthew Woodring Stover 's Heroes Die. Sadly, it 's merely available as eBook, but since I enjoyed the first book so much, I got it anyhow. 3.75
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